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Chiefdom in Current Apocalypse


12. 26. 2022 - 1. 4. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


to the wonder of life
the wonder of death
such I understand 

Pisces symbolizes the awareness-type of the fishes: in the water-world, everything perfect, there must not be worked and cannot be any change.

In our breathing-world the Pisces way of thinking is hence uncomprehended, it is the thinking of the child near to that of the creator: knowing  everything, but not knowing it .

Mundanomaniac and his teacher Döbereiner, both are born in Pisces, two days distance.
To both is common the thust into the permanent presence of the creator in the creation, presented by the 'God-code' of the ordering zodiac as matrix of any timewheel in a given cosmos.

Döbereiner by Wiki: 

Wolfgang Döbereiner was a grandson of the court musician Christian Döbereiner. At the age of 16, he was drafted to serve in the German Wehrmacht as a flak helper in the Second World War and became an American prisoner of war, from which he managed to escape a short time later. In 1947 he passed the Abitur and studied music. Extremely dissatisfied with the development of post-war Germany, he did not want to integrate anywhere due to a lack of a sense of belonging.

In addition to working as a consulting astrologer and music teacher, he therefore made a living for years with occasional work and, according to his own statement, developed his so-called "Munich Rhythm Theory" (1953) during this time. In the 1970s, he founded his own school of astrology in Munich and became known through publications in newspapers, weather forecasts and astrological interpretation of homeopathic drug images.

The connection between astrology, psychosomatic elements and homeopathy as a new form and "reorientation" of the ancient and medieval ideas of the doctrine of signatures – according to which very specific substances or plants are assigned to the planets and constellations – is an essential part of his teaching.[1] Döbereiner took the view that he had fundamentally modernized astrology conceptually and in terms of content as a closed system of interpretation, which he understood as the "replacement of the classical". An essential principle of the astrology taught by Döbereiner is that of the enlarged rhythms. In particular, the seven-rhythm and ten-rhythm are used here. The themes of events are therefore repeated in rhythms as identical contents at different points in time.[2]

Döbereiner was the editor of the magazine Ex nihilo; since 1987 he has published his books exclusively in self-publishing.

A horoscope for every day. An astrological roadmap of life. Südwest, Munich 1972
Heyne Zodiac Sign Books. 12 Vols. Heyne, Munich 1974
Revised complete edition: The Change of Life in the Zodiac. Döbereiner, Herrsching 2006
Astrological teaching and practice course 1971-1974. Hugendubel, Munich 1974
Reissued as: Astrological Teaching and Practice Book. 6 Volumes, 1978ff
Astrological-medical diagnosis and homeopathy. Hugendubel, Munich 1980
New edition as: Astrological-homeopathic pictures of experience for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. 2 Volumes
Astrologically definable behaviors in painting. 2 Volumes, 1988
Flumserberg Seminars
Volume 1: Turning points
Volume 10: The Way of Aphrodite
Seminars, 1990 ff:
Volume 1: The Parable of the Elephant
Volume 4: The Refusal of Christopher
Volume 6: The Ways of the Placeless
Volume 7: Braid and signs
Volume 9: The Models of the Contemporary
Volume 11: The Wrath of Poseidon
Volume 12: The Collectives of the Untold
Volume 13: The Documented Present
Volume 15: The Lost Frontier
Volume 16: In the power of the Titans
Volume 17: River of Generations
Volume 18: The Collapse of the Timeless
Volume 19: The King Returns
Volume 20: The Judgment of Feeling
Volume 21: The Heads of the Hydra
First publications from 1953 to 1957, 2nd A. 1992
Hamburg Lectures/Berlin Lecture, 1992
Astrological-geographical maps, 1994
School and seminar extracts. 2 Volumes, 1999
Translations into English:

Textbook of Astrology Vol. I to III
Patterns of Experience Vol. I
Translations into French:

Trois Conferences à Hamburg et Berlin**

Mundanomaniac, birth in the war-year 1942,  lifelong alotted to follow truthly  the conundrum of the great catastrophe. That started to become conscious in the age of 15, one year with his Deutsch-teacher Herman Schwarz, 'the most exceptional person, whom I personly met in all my life'.

Therefore it was a sea-change for me, and it started with the phone- call of Sergei Lawrow with the US-Secretary of State concerning the question of chemical weapons in Syria: a human policy towards balance became visible: Lavrow offered Assads readyness to abandon entire chemical weapons under international observation. So it was done, dito in Russia, but not in the US.

