Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

Under the Green Spell - Virgo Heart and Child


8. 30. - 9. 6.  2017

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
   of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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 Virgo Sun in the mirror of son Jupiter
in Libra on Thursday

whose Venus currently is risking her skin in Leo's deserts

 while Leo's ruler Sun
shines on the  realms of reason and 
com- promise

And what about these trans - ports this week 
changing of signs of our mojos
Mars Venus Mercury?
Mars in last 5 Leo - Grades
then next Wednesday in Virgo
crossing earth-element Venus' place
No new news from Venus in Leo's grades

and Mercury on his way back from Virgo into Leo
crossing Mars on his way to Virgo
so are the gods of energy
of gravity
and of craftmanship
on their way
of weekly bows
around the 
of our common Sun- clock

 Mars completes his Good Bye to heart and late Leo for 1.6 years

 and in this lateness the necessity of a Virgo already is a given
and at weekend Mars and Mercury on retour = Energy + Tool
in late and mature sovereignty of heart= Leo
and Venus beginning the week in early sovereignty of heart currently
without resonances to anybody just following own inner dynamic of

the drummbeat slightly left of the center in the language of the Sun - tribe

and beholding the spices being interspersed by the elements
and the changing of places

and it is a green 'watery' week as Sun in Virgo is traveling through
the resonance of a lot of water = Neptune in Pisces

Neptune of Pisces is god on different levels, physicly it is water, psychicly it it
the uncounsciousness of all beginning

Sun + Neptune are related as contra-partners in the Virgo-Pisces love-mystery
of mother and child 

Let's end this view with Moon whose journey beginns in the free horizon of Sagittarius
and Moon god of the depths and laps on earth mirroring heaven without lie shines on moments of lucky connections

then Thursday morning entering the serious high and eternal stages of Capricorn like every month

and Sunday morning winged by Aquarius the easy child of meaning is caried up high
to idea

till Tuesday late morning, when depths of Pisces are in for mirroring heavens true meaning.

Murnau, 8. 30. 2017, UTC: 16:51.

Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Slow Slouching Monster - Harvey in the South

the definite catastrophy to the civilisation of southern Texas, forget New Orleans

Horoskop of 'Kathrina':
August 23. 2005
clear to see a powerfull colaboration of resonances of
  Mars = energy
Neptune = much water
Mercury = air
now Harvey from last Thursday all week long
till yesterday Monday 
Birth of a monster
21. - 28. August
Harveys Week

on Saturday Mercury retrograd met Sun = hot air, but where is the immense amount of warm water in the heavenly complex?
And Mars has no correspondence to the acting center = Sun, or with Neptune's humidity.. Where is "Harvey"? Here we have a Hurrican without Mars the driving foce of the system, a sloching Hurricane.

Now a glimpse on the 'red' Neptune at 6,8° Virgo of the last Kingsconjunction in the fire-element, in 1603, setting the fire-constellation for about 800 years.

 When was Mercury (retrograd ) aligned with red Neptune?
 Mercury  =  air, Mercury+red Neptune =  air + ocean of  warm water,
on Wednesday afternoon R-Mercury at 6,8° Virgo = saturation of air with hot + wet.

8. 21 - 28. 2017
6,8° Virgo  
since 1603 Neptune
of the fire- element
= excess of hot water in the zodiac

hypothesis is: the  elements 'remember'  their divine birthdays

 8. 28 - 9. 4. 2017

and now to see is: Sun, after having met Jupiter/Saturn of the earth-element at 5,1° Virgo on Monday, will meet the hot humid red Neptune at 6,8° Virgo on late Tuesday  ...

And coming weekend Sun will waxingly meet the opposition-resonance (green marked) of the actual Neptune = more hot water to come?

Once again America is cast by a red fate comp. red Venus of 11/8
In a coming astrological rason one might learn to remember and to envision the spirit of mankind addressed to more important subjects than hystherical enemy-projections, on planetary waves and things like that  to study and reflect about;
one will find, what Jung said,: dreams, archetypes ... elements, constellations are not morally but nature - in man lies it to unfold the good's world, the Psalm 82 sings about by fearing,  studying and honouring heavenly 'wathers' in a pious way
and not to compare us with more than we are and also not with less ... "you are gods"

They are we will be maybe sometimes gods ( in the grammer of Ps. 83) but for now
we are sinners hence with bad conscious hence sheep of the 'Übermenschen' or 'Masters of the Universe' with unlimited budget ... but shep simmering with ire ... who have to awake for the better in mind.

