Montag, 31. August 2015

Invisible Power-Place at the Prize of Dared

8. 31. - 9. 7. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Sun - Neptune
the gods
something like the idea of the entirety
in us

they have it easy
each has its measure

we by contrast
knowledge forgotten
grasping blindly
in fate

my chronicle follows or tries
to follow
the gods playing the game of the 12
to the joy of God
in the depth of creation

like in a succeeded
holy therefore
human child
this week now begins with the
and now with Neptune 
the holy beginning of meaning
in also holy Mars in the wilderness of light

that tackles
Jupiter in the Virgo-truth
the zodiac
greets Sun further in Virgo
in 3°-resonance Jupiter still today
in the mutual Pisces-Virgo-motiv
light on earth and shadow under the sky
cause Virgo of earth
knows them
the shady moments
the consummated half measure
of every shadow
while in the house of my beloved
where I may be lion
 the struggle of love between city and wilderness clamors
further in the conjunction of Mars and Venus
in the depths of the half measures
another motiv - even a stage-ready one
Mercury in Libra
carrying the subtleties and trifles

in holy levity
of Libra which the air-element
lets to admeasure the key
to the shape of the whole half
dual-shape in the egg-shape
or to bird

as such Mercury like to be  around here
in the world of nymphs and bucks
and now heavenly resonance-change with his kind
in the world of edges
the Hebraic turn

the Likud necessesarily is in only for one
an that is to have only via Washington
everywhere it's about the turn-around
the good Jews the bad Jews and the third (3!)
under the heaven
it's yet not so hard really
the normal -
ask the animals

solely the insects ... are you kidding?
what shall Pluto mean for us humans on half spheres?
what for us northerns
even the chronicler has to ask himself, what?
to this chroniclers mind comes Novorossia
inhabited by the graves of the fathers
in the mind of sons
where man finds shape
in the readiness for sacrifice
for neighbourhood
what Scorpio is ready to provide for Mercury also this year
sacrifice and assignment in house 10
Capricorns zodiacal place for the prize of dared
power at the world front of lie

and , God, yes
in the daily week-jump
this time from the depths
over the world into the home
with Moon from Pisces over
the four elements
home in the
lap of water next Moon-day

and Saturn and Uranus may rest another bit, tells the direction

Pluto by contrast
- like just this moment firstly in conclusive consideration -
has manifest becoming commitment 
all coming two weeks.

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Montag, 24. August 2015

Win - Win in Virgo

8. 24. - 31. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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If the chronicler carries didactic hopes in his chronic, so he isn't allowed, to - literally - speak to the point, he only may say things, which are right beside it, or for my part encircle the point, but to hit the point ... no - because in such way the learner is invited to do the last step him- or herself, by doing to reach the point  by oneself.

So the hindrance becomes to a tool at the mountains of time.

And the northern hemisphere  carries on it's voyage of  this summer through the year under the Virgo-Sun .
Sun in Virgo ads the soberness of Mercury to the central squander of the feeling heart.
 It is the Sun-like sovereignty of Virgo about the costs of life anytime which allows her to present to Libra-Venus the eternal sister-present: to mirror each other at the descendant of the zodiac.
And just this week it is allowed to Mercury, to travel this place in the zodiac, where the 1 unites with another 1 to a 2.
Venus delighted, Mercury caring to a common win -win.

Sun this week in the squander of reason in the light of the wishes to live communicates a lot of resonances:

to Saturn/(blue Uranus) waning square
to Neptune increasing opposition
meaning to paradoxes
life and sacrifice
as well as life and dedication

And aside from the human clumsinesses the gods let us realize how paradoxes are handled by spirit.
And the horoscope shows, which gods with which and when.

Therefore we go on with Sun:

The next in the line for Sun-visit is Jupiter this week in the early grades of Virgo. Jupiter and Sun unitedin conjunction = the hot life and the lofty son - in Virgo = will and dispensation, conciliation of the hearts.
On the heart-level: the week of conciliation in this year.
 Underlaying to that is, what happens in Leo, what is claimed:  attempt to conjunction of Mars and Venus
at the outset of next week - claimed are attack and defense as well as attack and falling in love - altogether - the classical conjunction ...

the classical thereafter:
Botticelli, Mars and Venus

which, by Sun in Virgo, has the chance to get off lightly in the meaning of the 3 =  (Mercury), within the meaning of: each party wins.

But that is not enough, all these have been resonance-paradoxes on the level of the actual week.
There is also the fact of those visits, Sun will be paying to our aeon according to the Kings-conjunctions in the four elements:

- there is for one the part of the earth-element: the olive-colored Saturn/Jupiter-conjunction of 1802, waiting at 5,1° Virgo for the annual visit of the light therewith the borders of the solid element be cause for the meditation of the firm in it's paradoxes.

