Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

About Common Love and KIngs-Conjunction

9. 24. - 10. 3. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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" As the soul downwards gets lost in the organic- material 
basis, so it goes upwards over into a so called spiritual form, 
which is in its essence is just as little known to us, 
like the organic basis of the instinct." 

C.G. Jumg, Coll.W. 8, 
Theoretical Reflections on the Essence of the Psychic.
§ 380

§ 381:

"It isn't quite a matter of establishing an assertion, but rather,
to draft a model, which promises a more or less useful
question. A model doesn't say, how it is, but it illustrates
a certain modus of observation.." 

Remark mundanomaniac:

I never understood different to Jung's formulation in § 381, the astrology as anything else than a 'model' since 37 years.

39 . Week

in the first of three years of Saturn 
in his zodoacal homeland
this week gives
the autumn- square 
in Libra
 with Mercury and Sun

Mercury and Sun
the gods of the street
of the market
and of heart's lust
are in the balance
of erotic openess in 
for intercourse
but Saturn tells them
to be it for everyone

check Domenica

love of flesh and soul
demanded by Saturn
to fit for anyone
what constraint and pruning is welcomed
for the better of beauty and proportion
like a femal gardener cuts


Mars' square with Uranus is fading

Mars ignites the 'heavenly waters'
the celestial  thoughts
outpoured by Uranus above 
every camp herd and town

forcing the red line of civilisation
to the demons to abide

"Israel has crossed the red line of civilized relations"


Venus in Scorpio keeping
to bestow faith

Jupiter in Scorpio
keeps chaining
faithfull couples

while Scorpio's ruler
keeps assisting Satun
in Capricorn to tell the line

of the two giants in the Sun-Family
happening on average in the interval of 199,92 years.

Each week you can look into the chart (above) beholding  the cycle betwen the 
signs and the lights

showingthe forty places placed in the zodiac
by the Kings-conjunctions
of Saturn/Jupiter
in the four elements
fire earth
air water
since 1305

the yearly 40 birthday-grades of our aeon's
collective physio/psychic elements 
by which we seem to be preformated
in our unconscious  material and spiritual 'socket'
till 2157
when a new Kings-conjunction in the element water
will take over from the current one of 1305

This is a field of experimental astrologycal apperception on which jet very few heads are beholding.
A wilderness of ignorance waiting for  tactful civilized culture.

Murnau, 9. 26. 2018 UTC: 16:59.


Mittwoch, 19. September 2018

Sun and Mercury from Reason to Beauty - Lots of Aeonic Visites

9. 19. - 28. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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According to my childlike/adult feeling since my very first steps in astrology a week
always was something holy, filled with promises and also with horrors in the distance to the good.

Likewise with astrology my hitherto unconscious religious desire for a certain unknown female body, was answered and had led me likewise to exstasy and order.

Since then I have in humility god-miracle and key.

And as gardener of the weeks, and nothing else I would like my notes to be understood, I'm telling God listening to him weekly his own wonders in the uniqueness and praise Him, containing Her,  in deepmost marvel.

38. Week

let's start with the fatherly affairs
of the weekend  and into the new week
with a  beginning and consummate square
of Mercury and Sun in Libra
with the father  beyond
Saturn in Capricorn
keeping the measure between the beginning
and the end
at the time-wall
between the non-temporal and the temporal


Sun + Mercury
another time Sun 'darkens with his 
central fire = passion
the light of reason which as Mercury
remains disregarded
in the  of radiation -circle- of  the Sun

Thereby this week they pull their common focus
from the Mercury-sign Virgo over to
the Venus-sign Libra
so to say from the realm of 3 to that of 2
fron nonpartisanship to bipartisanship
together they enter Libra on Saturday/Sunday 

hence the treasures of the Summer- halfyear habe been offered
and the pupation inwards of the year = autumn can set in


the desire for love
and for secure roots living in us 
now is alone with herself without resonances by other
members of the Sun-family
in Scorpionian waiver for all randomness
called 'freedom'
and is visiting and uniting her light
in the elementary socket of our psyche
with Uranus of the water-element 
and Moon of the air-element
(roughly: thinking of feeling
and feeling of thinking)
at 7,1° and 8,8° Scorpio


Much has been said about the squares of this Summer between Mars and Uranus since May. A new 7-years-period of Uranus the toppler by God's presence as freedom in the gift of thinking in man, toppling the works of the demons aka 'fallen angels',  cleaning the stage for a new truth, hence the dionysian spirit Uranus in man is entering the roots of community being one step further than a Aries 'wild' singularity, in Taurus we are community, securung our roots.