Tuesday, 8. 29. 2017 UTC 22:32

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

'Risk on' for Reserves - Virgo's Doubt Sobers Hearts

8. 23. - 30. 2017

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
   of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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8. 23. 2017

just realizing how Uranus is increasingly going to radio us within our Venus-part

"It's done with borders" my closest scholar recently
something Uranus could have been saying

man where are you in the universe or on a planet

arent the oceans borders of the dry land

and the rivers tainted in a world without borders aren't they borders

Isn't the borderlessness in heavens astrology bordered

the entireness divided by 12

Is this blasphemy God complete by 12
like the day and like the year
stored in each heart as warming spark of the Godworld
in the time and sign of one's birthday

isn't the christ relieved by no less but 11/12

where God  is the father of God's children

of which to take notice each day and night
 possible by Mercurial eyes
and Mercurial intellect
in man and woman

◄ Psalm 82 ►

Psalm 82King James Version (KJV)

82 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness:
 all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.
Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.


So in the mirror of gods and mankind this week
under the northern sky
man-god Uranus whose resonances are originated by
the wildernesses of borderlessness
aka "Arabian Spring"
Ukraine "Borderland" "Revolution"
New Kalifat
nurted by borderless Empire
in Aries since
 6 years

this week lighting up in resonance with Venus' civilisation
till Saturday morning in the shady realms of rivers
then in the realm not of real but of the
felt flames of passion = Leo
and the sovereign strength of the heart
for about 4 weeks

more about the new inhabitation of the gods
Sun went yester- Tuesday into Virgo
opposite partner of Pisces

 "virgo and the child"  great archetype

now in feeding Virgo 

in Virgo Sun all year calles the sixth female part of the 12
with an abundance of feeding 'instinct'

Eva's zodiac beginning in opposition
 with Adam's male sign Libra

a new week and three of the gods ruling five realms are placed anew

Sun and Venus 
gods of the core and of those "skin of civilisation"
from  cell- to  planetary level
which severs Aries from Taurus

hence after Sun in Leo 
Saturday Venus in Leo
conversion from ruling in Leo = heart
from risk = Sun
to safety and balance = Venus
Leo / Venus

Sun now like sheltered in the heart of the Virgo 
carrying  the world-child
the anonymus light within  its 30 days a year
shining out of the heart of  goddess Mercuria
the new little Virgos now called into life by Sun
seeing but invisible for all optics and breeder
keeping forever humbly the powerfull 'little things'
proving in lifetime as repetitions
strewing life-saving monotony and variety

Virgo received the mojo of light = Sun
like always with the debt of the late Leo

and the mojo of gravity of Venus
on Saturday
disbanded by a saturated Cancer
now for disposition by Sun

and interesting too is the back-hiking
mojo of Mercury
not only crossing Sun's way backwards on Sunday
but also on his way meeting the
6,8° and 5,1° Virgo
where since 1603 the Kings-Conjunction in the fire element
and since 1802 the Kings-Conjunction in the earth element
had their "red" Neptune and their "olive" Saturn/Jupiter
 'remembering'  and 'radiating'
for about 800 years
places of remembrance of elementary consciousness
for all of us of the northern hemishere
ways of gods above and within all of us

the southern hemisphere has opposite seasons of the year
and in their being different are
completely naturally like we
save for 180° lagged

all non-noticed lights
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

remaining like before 

except by Jupiter  in the service of Venus
since Saturday in Leo's 
sovereignty and life's "risk on"

now for Uranus /Venus
last time going backwards in Aries 
within Venus resonances till Saturdays
first off Cancer
then off Leo
 another man-god-week
mojo of man and mojo of herd
 united 'in gods world' in resonance 
of wild world and family


Moon gliding till Saturday with Venus in the Cancer- boat
on the river of time of
Leo Virgo Libra
then released of the soial heavyness
 of Venus in Cancer

Moon on Saturday in sister Scorpio
till into the new week
and through her strict works of meaning
in keeping the beyond in life

and since Monday evening the great circle
in which each has it's place
which the Sagittarius  knows by riding around
in a profound spin
each year a whole round with one of the 12

Sagittarius converts meaning into time.