2014 with the events in Kiew, in Donbass and on Crimea I began to encounter the Libra-human Putin, frequently, the most extraordinary person on the political world-stage in my entire life, a delicate tacit world-chief.

the chief

"He has to be generous and sympathetic and able to give 
advice - advice, not orders. He must in our notions, to be
 an experienced statesman,  being always conscious of the 
subtle balance of human relations. Indeed he keeps up the
concord in his tribe, but rarely has to mediate in a serious
altercation, since the members of a comunity only seldom
quarrel,  they would namely cause displeasure to the dead 
souls. Not the chief ensures the peace within his community,
but the everlasting  presence of the supernatural, to whome
an internal strife would cause unbounded displeasure."

Orlando/Claudio Villas Boas, Xingu, p. 17, München 1979

V.V. Putin, world-chief? Who wants to know, can know it: the person lies completely open in the internet.

And with this everything changed  in the astro-mundane view by  astrology: the world-process has since 1989 via 2001, via 2007 via 2014 now 2022 constellated to a final decree: the world-tribe of 'chief Putin' on the one pan of the  scale with the label: 'multinational repect and order' and the chief of the superior american families on the other pan with the label 'rule based order'.

The symbol of balance, Libra is in the command of Venus, like also Taurus, the security of the tribe,  which now in Capricorn comply with Saturn.

That, being-man as human-honor, again leading to the beginning, being the true meaning of the word re-volution = 'turning back to the beginning',  taking place now powerfully in the first mirror of the zodiac: Neptune, the wisdom and verity of Pisces,  perfect creation - TAO , mirrored by war, Mars of Aries, in Twins led by Jupiter, the great strategist,  in the myth as god-son avenger of the violations of the laws of the godfather, ...

God's Creation
six mirrors

52. Week 2022

in this war
of Mercury
god of intelligence
and navigation
in service now
of Saturn
accompanied by Sun
central power
readyness for sacrifice
in the condition of Idea

An unprecedented rare constellation determining our further fate redemptively. We are contemporaries of a true apocalypse, in which currently, in uranian shape, winged and energy-charged 'ideas' like produced  'arrows' hitting down on satanic sinful Earth like before in Sodom and Gomorrha.

Murnau, 12.28.2022, UTC: 17:17.


and, second filtering:

Faithfulness and Miracles


10. 14.1906, Hannah Arendt

To remember my second miracle in conscious life lovingly and to honor it moves me right now: my teacher Hermann Schwarz.

He was looking for the important thing with his students and his students and is loyal to him. He will be 91 years old next week. In silence and poetry, he opened and opens sources. The following lines from Hannah Arendt's thought diary are dedicated to him. Hannah Arendt, Denktagebuch, p. 38 Fidelity: >>true<<: true and faithful. As if that which one cannot be faithful to had never been true either. Hence the great crime of infidelity, if it is not, as it were, innocent infidelity; one murders what has been true, removes again what one has brought into the world, real destruction, because we are the master of our past in fidelity and only in it: its existence depends on us. Just as it depends on us whether there is truth in the world or not. If it were not for the possibility of truth and of being true, faithful stubbornness would be; if there were no fidelity, then the truth would be without existence, completely and completely devoid of essence. It is precisely because of this connection between fidelity and truth that it is necessary to eliminate all stubbornness, self-hardening, from the concept of fidelity. The perversion of fidelity is jealousy. Their contrast is not infidelity in the ordinary mind – this is rather predetermined in the further of life and liveliness - but only forgetting. The only real sin, because it erases truth, the truth that has been. The kind of fidelity, the opposite of which is infidelity, is the perversion that tries to eliminate liveliness from the world. Petrification; their consequence is jealousy, namely simply anger that life continues elsewhere and with someone else. Hannah Arendt ties in with the first miracle in me, which was female, teacher. Ilse Blumendorf, gorgeous something - we did not yet suspect anything about the Sphinx woman: mother, lover, sister, comrade, guide - all indistinguishably merged at that time in a warm adult person, an enigmatic voice, and sparkling dark shining eyes: spirited teacher for twelve-year-old boys. Lured the pubescent elementary school student to the library and to the gates of science. To commemorate this miracle teacher today, the beautiful quote by Hannah Arend gave me a 
clear reason on the 21st day of the month of fidelity. 

Saved: 12.11.2010, UTC 18:10, posted:UTC 18:27. (Translated by yandex)

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Jupiter ... Again Ruling the Zeitgeist by Mars in the Open Fields

19. - 28. 12. 2022

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


"...  the absurd destruction and devastation is the
reaction on the removal of consciousness out of the
 state of equilibrium.  Namely there is an equilibrium
between the psychic I and non-I, a religio, a thorough 
consideration of the present unconscious powers, 
not without danger to be  neglected. This turn has 
prepared, following the change of the state of 
conscious, yet for hundreds of years." 