- and the "red" Neptune of the fire-element at 8,6° in Virgo as well as it's paradox counter light of the
olive-coloured Pluto at 6,8° Pisces.
So far Sun, and Mercury pays his visit here: olive-coloured Uranus of the earth-element, constituting together with the "red" fire-Mars at 4,1° Libra the "Grandola-Constellation".
So: from Leo until Scorpio drama, a soul-week again, while all is quiet in the other signs.
And there over glides - visible at night Moon - and talks into the dreams  of gods and men ...

Today at the beginning of the week till Tuesday noon Moon still travels under the understanding Sagittarius
then till Thursday noon under the severe Saturn, who keeps the borders in terms of: "of nothing too much"
But then till Saturday noon everything stands on it's head or hangs from a tree and speaks in our dreams strange when Moon travels under the Aquarius
follows the journey of Moon under the Pisces which are dwelling in our dreams in the depths and down there have the knowledge of beginning and end with which every child is borne.
And the younger sister of Astrology, Psychology, about dreams, gods, archetypes, times and signs:
"The archetype is neither god nor bad. It is a morally indifferent numen, which only by the collision with the consciousness becomes to the one or the other or the contradictional twoness. This decision to the good or the evil is deliberately or unwittingly brought about by the human adjustment. There are a lot of such prefigurations, but all of them abstain to appear in the dreams of the individuals and in the works of art, unless they are agitated by the deviation of the consciousness from the median way. But if the consciousness goes astray into a one sided and therefore wrong attitude, so these "instincts" are enlivened and  they send their images into the dreams of the individuals and the visions of the artists and seers, to thereby restore the mental balance."
C.G.Jung, Psychologie und Dichtung, CW. 15, P. 119. 

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Montag, 17. August 2015

Burning God and King's Father in Duet

8. 17. - 24. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305

17. 8. 2015

I just thought about this "Woodstock" then on the meadow of farmer Max Yasgur, mother of all "Open Airs" ...
today third day - before 46 years - actuality remaining uncopyable: Jimi Hendrix plays on this third day one year before his own death the death-symphony of the "Star Spangled Banner"
And after all I thought : third day of this "assembly under free sky" there you have since Tunis, Egypt and Libya in your eyes the Uranus in Aries meaning men in the wilderness, still without bricks and walls, man god under free sky appearing as aretḗ under humans.
In Aries - in the wilderness not yet in the park of civilisation. Park is Taurus behind town walls ... and contracts.
And that is the background  in my astrologer-brain, that when "Woodstock" is brought so near to me like tonight on ARTE (TV-Station), that then the thought-frame grooves around me - the zodiac - which allows to me to have orientation every time since 34 years - allowing the question: "Woodstock" that
freak - event, mythical commencement for all following "outdoors" - "Woodstock" an beginner must be to find in the fire-element.
And, haven't I leaned myself out of the window the last years with: "Fire" is always the beginning - beginning is allays "fire"?
So, and? What does "fire" tell to "Woodstock"?

I yet didn't do the seven-years chunk, called "Septar". I will add that, a short time after.
But there isn't nothing: 
The projection of the Kings-conjunction of 1603 on "Woodstock" shows:
15. 8. 1969, 17:07 EDT
Bethel NY
There it is: Projection of the Kings-conjunktion in the element fire on Ritchie Heavens' opening of the "Woodstock"-concert with "Freedom" - a stand up ahead of the 'negro'
There it is, Mars, fire-Mars lord of the red Aries, beginning of the beginning - this is only th have under the free sky ...
Beginning = Mars of what? Answer: Jupiter, son of the father. Beginning of? Reconciliation says Jupiter of all elements, segments of the place, circle, realm. 400.000 young Americans in the lap of self creation.

At the same time: traffic-infarct in NY.

there it is the conciliation of ecstasy and enthusiastic meekness
under free sky by enjoyment of one another by appreciation of one another
and prudence with one another

all these things now rest under thick layers of lies
deposited in the after by the publicness-industry
which tries to create the mythic label
every day

only the heaven
it's lights and signs
stays untouched

and so the world- mad chronicler of the heavens turns to the following week again and refers to his unknown god of the mirrorings of the constellations of heaven on the earth.

This week there is about Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune nothing new to refer.
So we can dedicate our self wholly to the square, constellating Sun with Saturn this week.

Sun in Leo
square Saturn in Scorpio
the strength in the center of the being
shares the resonance with Saturn
the wisdom of the entirety
which is reserved to only  the age

Strength and core on one side and determination on the other - Sun and Saturn - together the seek for for the resounding earthly symphony,which mirrors the heavenly symphony which is implemented in the soul of everyone what the awareness doesn't know about.

Good enough for one week.

"Yes, and? Says a Taurus-woman recently, "there's nothing to by for that", and lifted her glass ...

