Mittwoch, 27. September 2023

Origin of the Heavenly Flok - Dissolution of Purpose


9. 25. - 10. 4. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


" There are also oases in our deserts where
the wilderness is blooming. Isaiah recognized this in 
a similar way Turning time. These are the gardens to 
which the Leviathan does not has access. Around which 
he wanders with Ingrimm. First there is death. Today, as 
then, there are people who do not want to die fear, 
infinitely superior even to the greatest temporal Power. 
It is based on the fact that fear  constantly  must be 

Ernst Jünger, On the Line, 1950, p. 282

There is the explosive force of spirit for consciousness: we do not know God materially. But this says nothing about the Spirit, the Spirit that calls out: "Let it be ".

But spirit has no limits
like eternal meaning
ascending to heaven
like water and crystal
to fall back in time
as a blessing

six days
all of life
gouged out in the
the judgment of Creation
in six houses
baked in the oven

39. week 2023

Week 39

Mars and the Sun
ire and creation
in the Northern Hemisphere
on the scales

Putin and Hitler
extreme variants
order of
President King
Father Leader
for better or for worse

Nietzsche: "Ecce Homo"
for Putin
" Caesar with the soul of Christ"


now three weeks
Sun and Mars
together in 
where the spirit
calls utility
to meet
with the beautiful
indicating  balance with


and another week
in Leo
ahead again
rulingthe flok
in Leo's 
sovereign condition
in union with
the toppler
in Taurus
the heavenly strategist

in the herd world
the origin
 mirroring heaven 
the call of the Creator

in and around Africa this year
the children of creation
lived by adults
giving birth
to the permanent
in  bold spirit
reflecting the old ones
of the continent

according to which 
the Westerners
unknowingly evil

such witnessed by
the Germans 1933 - 1945
 what the children 
by the current cynical
rebirth of the evil
'Good Person'
of the western 'garden'

where coincidently
in the  opposite  weighing pan
of the universal spirit
of the good
in the universe
man again
as multipolar
human world
of decency and respect

there now next week
the innocent Pisces spirit
of the Divine Child
innocent soul
meeting with the
secretaries of life
handing over
the grace of 
Simplicity and
the redeeming love
which lies in the simple innocence
of the child
within us

so Mercury
at home in Twins
master of curiosity and criticism
  in Virgo
the opposition of
Neptune in
 opposing- partner of 
reason meeting confidence

fogging petty foregrounds
sinister intentions
 of conscious control
in the simplest way
dissolution of purpose

because the product of
the union of
purpose and solution

is the Mercurian secret 
of the union with Pisces
making happen
what's necessary for
liberation of the Virgo
off purpose
and fear
and vice versa

Murnau, 9. 27. 2023, UTC: 14:26.


Mittwoch, 20. September 2023

The "Archetypal Mind" Working in the Collective Unconscious

9. 18- 27. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


" ..., clearly shows that instead of the reasoning,
which would have been applied by the consciousness, 
the archetypal mind independently performs the task
having taken over the prediction, which means that
the archetypes own initiative and own specific energy,
 that will not only empower  to give meaningful
 interpretations (in their own way), but also in a given
situation to intervene with their own impulses and 
thought forms." 

C.G. JUNG, Col. W. XVIII/1, § 546 

the "archetypal mind"

and it is the civilizations of Mesopotamia, the Egyptian Nile floodplain and the Greek coasts that would have been lost to us if the Muslim astrologers of Baghdad had not studied and copied the teachings of the old worldin their Khalif-sponsored 'bait al hicma'. 

 without Bagdad around the nineth century the Latins in the Spain of the reconquista in turn, wouldn't have had anything  to write off. And the cloud-hazy north wouldn't have had any idea about the clear sky of the archetypes which physicists call planets and metaphysicians call gods.

And it is the 'natural writing' of the archetypes that astrologers study - separately necessary - for the north and south hemispheres of the Earth. And the astrology of each planet discerns such a heavenly weather at two 180° different times of the time by analogy with two sexes. So the question is clear: which gender is the Northern Hemisphere and which is the Southern hemisphere? What is the southern time in it's own right zodiac?

