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Jupiter ... Again Ruling the Zeitgeist by Mars in the Open Fields

19. - 28. 12. 2022

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


"...  the absurd destruction and devastation is the
reaction on the removal of consciousness out of the
 state of equilibrium.  Namely there is an equilibrium
between the psychic I and non-I, a religio, a thorough 
consideration of the present unconscious powers, 
not without danger to be  neglected. This turn has 
prepared, following the change of the state of 
conscious, yet for hundreds of years." 

C.G. JUNG, The Psychology of Transference, Col. W. 16, § 395

Here we are at the point: the current  plunge of the consciousness out of the "state of  equilibrium". the decisive  one happened proceeding from the storm of the mansion of the ousted president and the determination of a new president: the coup d'etat, in German :die 'Machergreifung', of the fascist 'Bewegung' in the spirit of the Ukrainian nationalsocialism of West-Ukraine.

First law of the new power: ban on the russian language in offficial communication.

Language is soul. The blatant low rating of the soul in the current west comes across in that nowhere  an anti-fascistic outcry was to be heared,  against this officially spreading totality of hate against the russian part of the populace in the Ukraine, enforced by butal fascist commandos, finanzed by the Olygarchs and Washington.

It followed 


 rebellion in ethnic russian
 Crimea and Donbass
'anti-terror-regime' by Kiew
.Two campaigns 
struck back by 
 Since then
 daily shelling of Donbass-cities
about killed
myriads of casulties
in 8 years
 Children growing up
in the basements

Soul always is a strict individual in universe. Likewise strictly is soul a collective entity. Soul is the  inner cosmos of time and rhythm in each creature shared with each one, of which only human beings can become conscious.

Conscious in the spiritof creation, which has its seasons.

bottom of  soul is
fourth house
in the landscape of the inner shape
turning soul-wheels
energy of the soul
at the given

The value-West keeps silent. 8  years long. The chancelor Scholz in early 2022 laughes about Putin's expression of a 'genocide' on russian body and soul in 8 years of daily shelling  the break-away republics by Washington's 'AZOV' and 'Aidar' nazis.

These purebred followings are possible in each society: organisation of brutal loosers, finanzed by interested money-powers, breeding dangerous human viruses. As it is, like it is, it is unwelcomed in the west, to speak about it. Who does is a 'conspiracy theorist'.

And Putin, i.e. Russia, is not allowed to defend it's brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, and 
hate on Russians is desired and daily nutured by the daily trance-organs and opinion-engineers in the noble west, suggesting so many accomplices at desk and smartphone a higher standart of living and reputation.

And what has all that to do with mundane astrology?

Mundane Astrology comprehends with holistic view  divine spiritual gift:  the zodiac of the time-symbols as nearest comprehensible divine equation of time and place, as it perceives the concert of the rhythmic currencies around and within us as common time-song,  intonated by each different instrument, consonating in and around us. We are universes, build by contrasts.

Each individual soul as certain 'instrument' in the collective human concert in honor of God are spinning  our cosmic  home  the Sun spinning around it's cosmic home, the Galaxy.

There are the rhythms of each single planetary cosmos, of each planets gravity, aka song, encircling it's creational star,  counterrotating in the two hemispheres circling around each  axis like any gyrating sphere.

Here from the 47,6th, like any other latitude north the entirety of the current week looks like follows:

the wild fire
 by Twins
subordinated to
together with Venus and Pluto
and since
in Capricorn
each inner center

or to say it so

the sword
the intelligence
the ressources
the reason
the balance
all in service of
the fatherly
wisdom and justice
of Capricorn
together with
the readiness for sacrifice of
in the constraint and humility
on the common measure
of Capricorn

the praise of the 'wisdom of the fathers'
is to be heard)

and this entire traveling society of 
archetypal gods
currently in and around 
our collective soul
in the conservative state of
is quasi hoiked
into the revolutionary human spirit
of Aquarius
who ownes the future:
the conservative revolution
back to the inception of a
new holy beginning
in our time

51. week 2022
Spirit mirrored in matter

All sixfold  potential 
 in Saturn's house/sign
has to be mirrored by
in Twins

This is the heavenly/earthly parallel to the current political/militarily situation in the Ukraine, where the push of Mars, occuring until early March in and out of the open space, happens between the centers, while the strategic genius of Jupiter has returned into Aries hence Jupiter ... again  rules the Zeitgeist by Mars in the open fields.

Murnau, 12. 21. 2022, UTC:17:54.


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