Murnau, Montag, 21. 8. 2017  UTC: 15:35 
In English: 8 23. 2017 UTC 15:08

Freitag, 18. August 2017

President Trump Conciliates and Draws a Line

Great link bysmr in Saker's cafe

my spontanious comment:

Great link, Donald the patient educator, nothing is more precious within the hysterical establishment
of mind-washed mind-washers, trying to sell their hysteria
as the American alternative to the cool Russian way.
Great Donalds to the hysterics: “Let’s try to play it nice”

and, as my companions know I hold that a thig is complete
at the cutting the umbilical cord = first own breathing

child of this moment is one's material unconscious elementary appearance

of this moment such holds the unconsciuous eastern horizon
with the opposite-partner
in the consciousness of the west

so let's see, what was ready aka appearing in the east

what of the 12 is it?

8. 15. 2017, NY, 4:20 pm
it's the nineth'
now: appearing to us  is a moment of Sagittarius = reconciliation and the reconciliator = Jupiter is in house 10 on the throne. A moment of  real greatness of a father = Saturn of a "young"nation as it's the time where the father Saturn is guest with his son Sagittarius. And the moment is just before the beginning = entry of Jupiter into house 9 = being in  time mating the parts of society.

And it's a fiery moment in the deeper depth of the pure elements, as the President did his unbiased votum by cutting the border to the black antifa with masks and batons - this is the fatherly Saturn   in the son-rule of Jupiter, dividing three parts of the struggle into two legitime and one illegitime ones.

Oldest president ever since of 70 years presiding the no longer "Young Nation", what a synchronicity ... and what a chance facing America's 'Blue Babylon' of the coastal states with their financialized swamps ... of $-liberalism ...

now more of this moment:

 Sagittarius ascending is facing Twins decending .and Twin's Mercury
on this  day is in resonance between Virgo and Pisces.
Mercury and Neptune are corresponding, something like telescope and microscope are out together for dinner and dance later, the excluding contradictions are only excluding in logic but not in life. Anima knows that in man.

Mercury-Neptune the story-teller talking  the truth to a grand-child, slowly and patiently repeting, what a Mercury, this Twins-President

Why? Watch the red dappled cross of the moment, the president's speech was complete: it's exactly the moment, when the red Moon, the fiery, early Moon of the 4 elements is to encounter in Twins: a home in the world outside of the  patches for  the early= the fiery ones, kind of coming true home (fire = true)  hence reconciliations in the American society.

And  Venus the social  is in the resonance of the heros aka Pluto and the obeyer to the father's measures aka  Jupiter, the son  to his father Saturn who is drawing a line

A moment of great historical importance. To me it was a relief listening to a soul with respect for living heritages of families and the reality of black and white needing Jobs.

2017. 8. 19, UTC 23:12.

Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

Venus-Jupiter-Pluto - Holy Craziness

8. 16.  - 23. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
 (click to enlarge)

Murnau,    8. 16. 2017

Assumed someone has his birthday-Sun at 7° Pisces, hence he/she is likewise
receiver of the resonances from 7° Twins, Virgo and Sagittarius and - in a 'bodyless' way
he/she is received as 'sender' at these places. This cross of resonances
 is the main indicator  of resonances to any of the weekly positions, I' m referring to in my diary.

And just watch the chart above to  see, Mercury retrograd is moving towards a peak-resonance next Tuesday.

This cross of peak-resonance is visible by setting a steel - plate in vibrations  and the  sand on the plate orders into a figure of rhythm of a 'standig wave'.