Furthermore, here in the north, since Gorbachev, we have been experiencing the march of spiritual "archetypal energy" through the spirit 

- Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, on 11.9. 1989, a ridiculously rare constellation takes place in Capricorn = at the state level, while as the first spirit', spiritual fire by Jupiter, moving through Cancer = feeling, = the people, traveling on 11. 9. in exact opposition to the dissolution of state Saturn/Neptune = the bankruptcy of the state lie.

 Now, 2023  - in the Northern Hemisphere - we have Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces - essentially a similar situation where the truth can prosper, and the lie,  inflated, like always,  implodes.

9. 11. 1989
Northern Hemisphere
the day  
opening the floodgates

Anyone who consciously travels the signs of the zodiac in annual steps,  does it e.g. like Uranus, in seven-year steps, like Neptune in 14-year steps. He therefore also knows that Neptune, with his purifying triumph since 2012, still has time until April 2025, from then on, most recently in 1862, he turns back to Aries for 14 years.

And who opens and closes the border between soul and spirit from the soul, Pluto of Scorpio .

He travels an ellipse around  Sun in 248 years and his entry from Pisces into Aries was parallel to the "Operation Barbarossa"  which went wrong, what obviously has not been enough for the west of the North yet.

Kingsconjuntion earth-element, Northern Hemisphere

21st Septar, 1942 - 1949

Now, between 2019 and 2026, we are in a contiguous 'chapter' of the constant destiny: both in the Septar- world of long waves as in the current archetypal 'radix world' and here in the sign of haves and limits, Taurus, the archetype of Uranus again overthrows in the real world, as in 'Gorbi's time, as far as it excludes the sky. There is, of course, the Orthodox iceberg on the long waves of fate which the arrogant Western world thought, it could rush through.

It is again the time when the new world comes to its origin = Aquarius, = always as  bud - before the fruit- in time: the advent  of the archetypal, eternal, humble, collective Father - Saturn - in us God's paternal 'judge.' 

And so are standing opposite to each other on the balance beam: Mr Biden and Mr Putin. like in ancient times, the dragon Babylon and the child of the Virgin in the desert. Revelation 12.

Real archetypes ,  human civilization has known for an incomparably long time in the hot countries of the clear nights,  have been recorded from 5, 000 years ago. These records in 'royal books' were the basis of Persian/Arabic astrology, which has discovered and described the art of rhythmic astrology of the elements.

It is the zodiac of the 12 heavenly/earthly months, which revolves incessantly around the 12 double hours of the day, called houses.

Each horoscope is a complete reflection of the rhythms of all the planetary siblings around us and around Father/(mother) Sun, with Earth and Moon circling Sun as a team, which is interesting in terms of Sun as an reflecting amplifier / in the planetary 'broadcasts'.

So for the Earth the rhythmic solar parable of all planetary sublunar times.

Consequently, it is necessary to ask what significance the Sun has for the practical life of the soul. Sun is Leo, sovereign lust, warmth, heat, love in short - the physical feast of the soul. And in the following sign, Virgo, the female mind asks about the costs of the feast, not averse to paying them, as long as it 'pays off'.

In the collective horoscope of the Northern Hemisphere, in which the most recent Kingsconjunction earth -element has been valid since 1802, Venus stands at 26.1° Leo for ~800 years. Now Venus, as a Taurus- power, is also the goddess of supply by saving, she owns a lot as a result. But Leo is thesquare to Taurus, the expenditure the expressionism of power and means. At 26.1° Leo - Venus is close to the  final issue of the end  in overexpenditure.



To this Venus of the earth- element at 26,1° Leo the current Venus of our week is aproaching. So much in advance of the climax next week.

But the Sun, in whose realm Venus walks, is him/herself beyond the emotional wave and now asks 'in the secretariat' of  Virgo about the costs and what else might be possible.

This week, the Sun in Virgo learns from the 'account' of the opposite side,  necessary for balance, Pisces, that Neptune is about the dissolution of the present, which 'brings up' the meaning of the coming time from the archetypal depths of unconscious goodness in the cosmos, or the Spirit of God, or quite simply from the healing bankruptcy of the 'virus'.

