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5. Week on the Green Belt around Earth's Horizon


 2. 1. - 10. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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" The collective unconsciousness is the vast spiritual 
genotype of the evolution of mankind, reborn in each
 individual brain-structure. The consciousness  on the
contrary in an  ephemeral  phenomenon, which renders
 all  instantaneous adaptions and orientations, wherefore
one can compare it's achievements most likely with the 
orientation in space. The unconsciousness  by contrast 
contains the source of the driving emotional forces and
forms and categories, regulating them, just, the archetypes.
All strongest ideas and imaginings  of mankind date from
archetypes. Eminently explicit this is the case with religious 
imaginings. But also scientific, philosophical and morally
central conceptions, don't make an exception of it. They 
are in their contemporary form variants of the primordial
 imaginations, originated by conscious application and 
adaption, cause it is the function of consciousness, to
 incorporate and perceive the outer world  not only by the
 sensory gates, but also to translate the world of the inside
creatively into  the outside."

C.G.JUNG, The Structure of the Soul, Coll. W. 8, § 342

This quote is standing above my virtual door, like the one above JUNG's real door in Küsnacht:


"Called or non-called God will be there"

The creative leap of my astrology relies on the certainness  that God by His starry-eyes watches us - His families in the Universe, like they appear in the 

green belt around Sun
Earth's orbit's beautiful creations
with their outer and inner Eyes
divided and united by sex
split into thirds by density
 around the horizon 
and split into fourths
by the elements whose fourth
 quarter is invisible

"We are the bees of the invisible":

 R. M.  Rilke

above my working-place
invisibly in the Galaxy

God works
attendant in
the working

5. Week 2021

at the horizon of the human year
on the northern hemisphere of
the Earth

where the heart in high winter
so very good is preserved
in the calm of the spirit
and  ecstasy of Aquarius
meaning and sky

while Uranus 
in the earthly mirror
walks slowly
7th grade of Taurus
 uniting us spiritually in
common territories

and where Mars
in his  weakness in Taurus
whose pathetic mock assaults
the communities of Venus
in Aquarius
literally 'from above'
are seeing through
in the second mirror below the 
human horizon

e.g. Putin's 'Palace'

5. Week 20201

and now Venus also is together
with the geniuses 
of all easiness by
 God's spirit as meaning
mirrored by the collective earth-roots-instinct

 things known to our
soul-part in  unconsciousness
but not to  consciousness
as long as we don't perceive 
the outer of our cosmic home
mirrored with by and in  the inner
 in us

thus what remains for Mars
the splitter
ruled by Venus
the uniting one
in Aquarius'
 resting spirit
in the eternal rule of Uranus
in Taurus'
Heaven and Earth 
uniting or
or to go under together
to reappear
in dimensions
somewhere else

in God's eye

Mercury meanwhile
 sensual and feeling
 orientation by nerve's algebra
walking through the thoughts
seemingly backwards
back into the 'belly' of Aquarius
pregnant with encompassing
of new life
towards meeting  of
Mercury small diamonds
with Sun' bright beams
reason with love of
of Heaven and
in Heaven's high
 thoughts of Love and creation
encompassed by words of wisdom
heart  in creation of words
Sun + Mercury
next Monday

while the eye of God in
walkes through the heart 
of anyone's
hemispheres of 
hiking the spirit
rejoicing with  creation
and suffering 
 communities of man
parts of the puzzle 
not yet visible
in the civilizations but by

In the following, occasions for observation:
activated by transit

 of the four  Kingsconjunctions 
in the four elements
this week
by one of the Sunny family

Mars /Uranus of  fire
14,1° Taurus

Mars/Mars of the earth-element
16,9° Taurus

the square of the week

air and earth in simultaneity
Sun  and Mars

 at the heaven of spirit
Sun and heart

(under heavenly attendance of Jupiter,
Saturn, Venus, Mercury thereat)

with Mars on Earth

with another in resonance
 second mirror
attempts of burglaries
in the roots-zone

 upheld to keep
the invisible spirit of freedom
in the calm of culture
whereas unrest always is

and ultimately: the conjunction of the week

Venus communicates on Saturday
the 6. grade of 
with Saturn

the polar roots-zone

normative idea
on the 'heaven of thinking'
 invisible spirit
among us in the circle
of the central

Murnau, 2. 3. 2021, UTC: 18:17.


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