Leo and Scorpio are to stand each other like fire and water
free play and bound love together are to praise
what wants to be praised fourfold
also constellating the resonance of Aquarius and Taurus
and their contribution to the eternal symphony of the 4 elements

And at that the pure earth-instrument - earth-Venus - overspending the reserves since 1802, which she is meant to keep, at 26,1° Leo - visited by the heavenly center-forward Sun in habitual hot squander of the heart, where on earth will be found suchlike this week on Wednesday?

Saturn in Scorpio indicates to the measure of extra temporal destination in the souls of the living beings securing the generations their eternal place in the chain of the species.

And Saturn again in conjunction with the blue Uranus of the borderless nearness to God together on the station o fthose coming and going, where the genes enter and leave. Here are symmetry and asymmetry together, oak and pine are invited to do a little dance, what a horror for only-oaks and only-pines.

And around the dream-center the soul-cloud is convolving this week
already on Monday evening out of Libra in which
generally the dual for takes effect
giving love the amalgamation - motor
In air-element of Libra however the "wind blows as it will" ...

only Scorpio with the magic of the "commitment to the encounter"claims
and grants the transformation of the series of 2s in Libra into the 8 of Scorpio
that is the eternity of love-connections

so airy and thrilling since Monday evening till Thursday morning

then Moon in  Scorpio and to encounters are connected scenes of success and failure
till Saturday night is this window open

then over Sunday the dream drifts in Sagittarius over the circle of realms.

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Freitag, 14. August 2015

Twins - Blast at the Yellow See

... in the last weeks again and again it emerged within me: the current "Septar of the fire element", it really talked within me: you got to do it, I didn't know why, but likeable was the idea to me , to become lifted a bit out of my earth-prevalence ...

and now Tianjin - and I did it (see third chart below)

2015.8.12, Tianjin
23:30 (UTC 15:30)

And tenaciously the horoscope puts up resistance against our projections and talks clearly:
here is the space = Twins, where the contradiction between success and humility, or Jupiter and Saturn,
can unload: the ascendent steps into his fourfold resonance - grade: 0°-1° Twins, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and hits Jupiter at 0,3° Virgo and nearby Saturn at 28,4 Scorpio.

This is revealed by the moment of the explosion: The Twins appear in a double-explosion, which demonstrates the Mercury/Neptune-opposition case of the chaos of entire economical obliteration.

But looking at the chart, I ask myself, is a constellation of a day able to configure such a paramount happening? Here my raster-technique could help. To put it simple: I see us woven into a web of our aeon configurated by the "Kings conjunctions" of the four elements and the meanings of transitions being illuminated by the lights and planets of today
red: Transit Tianjin 8. 12. 2015

 This transit marks the third entry of the Mercury/Neptune-connection into the affair. The Saturn/Jupiter-conjunction on 8,3° Sagittarius is something like the backbone of the fire-element in the present aeon (somewhat 800 years). The precise square of the Mercury/Neptune-opposition "speaks" about the twist of the main problem of the day with the "backbone" of the fire-element.

If I overlook the elements in the zodiac: "Fire" always means - uncomprehended-  the new, the first, that what still nobody knows.

Myself as a double water element, Moon in house 1, first newest water - what does the fire want of me?
Nobody knows, but one might marvel, if the answer comes for a visit like this  to me with this port in East China. It's aeon-fate for the fire-element between 2009 and 2016 looks this way:

Kings conjunction in element fire
 59. Septar (seven-years-step of the 58th birthday of the Kings conjunction)
UTC 8:47

Twins again. Again Mercury/Neptune, as conjunction here. Tianjin belongs for this seven years  to the belt on the northern hemisphere, where the Sun of the fire-element is exactly setting. And it has to assert itself against Pluto.
 The rhythmic 7-month-pulse of this seven-years-period from 2009 - 2016 is easy to perceive at the outer orbital of the horoscope. Distinct evidence, that the lower rhythm of the appearance and the upper one of meaning are meeting in March 2015 at MC and IC. And together they play the game of dissolution and and reason. Notable: all three charts show the Mercury/Neptune - connection.

Fire-element: " the ability to commence" (Hannah Arendt)

And what is Tianjin commencing? Simply the chaos of Mercury and Neptune in the state - on earth it is always the contradictional relation of purpose and truth or of interest and mandate.
What is the mandate of man? I only know one: to concede Gods creature a place in this world.

And I also don't  know, why I have written about the arrow of Jupiter racing through the nights and days
of the soul. It entered my mind according to the arrow of Sagittarius.