All this now is blessed by Jupiter this/next year, from May to May. By Jupiter, as the spiritual fire of foresight, stepping alongside of the air spirit of Uranus - divine / human thoughts - in Taurus on the ground of real neighborhoods - this makes last weeks Korean-Russian friendship visit a highlight of the realized Venus / Jupiter symbol with the cosmic 'thrust' of constellating archetypes.

This is the open secret: the constellations are like the wind on the world's oceans - will they, as the sailor does, be treated with attention and respect, they donate almost all the time.

By the weekend, the time of the Sun in the 'Secretariat', Virgo, is exhausted and the air realm of the encounter with the beautiful, Libra, receives pleasure and initiative with the Sun in the aesthetic dimensions of balance and complement in  encounter.

Murnau, 9. 20. 2023, UTC: 17:23 and 19:00.



Mittwoch, 13. September 2023

Jupiter in Taurus - the Son Ruling the Herd

" For wonderfully God has made the firmament
therefore we will have to give great account / 
that we don't pulle from the stars at us / and 
everyone shall recognize that he is born into /
 the same so to miss the natural as well
as the eternal.

Paracelsus (1493/4. 1541)
Astronomia magna

"on the problem of religious experience there is
a positive response only if the person is willing
 to accept the requirement of rigorous self-
examination and to fulfill self-knowledge. Does 
he lead this project that is within the reach of his
 will, by doing so, he can not only make a significant
Discover the truth about yourself, but about in 
addition, he has gained another psychological 
advantage: he has succeeded in making himself
 a serious Attention and a sympathetic interest
to be appreciated. In this way, he has to some 
extent in front of himself signed a declaration 
of human dignity and at least a first step towards
the basis of his consciousness, to the unconscious, 
the first tangible source of religious experience.
This is by no means to say that what is known as 
the unconscious is called, so to speak, identical with
 God or God's place is set. It is the medium from
 which for us, the religious experience seems to spring.
 What  is the more remote cause of such experience - the 
answer is beyond human knowledge - possibility. The 
knowledge of God is a transcendental Problem."

C.G.JUNG, Present and Future, Coll. W. 10, § 565

is God
am I a creature of his

is there his meaning

am I part of it


 a universe

in it
and around it

in infinite neighborhoods



with one's planetary children

and we

each of is

one of them


we are

in a turning Uranus 
in Taurus
every confined 
of our solar

and will remain in these 
current 7 years
till 2026

and we are sailing through the year in the enlightement of all Taurus- Things  by Jupiter. From
Mai '23 till May '24. Then Jupiter in Twins. Its the fatherly spirit - which is triggered to appear
in the generation of the Sons. King self, fatherly  spirit, is invisible. Jupiter, the reconsiliationg 
'linker', is  challenging in great assemblies by adherence to true invisible comunism.

This is the resonance between Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo, ouliving the existence
of the well-eqipped ruling soul, fatherly guided by a far-sighting Son of the  great mother
Earth in her seven years of 'Earth-revolution' just: 

Jupiter in Taurus,
the son
 ruling the herd

it is the astrology of the Earth

created by God 

at every moment of his


whose Earth has been here since the beginning

a 'cosmic' given


of God's mirror



from the Northern Hemisphere


Week 37, 2023

Mars is already in 

is obviously
to those people
around mother

an Earth- place of the physical-symbolic factuity

- Fire of the Earth -

= extinct volcano

Nizhny Tagil

C.G.JUNG, Red Book

to set up
a huge forge

those with many other things there


deadly weapon T 34

considering this fiery fact as the first, it makes sense, where Mars , as the lord of Aries, is the fast, sharp and hot one , above all other siblings. Now he helps Venus, to force the balance, Libra, on the world,
quite in Jupiter's vividness of the fact that the enforcement must always go beyond the middle.

Great time, because the fiery shot of spirit by the elements, Sagittarius, by Jupiter in Taurus, granting  Venus in Leodeep insight into the changeability in the essence of boundaries: insight into  being of temporality, rhythmically ordered by the zodiac, according to the cycles of existence.