C.G. JUNG, The Psychology of Transference, Col. W. 16, § 395

Here we are at the point: the current  plunge of the consciousness out of the "state of  equilibrium". the decisive  one happened proceeding from the storm of the mansion of the ousted president and the determination of a new president: the coup d'etat, in German :die 'Machergreifung', of the fascist 'Bewegung' in the spirit of the Ukrainian nationalsocialism of West-Ukraine.

First law of the new power: ban on the russian language in offficial communication.

Language is soul. The blatant low rating of the soul in the current west comes across in that nowhere  an anti-fascistic outcry was to be heared,  against this officially spreading totality of hate against the russian part of the populace in the Ukraine, enforced by butal fascist commandos, finanzed by the Olygarchs and Washington.

It followed 


 rebellion in ethnic russian
 Crimea and Donbass
'anti-terror-regime' by Kiew
.Two campaigns 
struck back by 
 Since then
 daily shelling of Donbass-cities
about killed
myriads of casulties
in 8 years
 Children growing up
in the basements

Soul always is a strict individual in universe. Likewise strictly is soul a collective entity. Soul is the  inner cosmos of time and rhythm in each creature shared with each one, of which only human beings can become conscious.

Conscious in the spiritof creation, which has its seasons.

bottom of  soul is
fourth house
in the landscape of the inner shape
turning soul-wheels
energy of the soul
at the given

The value-West keeps silent. 8  years long. The chancelor Scholz in early 2022 laughes about Putin's expression of a 'genocide' on russian body and soul in 8 years of daily shelling  the break-away republics by Washington's 'AZOV' and 'Aidar' nazis.

These purebred followings are possible in each society: organisation of brutal loosers, finanzed by interested money-powers, breeding dangerous human viruses. As it is, like it is, it is unwelcomed in the west, to speak about it. Who does is a 'conspiracy theorist'.

And Putin, i.e. Russia, is not allowed to defend it's brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, and 
hate on Russians is desired and daily nutured by the daily trance-organs and opinion-engineers in the noble west, suggesting so many accomplices at desk and smartphone a higher standart of living and reputation.

And what has all that to do with mundane astrology?

Mundane Astrology comprehends with holistic view  divine spiritual gift:  the zodiac of the time-symbols as nearest comprehensible divine equation of time and place, as it perceives the concert of the rhythmic currencies around and within us as common time-song,  intonated by each different instrument, consonating in and around us. We are universes, build by contrasts.

Each individual soul as certain 'instrument' in the collective human concert in honor of God are spinning  our cosmic  home  the Sun spinning around it's cosmic home, the Galaxy.

There are the rhythms of each single planetary cosmos, of each planets gravity, aka song, encircling it's creational star,  counterrotating in the two hemispheres circling around each  axis like any gyrating sphere.

Here from the 47,6th, like any other latitude north the entirety of the current week looks like follows:

the wild fire
 by Twins
subordinated to
together with Venus and Pluto
and since
in Capricorn
each inner center

or to say it so

the sword
the intelligence
the ressources
the reason
the balance
all in service of
the fatherly
wisdom and justice
of Capricorn
together with
the readiness for sacrifice of
in the constraint and humility
on the common measure
of Capricorn

the praise of the 'wisdom of the fathers'
is to be heard)

and this entire traveling society of 
archetypal gods
currently in and around 
our collective soul
in the conservative state of
is quasi hoiked
into the revolutionary human spirit
of Aquarius
who ownes the future:
the conservative revolution
back to the inception of a
new holy beginning
in our time

51. week 2022
Spirit mirrored in matter

All sixfold  potential 
 in Saturn's house/sign
has to be mirrored by
in Twins

This is the heavenly/earthly parallel to the current political/militarily situation in the Ukraine, where the push of Mars, occuring until early March in and out of the open space, happens between the centers, while the strategic genius of Jupiter has returned into Aries hence Jupiter ... again  rules the Zeitgeist by Mars in the open fields.

Murnau, 12. 21. 2022, UTC:17:54.


Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022

Sun and Soul-Child Neptune Fighting or Uniting this Week


12. 12. - 21. 2022

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth



"which in difference from other religions ... teaches a symbol, 
having as content the individual way of living of a man and
'son of man' and conceives this process of individuation even
as incarnation and revelation of God himself."