And Mars in Aquarius is fire, outburst,  emergence of  Aquarian = Uranian 'wings'
 Aquarius is air-element, hence ~ thoughts, while Uranus ~ thoughts are to be mirrored by Taurus' earthly builders.

Mars has wings again
united with Uranus
they crack on the demons
in the early fixed realms
in Zodiac


while they are united with the blue Mars in Aquarius
and the green Moon in Taurus


and in square with Saturn
initially Mercury 
looking into world and soul

followed by 
solo heart's way

resonating with Saturn's
polar measurement

unite with earth's Uranus' 
 thinking matter
at 3,2° Libra 
and one day later with
fire-element's Mars
the starter of the element of start
starting wild love
in the Libra-realm of Venus
in Scorpio
what a contradicting poem
to watch


and the visit of Jupiter
hunter of the oversight of meaning
still united with Naptune
 of the earth-alement
at 18,9° Scorpio

Jupiter + Neptune
the panorama of the solution

All these, our  elementary resonances with the birthday-constellations of the four Kingsconjunctions of the giants in the Sun-family, Saturn and Jupiter, are giving us our deep presorting within the current aeon between 1305 and 2157 AD.

To watch them and to learn to read them for the better of mankind is a matter for coming generations of astrologists.

 The organ to handle this facilely has yet to grow, mine included.


and for the Moon-boat of the week
carrying the soul safely all night through the beyond of unconsciousness
it are the hunting grounds of the immortal
the moon-boat is gliding yonder

till Thursday morning
when the game in Aquarius gets wings

or fins at Saturday morning and  a psychic air bladder
in Pisces

Entwurf 16. 9. 2018 UTC 14:25
Murnau 17. 9. 2018, UTC 15:28

In English: 9.19.2018, UTC: 16:19


Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

My Recommendation

I recommend to you:

Print the chart of the week
 and pin it at a 'holy  place '
in reach of your working place.

Give it a chance to be with you.

Murnau, 9. 13. 2018, UTC 20:02.


Mittwoch, 12. September 2018

Shortcut through Mercury's Solution and Venus' Commitment

9.10 - 19. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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… aus dem Tagebuch

Marie Luise v. Frantz, Commentary to AURORA

in C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis
Vol. 3 

§ 131
„… the alchemist is a man, seeking for the divine
secret of the unconsciousness"

Note, diary:
or whom the divine secret of the unconsciousness has found

" ... cause in this sense we are  not only seekers but also wanted." Georg Rübenack

"which he projects into matter, and in this sense
everyone is an alchemist, who cares for an
 individual immediate figuration of an adventure
of the unconsciousness."

"virtually the luminosity of the archetypes
means nothing else,  as that the later are 
not only displaying the shapes and the 
meaning of our instincts, but likewise evolve 
a kind of  "own conscious-similar intelligence",
coinciding not only with that of the I-consciousness;
hence an unconsciously  constellated  archetypus
 procures ideas, imaginings, inspirations, insights, 
anticipating knowledge about things,  which it
 actually couldn't know."
§ 157
Science is the creation of the 
pictorial signs
"the matter  obeys to the soul"

§ 138
Petrus Bonus:
 Pretiosa Margarita Novella

the opus has to happen by the addition of
the secret stone, which is not prehensile by
the senses, but only by intellect, by 
inspiration or divine revelation or by the
instruction of a more knowing one."

37. Week

Sun in the waning intensityof last weeks opposition = supplementation
Sun + Neptune
or heart of the Virgo
+ innocence of the heavenly child

now Mercury as the tempering companion
of   heart's passion 
approaches the opposition with Neptune
between   Pisces = child and Virgo = care
of whom the  innocence learns to speak

and further there are Mars and Venus
 again being constellated with Uranus
signifying intensities in the early 'fix' signs
(Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
intensities with which by
Venus in Scorpio leading images
are erected
owing Mars' early-bird's views
and being carried with Uranus
by the stranger into the herd

Notes to the aeonic substance of the week:

A week uniting the oldest and the newest aeonic time-cristals.

