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Slow Slouching Monster - Harvey in the South

the definite catastrophy to the civilisation of southern Texas, forget New Orleans

Horoskop of 'Kathrina':
August 23. 2005
clear to see a powerfull colaboration of resonances of
  Mars = energy
Neptune = much water
Mercury = air
now Harvey from last Thursday all week long
till yesterday Monday 
Birth of a monster
21. - 28. August
Harveys Week

on Saturday Mercury retrograd met Sun = hot air, but where is the immense amount of warm water in the heavenly complex?
And Mars has no correspondence to the acting center = Sun, or with Neptune's humidity.. Where is "Harvey"? Here we have a Hurrican without Mars the driving foce of the system, a sloching Hurricane.

Now a glimpse on the 'red' Neptune at 6,8° Virgo of the last Kingsconjunction in the fire-element, in 1603, setting the fire-constellation for about 800 years.

 When was Mercury (retrograd ) aligned with red Neptune?
 Mercury  =  air, Mercury+red Neptune =  air + ocean of  warm water,
on Wednesday afternoon R-Mercury at 6,8° Virgo = saturation of air with hot + wet.

8. 21 - 28. 2017
6,8° Virgo  
since 1603 Neptune
of the fire- element
= excess of hot water in the zodiac

hypothesis is: the  elements 'remember'  their divine birthdays

 8. 28 - 9. 4. 2017

and now to see is: Sun, after having met Jupiter/Saturn of the earth-element at 5,1° Virgo on Monday, will meet the hot humid red Neptune at 6,8° Virgo on late Tuesday  ...

And coming weekend Sun will waxingly meet the opposition-resonance (green marked) of the actual Neptune = more hot water to come?

Once again America is cast by a red fate comp. red Venus of 11/8
In a coming astrological rason one might learn to remember and to envision the spirit of mankind addressed to more important subjects than hystherical enemy-projections, on planetary waves and things like that  to study and reflect about;
one will find, what Jung said,: dreams, archetypes ... elements, constellations are not morally but nature - in man lies it to unfold the good's world, the Psalm 82 sings about by fearing,  studying and honouring heavenly 'wathers' in a pious way
and not to compare us with more than we are and also not with less ... "you are gods"

They are we will be maybe sometimes gods ( in the grammer of Ps. 83) but for now
we are sinners hence with bad conscious hence sheep of the 'Übermenschen' or 'Masters of the Universe' with unlimited budget ... but shep simmering with ire ... who have to awake for the better in mind.

Tuesday, 8. 29. 2017 UTC 22:32

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