Moment of the blast

 The blast, one of the strongest non-nuclear ever is to compare with that of Oppau in 1921 and with
maybe the strongest of all: occurring in the port of Halifax on 12.6.1917 (unfortunately only in German)

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Montag, 10. August 2015

Arrow racing Through Nights and Days of the Soul

8. 10. - 17. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305

Gods archetypes the self
I see them in front of God
without dept
see them remaining without any
dept to one another
 granting to each his own
 similizing in pure spirit

we humans however are similes of the soul
inhering all nature

as such a man mundanomaniac steps
self dark
click to enlarge done -
now in front of so dark a week of  glaring gods
8.10. 2015

slipping out of the Saturn - resonance
Mercury now  runs over the week  through the  nursery
of Neptune's resonance
children together with all such who grant and have no dept to each other
 own this Mercury-Week
laundry big time
for the 3

instead of Mercury and  brain
now Sun and  heart
advancing towards Saturns
resonances next week

but this week still Jupiter and initially Venus alone on resonance-watch with Saturn in the sacred squander
heart of the central Leoness Sun
 side by side with the arrow of the years of Jupiter
the circle of the 12
Suns  and Moons
days and nights of the soul 
racingly passing
allmost unhearable

while Venus rooting back and out of the resonance of
Saturn in Scorpio
back into the solitary phase of game when the daring heart
is entirely with itself
while the arrows of coincidence
leave the playground 
of unscrupulous games since summer of 2014
and turn now to the bills- and contracts- thing
being in demand of the divine 3
for a hole year from now

and in the Twins
where sport substitutes war
and the neighborhood dwells unobstructed
the sensitive shadow starting the week
illuminated by Moon this week

but already the evening enshrouds the souls homelike 
in shadows in and by the rivers
under the Moon in Cancer

since  early Thursday 
Moon shines over the shadow-games of the playing hearts
in the passions of souls
and since Saturday over the shadows in contracts and bills
for emotional overspending
till a good half day moon step into the new week

Original written and saved
 10.8.2015, UTC: 12:33

and in front of the virtual sky of the 4 elements steps the AEON which we belong to
and the resonances of the 4 elements virtual gods
speckled in four colors
where they cut the zodiac
the  fortune of the aeon which we belong to
every week
each at his and by his place
according to each  horoscope
on the sailing ship of life

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Montag, 3. August 2015

Hands on the Aeons Sky

8. 3. - 10. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  3. 8. 2015

The birth horoscope shows a moment

in the conversation of the gods

the week
a quarter - drama of the month
Suns run around the earth
hell yeah! reverse

this week
heart and it's squander
Sun at weekend

in and over Leo

in exclusive possession of every light
- bar Moons -
that moves swiftly around our star
 up to Jupiter

so with his attendance

the years week of reconciliation is in the making
under the invisible baton of Jupiter

Mercuria only is slipping out of the common squander
on Friday into her own rational turf
where the bills are coming in

and Mars

this coming out of a wilderness 
penetrating some world 
bums butts and bunts into the center
on Saturday
into the Lion's place of play and squander

 sacred like the other eleven places
in heaven and on earth
and to the gods an ardent refreshment
in dry heat 

but before Mars meets
earth - Mercury 
 with his remembrances of 213 earth-years
since his birth in the Kings Coniunction
of 1802

and  truely iconic week

to the element of earth
as earth-Venus will be visited by Mercury
a moment of truth - concerning the bills

 befitting us to
moment of meditation

in Leos squander
and earth Venus

in the memory of the gods
and in our unconsciousness 
and in the ephemerides of the astrologers
has a memory of 213 years of gaming the reserves

end of week: Mercury
really close to the earth aeons rulers
earth aeon =1802 - 2577
Saturn and Jupiter 
father and son
since 1802 at 5,1° Virgo

Yes, these elements of  dreaming gods in us
on the clock of time
whose - to us - slowest hand walks
 according to the Kingsconjunctions of 
Saturn and Jupiter in the 12 signs of the four elements in the zodiac
and through our human focus
showing characters of the elements
on the four - leafed trunk of the aeons

for the rest:

the slow spirits and planets without interfering any of the family
remain out of reflection

Saturn however maintains the fatherly counterpoint in Scorpio
to the squander in the center

 an he himself is united since July with the light of the air-Uranus 
and the nearness to God  of heaven in the thinking of
ancestors land
or "blue"Uranus in Scorpio
or the heaven of Spirit in waver
of appearance in public presence

which is what makes the aeon-strong Scorpio
so interesting for man
home of three aeonic elements

Scorpio and it's part in the recent four Kings Coniunction

in the end the obvious

fourstrokery of Moon around our dream center
till midnight today on monday
further into the depths of Pisces
whose children do not go to school
in the widths of the element
of wisdom
in whose Lethe
all unresolvednesses are dispersing
until Monday midnight

two midnights border to two day steps
Moon in wild eyed awakening
or awakening in the wilderness

but from early Thursday the collective dream center of the northern hemisphere

is drained by Taurus - dreams
 secure castle and strong herd
till Saturday noon

but then nonstop till Monday night Twins  dreams of being on the road
in the appearances of space

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