Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2021

Weeks of the Bridgebuilders - Mars-Venus in Flame


2. 24. - 3.3. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"extraneous knowledge"


"...  that in the deeper layers of what we call psyche [...] the layer
in which the split of the opposites in psyche and world, Earth 
and heaven, no longer, or not yet, takes effect, the  knowing is to be
 found about a total actuality. This actuality has a spirit-order-
character reaching til into the essence of the archetype ..."


"But spirit-order-character means, that the world seems factually
 to be ordered by this spirit, not that it arrays to us 'in spirit'.
Psyche  takes effect and appears in archetypes, i.e. in natural 
symbols,which determine our consciousness and our complete 
world perception. The star or the tree in us is no less real and  
about nothing less symbolic than in the outer experience."

die Neuzeit. (The Meaning of the Earth-Archetype for the 
Modern Era.)

Lecture,  Eranos-Session 1953


Spirit 'appears' like invisible clouds, just 'air', invisible clouds of meaning, permeating us, the collective unconsciousness of man, in the rhythms of us planets around father Sun. We on the Earth traveling in his green belt. We, the planets, are notified in  'Tables of Night', which are as old as the writing of man. The zodiac, symbol of the symbols, is the projected landscape of the creation in the unconscious psychic  background of man,  projected out of the inward of man, and percepted  outside as 'creation' with it's 'spirit-order-character'.

Watching the sky, man is the animal, which recognizes the existing spirit/matter-order consciously as day, month, year,  - if not in the sky then watching the seasons in nature. In the median latitudes, with their frequently clouded skies, is lived and thought another year than that, experienced under the sub-tropical desert-clear night-skies, which gave the simple man the night-sky as an  open book of the gods to read in, reading outer reality mirroring the inner one.

Horoscope as scores
of the heavenly concerts
following the rhythms
old as  billions of years
of traveling gravity
around the Sun-Island
on the Milky Way
rhythms of seasons of
wanderers in the sky
which man and 
fore-bearers danced 
forever while
something else
doesn't exist

all rhythms
want to be danced
 the opposites
squares and conjunctions
like invisibly  be danced
like rivers in their beds
- firstly lived -
then thought and 
into act
converted by 
on the childish field
of soul
sheltered in us
like Dionysus
childish god 
in women's clothes
coming in
from the sea of feeling
opening the prisons
of the women

8. Week 2021


oldest gyration of feeling
pursued by the 
un-united demons of sorrow
now in Pisces
sheltered at the ground of the sea
of unconscious comfort
in the shadow of the depth
in the house of 
Sea queen 
mother Thetis

 dancing the
polypean  -formation
of godly presence in
ordered in his form of creation
with  6 heavenly /earthly
arms or days
and in conscious  astrological answer
by the 6 days of creation
by the spirit of heaven
in the six days of
matter on Earth

heaven appreciated in Earth
appearing simile
of rhythmic maturity
of the natural man
under the circling day
of the zodiac

and Sophia

here is her week
in the signs of 
at the  afternoon 
of creation

8. Week
 Eva, Helena, Maria, Sophia 

archetypes and their rhythms
constantly  meeting us
here  measured

Mars in his spiky beginnings
his tentacles of 
hail and bale
in the tissue of 
body and herd
in resonance with the 'spiritualized'
of the garnering and balancing
entering Pisces
solution of the unsolved
till Thursday

in the spiritual tracks
'rhythmical clouds' of
in the 'winged' realm of
in conjunction with
the wisdom of 
the right moment

where in the 2. mirror

in Taurus'
enriched realm 
origin of   meaning
in social context

(Uranus in Taurus 7-9° at last: summer 1936)

one week left
in Taurus

"wohltätig ist des Feuer's Macht
wenn sie der Mensch 
bezähmt bewacht"

"Benef’cent is the might of flame
 When o’er it man doth watch, doth tame"

Mars square Venus
once again
Anthropos' and Sophia's
eternal roots 
in   conflict
between Mars the advancer
and Venus
with her power in the back-space
collecting and providing the 
singles in herds
spirit for cooling their temperaments

and with Venus there is more to come

with her entrance in Pisces
on Thursday

the meeting 
Mars of the Kingsconjunction in the
0,3° Pisces

and one day later

Moon of the Kingsconjunction in the
1,4° Pisces


Sun and heart
are meeting on Thursday
at 6,8° Pisces
of the earth-element

which is holding the measure
of waiver pro order
in the spirit of
the survival of the soul

