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Shortcut through Mercury's Solution and Venus' Commitment

9.10 - 19. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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… aus dem Tagebuch

Marie Luise v. Frantz, Commentary to AURORA

in C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis
Vol. 3 

§ 131
„… the alchemist is a man, seeking for the divine
secret of the unconsciousness"

Note, diary:
or whom the divine secret of the unconsciousness has found

" ... cause in this sense we are  not only seekers but also wanted." Georg Rübenack

"which he projects into matter, and in this sense
everyone is an alchemist, who cares for an
 individual immediate figuration of an adventure
of the unconsciousness."

"virtually the luminosity of the archetypes
means nothing else,  as that the later are 
not only displaying the shapes and the 
meaning of our instincts, but likewise evolve 
a kind of  "own conscious-similar intelligence",
coinciding not only with that of the I-consciousness;
hence an unconsciously  constellated  archetypus
 procures ideas, imaginings, inspirations, insights, 
anticipating knowledge about things,  which it
 actually couldn't know."
§ 157
Science is the creation of the 
pictorial signs
"the matter  obeys to the soul"

§ 138
Petrus Bonus:
 Pretiosa Margarita Novella

the opus has to happen by the addition of
the secret stone, which is not prehensile by
the senses, but only by intellect, by 
inspiration or divine revelation or by the
instruction of a more knowing one."

37. Week

Sun in the waning intensityof last weeks opposition = supplementation
Sun + Neptune
or heart of the Virgo
+ innocence of the heavenly child

now Mercury as the tempering companion
of   heart's passion 
approaches the opposition with Neptune
between   Pisces = child and Virgo = care
of whom the  innocence learns to speak

and further there are Mars and Venus
 again being constellated with Uranus
signifying intensities in the early 'fix' signs
(Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
intensities with which by
Venus in Scorpio leading images
are erected
owing Mars' early-bird's views
and being carried with Uranus
by the stranger into the herd

Notes to the aeonic substance of the week:

A week uniting the oldest and the newest aeonic time-cristals.

At last lady Moon
obeying the gravity of the earth
 as lady soul reacting internally with
matter and spirit
ruling out of the shadow 
untill Saturday morning in Libra and Scorpio
the upper realms of the soul
 = Leo - Scorpio

from Libra to Scorpio
= from love to commitment

then Saturdy Midnight Moon
from soul to spirit
 first realm of spirit
 still in time 
= Sagittarius

then Monday afternoon
second realm of spirit
time before beginning
and  beyond end 

So much for this week. All of it is in the chart. Provided  in my diary are only some remarks about the current runners in the landscape of the aeonic shapes of the unconscious elements in which the gods run, done by negligence of the slow mooving gods, exept by Neptune and Uranus, shaping solution and toppling with invisble innocence and genius this week.

Murnau, 9. 12. 2018, UTC 16:33.


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