The old astrologers called their observation of these constellation as 2 'squares' and one 'opposition'
 connecting the different 4 quadrants

I =  outer space
II = inner 'space'
III = imagination
IV = thinking

and they are adding the natural quadrants to the divine mixtures which nature is offering in all her species and coloures.  Only human logic has problems with the mixtures stating, that
A cannot be B

But the astro-logic of time tells: everything is not only itself but is twelve-fold,
and it is bound to the satnding wave of God nature
to be unique and
different in spring, summer, fall and winter,
different while the same in time

the door to ' this time' is in heaven between father Saturn and Son Jupiter
father + Son
a love of this type is possible

Astro-logic is about the paradox of being in time and  what the old say 
there is a time for everything
this is 360° completness of time

every day like every year

 but the time one is wanting for  something
 and the time
it's possible to gain it
 are two pairs of shoe
hence patience is such a divine virtue
 patience is the ultimate winner
 cause in patience  is a time for everything
 pure natives and astrologers
might save this insight

now this week's contradicting partners Virgo's Mercury and (assumed) Pisces's Sun are mixing the wide inborn faith  of the heart with the wide-eyed child in it's creator's and immanent love of the creator with his creation

Pisces is 'saying' to man: go back to yourself solo sunny
 the child within you and you are 
within the inalienable within God'love
as life's  99%  is  repetition.

The opposition of contrastive pairs is  a given ideal 
for matrimony
ultimate flow
while the pairship of squares might be essential too
but maybe for psychic growth by resistance
the mixtures are a universe
on earth

this  kind of a rough landscape
of your four quadrants
around your child


And here we are in the walking
Venus-Jupiter-Pluto - holy craziness
of this week
without the crazy birds of Uranus
but with all the old sacrificers in Capricorn

and you can, if it doesn't scare you, watch how Venus
and her wave is seizing Jupiter and Pluto

now between
between yesterday an tomorrow
just running in the middle of their resonance:_

... being elswhere ...

now to go on:

the free-wheelers of the week: Sun and Mars
the beginner and  center of  energy stage
called "fire" by our 
old scholars
and the birthday - holders of the week
heart -wheeling
without world-dealing
like every year will be visited  by Sun
the fiery pole of each of 365 days
- interesting for investors -
the royal heavenly Venus
in debts as Leo is the player within all of us
under the northern hemispheare of heaven
Leo the pokerer 
I view as two cousins of  a once unique jewish root
providing their  public screen 
of our northern  planetary thaeter

advancing the risk
with after all 
a formerly " great" hand - now two eights and a short blink blink
with someone like Petrus' son in 
 a northern infinity
so blink-blink 
let's find a deal
I'm the snake
you're St. Michael
but I'm from the father
like you

so this is still elemetary-fire and soul-fire
Mars and Sun
free - wheelin' in Leo

the beginning and  center of energy and  earlyness
God be with us
and this Venus-moment of stability
in debt

when God' children appearing each week
 on the stage of  creation
according Psalm 82
my prayer

the reserves of the center 
Venus in Leo are pledged
now like each year
Sun gives soul's flame to the bancrupt bank
of the planet
and the saviour of the planet has to save the
crumbling empire like the rest
saving onself from onself
so this is friday's memory


 and this place is major for earth's
elementary matters  from 1802 till 2577

and this earth Venus will be met by Mars 
creating a Mars Venus-mystery
like this week a Sun  -Venus - mystery
dependent on the openess of soul's door
to connect matter and spirit

What this is containin of meaning is up to your individual more ore less constant approach to mother zodiac, brother  Sun, and sister Moon and the other parts of the family.

The Psychology of the images of mankind is talking of archtypes, the ancients talked of God's and there is no name for the central mystery than Light+God.

So Leo is the giver in us ... and Sun is giving by him a last week till next Wednesday.

Heaven and weather are funny same time
 nearly same thing happens
 a change of  actors/receivers
for Sun visiting earth - Venus
to Venus visiting earth -  Sun

watch the chart

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, all the visibly slow-walker in heaven and our life are, like read in former blogs, they resonate like theit rulers are engaged

and the the actors of now= this week,  Pluto and Jupiter are  in resonance with Venus in Cancer

Venus is the collector's virtue's twelth in us .

Now in Cancer Venus is traveling  in a uncommon speed changing each two days a sign and while in the moment
in the earthly spirit of Twins loving to watch things and their differences 

then from Thursday  evening Moon  entering a second quarter of being namely the inner side of being,  called psyche - Moon enters Cancer  her watery 'home'  of feeling.

and on Sunday evening Moon is back under Leo 

till Monday night when Moon enters Virgo's prose

Murnau, 8. 16. 2017, UTC 20:34.