Strength and power

Venus and Leo

in the original jump



Spirit of the wise Fathers





in resonance with Venus

Father's Reconciler

as a comprehensive spirit


in the form of a young force of

ancient peoples

of this earth

also it is a week of small work

where Sun and

Mercury are about revision


codification of our

psychic protocol

working through

prudent heart

 in preparation

of the compromise

with the


in preparation for the

Wedding = 'Opposition'



the divine Child

in Pisces

which is to be fed

and that's the crazy thing, the zodiac in its order makes the tangible, Venus, Mars, seem just as tangible as the intangible of feelings (Scorpio) and thoughts (Uranus)

and how now?

in 6 mirrors?

Saturn- the Father is in Pisces

'in the child'

and should it be

every almost 30 years


shall be

only there in the world

the Permanent

where the child is in  power



"Putin, child"
about 60,000,000 results
on google

"Biden, child"
about 350.000
on google

Murnau: 9. 13. 2023, UTC: 14:38.

Mittwoch, 6. September 2023

Square - Upper Union or Lower Division

9. 4. - 13. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


" the insurmountable inclination, (..,) who are in our
understand the inevitable gaps by
fill in the projections ...

C.G.JUNG, The Type Problem in the Interpretation of Dreams
Coll. W. XVIII,/1, §506


15.21 ,,, for they do not know the One who sent me.

16.2 They will cast a spell over you. But it's coming
the time that whoever kills you will think he is doing God
a service to it.

16.3. And they will do this to you because they do not
my father still recognize me.

As far as our understanding is concerned: how to escape the projections? How to escape from hatred for their neighbor? How to escape from 'splitting and dominating'?

There is a way of reflection, for example: look in the mirror, afterwards. Once again, consider one's own anger from  distance .

This path is narrow, leading beyond  emotion to the heights of  spirit, where one is lonely, unique in time and space.

 From the top of Capricorn, further up to  Aquarius everything is God in the making.

Uranus is always the unexpected

no one expects the intervention 

of God's






mirroring neurons

signifying the King's

place of a

coming  human father


in a coming time

Uranus anouncing Saturn

In these seven years, while the Spirit- Uranus - 

is in Taurus = the herd

 2019 - 2026

  fatherly transformation taking place 

in the youth being indicated by


and Ibrahim Traore.

Uranus in Taurus were last the seven years of 1935 - 42, where the children of the Weimar years were forged into the Wehrmacht in the Hitler Youth, and the Chinese Revolution

manifestating on their 

long march

 love and respect

to the rural people

In the age of  Internet

  it's easy  now

 for mind to reach  spirit

 but crucial is 

and remains the


being and remaining


way of warming

 mind, and  reason

auxiliary functions

for   heart 

mirroring   the waiverer


by one's productive play


spiritual fire

and on the part of the soul 


in common vibration

Wolfgang Pauli to JUNG

What seems satisfactory to mee is, that the ordering factor,
 "consisting in meaning" which contains time a (chronos) as a
 special case, as the masculine principle, standing in contrast 
to thefeminine indestructible one (causality in the narrowest 
sense energy, collective psyche)  as also seems to be the cae in 

Paul-Jung Letters, Letter nr, 37.

In general, in the herd's entirety, and in the singularity of the individual being: square, opposition is fight and connection for a higher union or a a lower division.

Currently we are living in a bi-weekly of unreason' (also known as 'burnt Mercury'), which comes from the fact that Mercury, the adviser and the Sun, the Sovereign, 'one heart and one soul' are in close conjunction - which is not good: Mercury is supposed to protect the Sun by his critique from the side of the facts, and not, like in the USA, where the typical 'oriental' advisers only convey to him what he wants to hear.

Venus is in Leo

 whose Sun is temporary devoid of the critical Mercury.

But Venus in Leo receiving and responding with Jupiter

in the square of spiritual wisdom

and enthusiastic sovereignty 

is actually

moving the heart of African people

These are the 'dynamic aspects' of the coming week.

