Montag, 10. August 2015

Arrow racing Through Nights and Days of the Soul

8. 10. - 17. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305

Gods archetypes the self
I see them in front of God
without dept
see them remaining without any
dept to one another
 granting to each his own
 similizing in pure spirit

we humans however are similes of the soul
inhering all nature

as such a man mundanomaniac steps
self dark
click to enlarge done -
now in front of so dark a week of  glaring gods
8.10. 2015

slipping out of the Saturn - resonance
Mercury now  runs over the week  through the  nursery
of Neptune's resonance
children together with all such who grant and have no dept to each other
 own this Mercury-Week
laundry big time
for the 3

instead of Mercury and  brain
now Sun and  heart
advancing towards Saturns
resonances next week

but this week still Jupiter and initially Venus alone on resonance-watch with Saturn in the sacred squander
heart of the central Leoness Sun
 side by side with the arrow of the years of Jupiter
the circle of the 12
Suns  and Moons
days and nights of the soul 
racingly passing
allmost unhearable

while Venus rooting back and out of the resonance of
Saturn in Scorpio
back into the solitary phase of game when the daring heart
is entirely with itself
while the arrows of coincidence
leave the playground 
of unscrupulous games since summer of 2014
and turn now to the bills- and contracts- thing
being in demand of the divine 3
for a hole year from now

and in the Twins
where sport substitutes war
and the neighborhood dwells unobstructed
the sensitive shadow starting the week
illuminated by Moon this week

but already the evening enshrouds the souls homelike 
in shadows in and by the rivers
under the Moon in Cancer

since  early Thursday 
Moon shines over the shadow-games of the playing hearts
in the passions of souls
and since Saturday over the shadows in contracts and bills
for emotional overspending
till a good half day moon step into the new week

Original written and saved
 10.8.2015, UTC: 12:33

and in front of the virtual sky of the 4 elements steps the AEON which we belong to
and the resonances of the 4 elements virtual gods
speckled in four colors
where they cut the zodiac
the  fortune of the aeon which we belong to
every week
each at his and by his place
according to each  horoscope
on the sailing ship of life

 Gepostet Murnau, 10.6.2015, UTC 12:59
In English: 8. 12. 2015, UTC 22:00.

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