"who knows, that enough is enough
will forever have enough"


who watches 
the slow growing of the
trees of meaning 
religions and
in the spirit of

in human words


in flight

their union in
opposition and square
is the bridge
connecting the two banks
over a chasm
or river

giving the idea
giving the discipline

to  work out

Saturn /Uranus
what is mutual exclusive
now borne
in the children of these weeks

happens every 10 years
for a handfull of

we are in the weeks now
last week were in the days

Murnau, 2. 24. 2021, UTC: 22:26.


Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2021

With Sun Into the Heart of Innocence and the Keys of Mars and Uranus for Man's Twelve Doors


2. 15. - 24. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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Truth in us ...

What kind of mania blindfolds you? Since in you not 
emanating from you, all this will be, what you are looking 
 for outside of you and not within you. Such uses to be the
the vice of the rascal, that he spurning all own, always is 
craving for the alien ... In us namely a life is shining 
  twilighted, being a light of man quasi in the darkness
which not emerging from us but in us is to look for, 
but not descending from us, but from Him, who condescends
to take his home also in us ...He has planted this light within us
that we with the light of Him who is dwelling in inaccessible
light would see the light. Thereby we are made verily similar
 to Him, that He has given us a spark of his light.  The truth is
thus not in us, but in the picture of God, which is in us, to 
be searched.

Gerardus Dorneus, "Philosophia Meditativa",  in Theatrum Chemicum, 1602

I know this spark by myself, it is in the heart, I firstly have experienced it in 1980as a warming of the heart likewise with the image of the 'Solo Sunny'/civilization, which is free of the blame of western world of out-sucking the world.

The religion around this spark around which the heaven is turning, carries my life since then and is reason for my 

Astrological Diary
by which heaven
can have his share
with man as
spirit and 1/2 soul
above the horizon

below the horizon
the lower half
Matter and 1/2 Soul
traversed by rivers
seared by flashes 
embracing heaven and
mirroring the spirit
for God's sake

therefore in the focus of the first mirror:

2. Week 2021

the child of the sea and
since Thursday
in addition heart in the sea of

thereunder likewise

under the horizon
Aries 1. mirror
with and without

beside it
in the 2. mirror
mirroring a coming world
whose Mars
in the zoo
 of future
may have a stay in appearance
like in future
the dangerous 

the herd's heads
 with Venus in the spirit of
Aquarius now attendant
easy and 'winged'
to find God's share of man
within him

as current heavenly contend
 jittering the threshold of tradition
by the spirit of 
Uranus in Taurus

where the fire is lurking
in the parks 
like Mars in Taurus
 in resonance-square
with Venus in Aquarius
spirit with stuff
what the unconscious 
effortlessly brings to union 
 not forgetting from the beginning
 still  circling within the same wheels
in the architecture of time

the presence-consciousness by contrast
without spirit
reduced to the visible
only to be locked
in imaginings of
impotentness not able
to be united
not able to express the united square
united like nature
with it's colours
as long as  missing
the warming
which changes everything
coming in man for

back to the week

like described
Venus square Mars

or Earth 
and heaven better unite

Taurus ruled by
Venus ruled by Uranus
ruled by Venus

further ruled by Uranus

our narrative-ability
mirrored in 
 in Capricorn Pluto
(since 2008)

 momentous 'gas'
all of us
in a collective 

in the way of a collective waiver
by which those fair best
who consciously since longer lived a way of
multiple waiver
called coming age

together with the other heavenly
beyond border

life lust and waiver
circle to die and be 
new born

father-'gas' -Saturn
think-'gas' Mercury

the really rare rally
- Mars -Uranus complex-
construction- 'gas'
ready in our unconscious home
of faith

mirrored in our herd-drive
of Taurus
in us
with Uranus- and Mars-keys
for the 12 houses
 of man
striving for truth
and meaning

on Thursday then
in Pisces
the heart
of innocence
in rivers flowers
trees  animals
and children

for 30 days

Murnau, 2. 17. 2021, UTC: 16:06 and 16:30.



Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2021

Wellcome Gods You Let the Doorstone Silently Jitter


 2. 10. - 17. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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" Despite and maybe just because its kinship with the instinct the
archetype  represents the actual element if the spirit, but of a
 spirit, which is not identical with the reason of man but rather 
represents it's spiritus rector. The essential content of all 
mythologies and -isms is of archetypal nature. The archetype
is  spirit or unspirit, and it mostly depends on the attitude of
 the human consciousness, as what it will emerge ultimately.
Archetypes and instincts  form the greatest conceivable opposites
like one can plainly see, if one compares one standing under the 
reign of the drive with one who is seized by the spirit. But as there
is such a close bond between all opposites, that a position without
corresponding negation is not possible to be found nor thought,
so there is the saying: "Les extrêmes se touchent" As correspondents
they belong to one another in fact not like that one could be
 derivated  from the other, but they rather exist  side by side as
those imaginings, which we make for us from the opposite, 
underlying all psychic energetism. Man finds himself at least as one
being driven to something and likewise as one imagining something
[...] The contradiction in itself has no moral meaning, cause the 
drive in itself is not evil and the spirit not good. Both can be both [...]
so also the psychological contradictions want to be regarded from a
natural-scientific point of view. Real contradictions are no
 incommensurabilities, because as such they could never unite; despite
all  contrariness they always testify the inclination to unite, and
NIKOLAUS CUSANUS has even defined God as a complexio oppositorum."

C.G.JUNG, Theoretische Überlegungenzum Wesen des Psychischen, 
(Theoretical Reflections on the Essence of the Psychic.) Coll.W. 8, § 406

The zodiac around the horizon of the Earth is definitely a conception, where given physical objects - the Sun-family minus Earth in the sky around Earth - appear in the mirror of imaginings describing the horizon of the Earth e.g. in the six days of the Genesis, where the six Earth-dimensions mirror the six creational calls of God.

Astrology since centuries describe the Antiscia, in this tradition we have the six mirrors of the zodiac with structural six spheres of drive below of six spheres of spirit - beginning with the common ascendant of wave and stroke.

On this level only becomes tangible, how very special our momentary  time really is: 

As Aquarius has the general meaning of suspension, this constellation tells of the suspension of: Taurus/being, Twins/distinction, Leo/living/, Virgo/adaption, Libra/balance, Jupiter/conciliation, Saturn/destiny. And while Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius moves in Taurus, the suspension refers to the territories on Earth. Truly an apocalyptic constellation. And no wonder, that the brain-f****s of the Empire are musing on the terminal war with the two sovereign nations Russia and China.
But, I dare to say, Aquarius is the realm of ideas, not of actions. Constellation of real action look different:

9. 1.1939,  WW 2.

6. 22. 1941, Barbarossa
12. 7. 1941,  Pearl Harbor

Within the general one we have following special constellations:


Venus + Jupiter


Merkur + Jupiter


Mars - Merkur


mirrored by
the social drive

placed by Uranus
in the social drive of 

of heavenly/earthly

each of them
much needed
pair of complements

in the 6. Week 2021

Mars and Uranus
in Taurus
still mirroring
high in Aquarius
realm of bodyless visions
within and without
heaven in Earth
spirit in
bricklayer within and without

here in Taurus we've got 
eating Mars-fire
of  good and  bad
surge and  cancer

same time we've got
consolating Uranus -
in our communities

of the dimension beyond lifetime
around lifetime

what a heaven 
to breath
these days

Mars meets Mercury
for a bridge
from earth to heaven
and from heaven back to earth

and coming Sunday/Monday
heart of the livin
Sun meets on the spiritual ring around lifetime
of the Kingsconjunction in the
Element water of

an old waiver bound in the spirit of Earth
waving from water
like feeling
met by Earth's Star
in us

at this place of waiver and  order 
in our spirit
a humble heart has the key
for all doors

"Unconsciousness is the original sin"


simile: last round of Uranus 1935 - 42:

Sun in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Aquarius

It's a fission
in the future

1. fission of the Uran

12. 17. 1938

1. fission: Uran

stage this week: without and within 

in your personal horoscope making the doorstock  silently jitter

Murnau, 2. 10. 2021, UTC. 17:00.