Freitag, 18. August 2017

President Trump Conciliates and Draws a Line

Great link bysmr in Saker's cafe

my spontanious comment:

Great link, Donald the patient educator, nothing is more precious within the hysterical establishment
of mind-washed mind-washers, trying to sell their hysteria
as the American alternative to the cool Russian way.
Great Donalds to the hysterics: “Let’s try to play it nice”

and, as my companions know I hold that a thig is complete
at the cutting the umbilical cord = first own breathing

child of this moment is one's material unconscious elementary appearance

of this moment such holds the unconsciuous eastern horizon
with the opposite-partner
in the consciousness of the west

so let's see, what was ready aka appearing in the east

what of the 12 is it?

8. 15. 2017, NY, 4:20 pm
it's the nineth'
now: appearing to us  is a moment of Sagittarius = reconciliation and the reconciliator = Jupiter is in house 10 on the throne. A moment of  real greatness of a father = Saturn of a "young"nation as it's the time where the father Saturn is guest with his son Sagittarius. And the moment is just before the beginning = entry of Jupiter into house 9 = being in  time mating the parts of society.

And it's a fiery moment in the deeper depth of the pure elements, as the President did his unbiased votum by cutting the border to the black antifa with masks and batons - this is the fatherly Saturn   in the son-rule of Jupiter, dividing three parts of the struggle into two legitime and one illegitime ones.

Oldest president ever since of 70 years presiding the no longer "Young Nation", what a synchronicity ... and what a chance facing America's 'Blue Babylon' of the coastal states with their financialized swamps ... of $-liberalism ...

now more of this moment:

 Sagittarius ascending is facing Twins decending .and Twin's Mercury
on this  day is in resonance between Virgo and Pisces.
Mercury and Neptune are corresponding, something like telescope and microscope are out together for dinner and dance later, the excluding contradictions are only excluding in logic but not in life. Anima knows that in man.

Mercury-Neptune the story-teller talking  the truth to a grand-child, slowly and patiently repeting, what a Mercury, this Twins-President

Why? Watch the red dappled cross of the moment, the president's speech was complete: it's exactly the moment, when the red Moon, the fiery, early Moon of the 4 elements is to encounter in Twins: a home in the world outside of the  patches for  the early= the fiery ones, kind of coming true home (fire = true)  hence reconciliations in the American society.

And  Venus the social  is in the resonance of the heros aka Pluto and the obeyer to the father's measures aka  Jupiter, the son  to his father Saturn who is drawing a line

A moment of great historical importance. To me it was a relief listening to a soul with respect for living heritages of families and the reality of black and white needing Jobs.

2017. 8. 19, UTC 23:12.

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