C.G.JUNG, Presence and Future, Coll. W. 10, § 529


"Indeed, one  denotes the creed as the actual religious experience, 
but doesn't  consider, that it actually is a secondary phenomenon, 
based on the fact that primarily something has happened to us, 
which instills into us 'pistis', i.e. thrust and loyality."

Before the fact, that astrology 'happened' to me with 39, in the same week like my wife 'happened' to me, there was an experience of creeping corruption in my 'Communist Federation', which I had spent in by my last 10 years and hence the dissolition of my guiding idea was my everyday-mind and in a natural contradiction to the 'dialectical materialism' of me and my comrades, the world of symbols opened, in which our historical contra, the Nazis had made the show.

My astrolgical aspiration since then, quite belonging to the realm of "individual way of living of a man and 'son of man' " showed the arousal by  example, of  dancing astrology 

 is lived 'pistis' is the neighbourship with my astrological teacher. so by the mundane astrology of the lost and the current world, having wanting to change for  10 years - now  duefull watching history enfolding, week on week, with a heart of an aduld child in an old  humble mind, 

Well, these a considerations from sunday concerning this current week.

50. Week 2022

 always both 
on the plate of 
conscious orientation
 in the world
and in the spirit


what that is
tell us the great Twins

Werner Heisenberg


Consideration about the space

2. 12. 1896
Konstantin s. Shukow
Master of Recognition in  space and area

"Weltinnenraum" (Rilke)
4. 12. 1875
Rainer M. Rilke

and 'inside  out'
home in  space
between the centers

Moon in Twins

7. 10. 1952
Vladimir V. Putin

a sacrificer man
of the highest order
Pluto at MC
commanding the people

in and
around him
a spirit of calmly
balancing the balance
of peace by
God's welling love
in the heart of a

Saturn Neptune Mercury 
in Libra


Family of origin: honest labouring communists who baptized their child.

It is a frequently testified  turn, that while the demise of the UdSSR the "the last not yet corrupt ones..." (Prawda end of the eighties) 'are in the KGB.

They, around Putin, aggregated in the lost nieneties the backbone of a new Russian formation, which under his leadership flourisches,  a true Social-Democratic state.

Funny, Venezuela's president is an ex-Bus-driver, Russia's Putin earned temporarily  a living for his family as taxi-driver.

That is  proletarian elite, letting fresh air into world-history.

And there are the mighty families of the corrupt West and their dutiful elites,  becoming toxic since the nineties actually commiting the economical suicide on the cisatlantic west by sanctions, fittings so conspiciously in the direction of  the 'reduction of mankind',  prosecuted  by the World Economic Forum WEF with a carrying part of the  'green' billions of political (de -) donator G. Soros and the hypocritical children of his 'Open Society'.

(The notorious Baerbock, Habeck, Scholz are
all scholarship-holders of the
of the WEF)

Ever the entirety of the creation will meet itself in opposits, ever posing the question, how? Ever we will display traits, which contradict one another, but of which each one  has it's time and necessity.

fight or union of contradictions
 in nature?

hot blind ire and boldness
on one
of the two scales 
of Mars

on the other scale
of Mars
audacity and
in the unity of heart and
cold ire

purely structural
last week:

Sun opposition Mars
heart meets ire
love meets fire
center Sun in Sagittarius
oversight of the spirit

this week
in in Sagittarius
heart and center of the
(hence us)
high above under the clear sky of
in square-resonance
with the 
of the childly god 
of the water-element
the quarter part of divine truth
in each human entirety
so insight meets serenity
heart meets thrust

50. Woche 2022

Mars in Twins
the Capricorn-spirit
(and next week also Sun)

of Saturn's
fatherly measure
of the just part for everyone
coming to origin in the spririt of
to  origin

hence the Mars of Twins has to display the spiritual 'needles' of the Capricorn-Pines and - Firs.

Capricorn precision
in word and number
by Mercury
in people and resources
by Venus

in addition to
waiver and sacrifice
with Pluto
in the years of Pluto ruling in Capricorn
2008 - 2023

 mirrored by Mars

heavenly helper  Mercury
 in Capricorn
counting and formulating
 measures and borders
with heaely Venus
and providing
 earthly power of 

The 'field-pack' of Saturn growing ever powerfull now by collaboration of:

obeying to the Capricorn-formation
next week  also
and hence the house of
ending looting
repect for tradition
and  believe

then is christmas and the myth of the low birth of the  saviour in the symbol of the Christ will  resurge every day.

this week 
Sun and the soul.- child 
next week Sun 
and the holy three kings

will guide us.

Murnau, 12. 14. 2022, UTC:  18:28.