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Two Left Wings Starting Next Monday? Creativity and Wisdom to Unite with Sun and Jupiter. Northern Continents maximal freeze?


1. 27. - 2.3. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"follow that will and that way, which by experience
proves to be your own, i.e. is true expression of your own

C.G. JUNG, Letters,  9.14.1060

"Assumed, the hypothesis of the  values, by me called  as archetypes
 are verifiable, then we are by them confronted with autonomous 
'animalia', which command about a kind of consciousness and 
 possess an own psychic life and which we, leastwise partly,  can 
watch in modern man, like also in the historic process of the 
centuries, if we call them gods, demons, or illusions,  makes no
difference; they exist and  take effect and are borne with any 
generation anew."


"The blossoming and  burgeoning of  the individual as
experiment and a doubtful and startling work of the 
lively God."


The 'Individual', uniqueness in space and time (= in Universe), painted in the horoscope of the birth-moment, measured astronomically and noted in the order of the Symbols of circle, day, year, animal, man, between meaning and being, heaven and Earth.

And the elevated Individual:

The narrative of Herodot about the origin of the Median
 Kingdom ... their uniqueness lies particularly therein, that 
they  derived the monarchy not from the weapons, which 
usually everywhere  prevail, but from the other duties of the 
highest power, to  wield justice.  The justest is elected by free 
choice as sovereign and, to give him a higher esteem as his 
tribesmen, a castle is build for him, in which he has his  abode."

Ranke, Weltgeschichte, 1928, Vol. 1, p. 99.

in the astrology
like in the daily insight
nothing hampers us one-offs

foreseeing the own one-off-ness
to follow our general
collective way

whilst we look at it
as a given
against which we
 as one-offs
have nothing

what each one-off
has to bring to evolvement
as something
no one else is able
to do for her/him

4. Week 2021

The rulers of 5 signs are in Aquarius: Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, (heart, measure, providence, discrimination, adaption) and since Monday also Venus (territory and balance).
Aquarius, what does it mean, what happens there, also, if we don't get it?

Aquarius corresponds, after the brightness of the first day, mirroring in the waters of the unconsciousness the second day: God separates the waters under the sky from the above the sky. I say, with JUNG, separates the heavy earthly waters of the unconsciousness from the light ones of the spirit = air.

Spirit: fountainhead of Gods ideas in nonphysical shape.

Spirit, Aquarius ... non belonging to anyone.

Jenis Joplin, ASC Aquarius, as teen was hated by the super-athletes at her College and
was once in the ballot of 'the ugliest man in College' given place # 1... she had to bear the people how they were in the US-society and to survive she had to, and suddenly could,  create her world, in which the feeling Moon came home to Mama,  created it on the stages of her generation - but between her gigs - again and again - in the quiet evenings with her thin skin in the lying-shroud of the America of the Sixties, again and again she couldn't anything but the drugs to comfort her... At that, America itself is an embodiment of Aquarius, ... risen out of the waters.
And all those, who get stuck in Capricorn, followers of a 'highest' one, hate the Aquariusses, which allow themselves the freedom from the daily lies.

heavenly convention
by Venus
for Twins and Virgo
till Monday in Capricorn
since Monday in Aquarius

from earth
to air
fact to fiction 

from word to line
the borderless Aquarius 
heaven- air-part
of  us
without borders
shape as shock
man - wife
the basic polarity of things

 one of twelve
joining in our
in the unconscious perfection of
each day of
God's continuous creation
e.g. in each living person

What a privilege for each human attending this Superior week on Earths horizon since Monday , when Venus joins the reunion of the family in our collective 'we' -

with the balance and body
of the (half)world
things can happen in the world
(half) world
which happen for the first time

the new time
becoming visibly
on uppermost-world-stage 
of Herr Schwab
and his guests

and in the mirror of earth
(in us)
with her fresh waters
above heaven

down on earth in the territories
of mankind
 Mars the pusher
after union with
left Wing of the spirit

while Capricorn has the right 
of the spiritual
bird of time

hence Venus plus Pluto
till Monday
still among the goats
of the highest 

only just
today Putin
red tie
moderated by
Herr Schwab
 silver tie

on Thursday/Wednesday
Venus + Pluto
the complements

watch the stage

Sun and Jupiter will be united
 on Friday
and  united will be
creativity with 
to grow silent feathers
in the left wing of time

Monday will be a blue -push
for Venus' humane associations
a beginning in dynanic of thinking
at 0,8° Aquarius
air's Mars  
on the way 

while Mars the pusher
pushes in the  square
the entire week

inflammation in the physical
with attendance of 
'non belonging to anyone'

while Mercury
trickster and attorney

Mercury before
becoming retrograde, 
from Friday till Monday
literally 'standing' 
together with the
green Pluto of the
in the same 27th grade of 
where the latter's 
water-birthday of waiver
in the medium of feeling
 stands since

so four days at least for  getting the chance, to get an 
heavenly teaching of structure together with  - Mercury- 
by water - 
element's coming and going
 like semen of truth
emerging in crystals of soul
 at the border 
of hot soul to 
cold medium
 of reason 
uniting the contradicting
elements via the
divine, heavenly contra-points
in the rhythms of every day.

Murnau, 1. 27. 2021, 76 years after Opening of the Death-Mills (sorry, German language only) UTC:17:58.



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