Otherwise, everything will continue as it has been since last week. Mars continues to advance the balance in the service of Venus,  hosting Uranus' liberation in Taurus byunexpected revolutionary youthful zeitgeist, which being supported by Jupiter's mature insight by Africa's thinking elders.

These are the ones who challenge the opponent on the heavenly/earthly scales.

Murnau, 9. 5. 2023, UTC:16;49. UTC: 14:49 and 15:00.


Mittwoch, 30. August 2023

The Zodiac Teaching: Non-temporality of Heat, Being Always in the Universe like Numbers

" what kind of delusion is deluding you? Because in
 you and not from you, all this what you are looking
 for outside of you and not inside of you. Such is the 
habit of being the vice of the common, that he despises 
everything of his own, always greedy for 
thr strange... because there is a dim glow in us a life 
that is a light of man, as it were in the darkness 
that does not come from us and yet it is to be 
sought in us, but not from us but from the one 
who also rests in us to take his apartment ... 
He planted this light  in us that in the light of Him who
dwells in unapproachable light, we would see the light.
Thus, we are truly made similar to him, that
he has given us a spark of His light.
So the truth is not in us, but in the image
of God that is in us."

Philosophia Meditativa

and when we encounter the (imageless) heat of God in us with the physical part of our  soul, it is consuming,  by consuming 'everything  before' and donating : infinite radiating warmth in the heart.

Thus, in His image, in the spark of His light in our heart, being found and touched by Him, we can be Suns. Suns are warming.

Children are Suns as long as their light has not been blown out yet. Life then is like a candle that can't burn for its unique self in univers, according to be burn within burning masses in the lightshows 

the ruling  mafia


without space

 of one (!)'s own 

singular fire

still burning in the roots

of a winter's



innocent at heart

below the crusts of


This is the essence of these 10 days:

  Sun opposition with Saturn

the heat belt and

 the cold pole

 to be united

 in the happenings

of two weeks

I see the

resting pole around which the laws revolve, with their rulers, approximately according to the 82nd of the Psalms

The 82nd Psalm

1. A psalm of Asaphs.

God is in the Church of God

he is the judge of the gods.

2. How long will you judge wrong

and prefer the person of the wicked?

3. Give justice to the poor and

help the orphan and help the wretched

and the poor  to their right.

4. Save the lowly and the poor

and deliver him from the wicked


5. But they can not be told and

don't pay attention; they always go there in

Therefore, all the foundations must be

the country is shaking.

6. I think I said: You are gods

and especially children of the Highest;

7. But you will die like people

and perish like a tyrant.

8. God, get up and judge 

The earth, for you are the Lord of

all pagans.

certainly any conscious young person in Africa understands this Song immediately,

one,  to be sung by the 

humans of the Jungle

The zodiac teaching 

 non-temporality of heat

 being always in the universe

according to its quarter share

 of the four elements

in all appearances

consuming Mars

warming- Sun

enlightening- Jupiter


of three

of the twelve

Different worlds

and fours


in the order of the Father

Week 34


Saturn and the Sun

order and warmth

"This is what Tolstoy called a "latent warmth
of patriotism" among Russian Army personnel"

in complement of contrasts


from last week to this one


in the virgin state of

awareness of circumstances

and conditions

called Virgo

while in the 35. Week Merkuria

wandering backwards through time

for six weeks


our mistakes

while  Venus'


our resources

from the point of view of


 uniting with


- sovereign power -

in union

of wit and insight

Uranus and Jupiter

in the army of Venus

organizing the


of the triumphant



in which's sign

randomly is born

one of the great gentle world shakers

shaping the fortunes 

of everyman

on the planet

being  born as father

in  the hour of sacrifice

of the ego

7. 10. 1952, Leningrad

Vladimir V. Putin

Transit 15. 8. 2023

(International Security Conference)


while now

 Mars  the ire





in the enforcement of 

true Balance

New today:

Gabun:  next Army takeover

kicking the 

puppets and cheaters off the balance

of the states

Murnau, 8 30. 2023, UTC: 13:49 and 14:31.