At last lady Moon
obeying the gravity of the earth
 as lady soul reacting internally with
matter and spirit
ruling out of the shadow 
untill Saturday morning in Libra and Scorpio
the upper realms of the soul
 = Leo - Scorpio

from Libra to Scorpio
= from love to commitment

then Saturdy Midnight Moon
from soul to spirit
 first realm of spirit
 still in time 
= Sagittarius

then Monday afternoon
second realm of spirit
time before beginning
and  beyond end 

So much for this week. All of it is in the chart. Provided  in my diary are only some remarks about the current runners in the landscape of the aeonic shapes of the unconscious elements in which the gods run, done by negligence of the slow mooving gods, exept by Neptune and Uranus, shaping solution and toppling with invisble innocence and genius this week.

Murnau, 9. 12. 2018, UTC 16:33.


Mittwoch, 5. September 2018

Sun Opposition Neptune = Innocence of Heart and Spirit of Balance in Towns and Cities

9. 3. - 12.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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The inferior function for her connection
with the timelessness will never say yes to
the world of the moment,  i.e. the time, as
it  will just cling with the timelessness.
The separation is a real and conscious 
sacrifice of the so dangerous  rearward 

C. G.Jung, Letters,  7. 6. 1932

The  beholded in analysis  essentally has to be 
found again in life; because with the entrance
 into life it seemingly gets lost. 
Also it must get lost otherwise the symbol 
would be  hold before the  events.

C.G.Jung, Briefe , 27. 6. 1932

For the 'beholded' by the astrological view (pre and past) nothing else takes effect than for it being beholded in analysis. It has to get lost in life and  construction site, to be refound sometimes by the amazed consciousness. Only the self new-found carries.

36. Week

this week
once a year
this time in the middle
of the 'mutable' signs
(Twins, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
the week belogs to the opposition
or union of the opposit halves
of Sun
strong heart of the family
with Neptune
meaning of the family
divine child
innocence of heart 
in second half of the week
between the steering Virgo
and the 'child' Neptune
is letting and and allowing to happen 
together one week each year
 in 14  of 164 years


the second rare constellation
or mix of resonances
of archetypal intensities

oscillating still
between Mars = the first
and Uranus =  the stranger

the rising red morning-light
complementary with
spirit of  creation

now to the end of the week waxing
Goddess of balance between
Taurus and Libra 
gravity and lavity
kicking into
hence emerging is a
Mars + Venus + Uranus
spirit of creation
gravity and levity in balance

heaven calls for
to be
in service of thee archetypal milieus
this week

these waves belong to everyone on the northern hemisphere
unconsciously and yet rarely  consciously

personly touched by these intensities are:

the early 'fix' ones (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquariua) by Mars, Venus

the late 'fix':  by Mercury

the early 'mutable' signs (Twins, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) by Mercury at last

the middle 'mutables' by Sun + Neptune

Whoever uses to 'breath' the divine archetypal times, he and she is allowed to behold these oppositions, squares and conjunctions with concern and readyness while following how the mixture complies and when personal resonance might be involved.

The others, stll indebted towards the divine call into one's self  by God in the unique human person bearing  the constellated intensity like chicken without conscious spirit on the demonic floors of man according to input and convention

remaining is to accompany Mercury
leaving Thursday
the talk of heart
entering the talk of addaption to condition

and on Saturday Mercury unites with
heavenly father + son
in Kings-conjunction im earth-element 
at 5,1° Virgo
and with
 Neptune of the  fire -elements
at 6,8° 

Saturn + Jupiter + Mercury
father+son+the mirror-god of the word

These elementary resonances on the level of the elements are a consciousness-task for the coming generations, like certainly astrology anyway, building the bridge from physics of the Sun-family to the Tao of her family
the timewheel being interlocked
with heaven

The zodiac and its quadrants

finally Venus starts Sunday her time in Scorpio in the union with the highest instances of the water-element: Saturn + Jupiter, elementary father and and son of feeling ~water at 0.8° Scorpio.


Moon finally
light of the inner view
starts the week in Twins and ends it
at Virgo
both milieus of time
of his and her lordship 
of the small accurate chequers
as Twins looking into the details of the world
and as Virgo lookinjg into the details of the soul

.and between both
Moon rises from the roots of soul in Cancer
to the flame of the soul in Leo

taken care for since Saturday noon
by Virgo till Monday afternoon

when Libra opens the dual form within
Murnau:  9. 5. 2018, UTC: 16:06.