Montag, 3. August 2015

Hands on the Aeons Sky

8. 3. - 10. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  3. 8. 2015

The birth horoscope shows a moment

in the conversation of the gods

the week
a quarter - drama of the month
Suns run around the earth
hell yeah! reverse

this week
heart and it's squander
Sun at weekend

in and over Leo

in exclusive possession of every light
- bar Moons -
that moves swiftly around our star
 up to Jupiter

so with his attendance

the years week of reconciliation is in the making
under the invisible baton of Jupiter

Mercuria only is slipping out of the common squander
on Friday into her own rational turf
where the bills are coming in

and Mars

this coming out of a wilderness 
penetrating some world 
bums butts and bunts into the center
on Saturday
into the Lion's place of play and squander

 sacred like the other eleven places
in heaven and on earth
and to the gods an ardent refreshment
in dry heat 

but before Mars meets
earth - Mercury 
 with his remembrances of 213 earth-years
since his birth in the Kings Coniunction
of 1802

and  truely iconic week

to the element of earth
as earth-Venus will be visited by Mercury
a moment of truth - concerning the bills

 befitting us to
moment of meditation

in Leos squander
and earth Venus

in the memory of the gods
and in our unconsciousness 
and in the ephemerides of the astrologers
has a memory of 213 years of gaming the reserves

end of week: Mercury
really close to the earth aeons rulers
earth aeon =1802 - 2577
Saturn and Jupiter 
father and son
since 1802 at 5,1° Virgo

Yes, these elements of  dreaming gods in us
on the clock of time
whose - to us - slowest hand walks
 according to the Kingsconjunctions of 
Saturn and Jupiter in the 12 signs of the four elements in the zodiac
and through our human focus
showing characters of the elements
on the four - leafed trunk of the aeons

for the rest:

the slow spirits and planets without interfering any of the family
remain out of reflection

Saturn however maintains the fatherly counterpoint in Scorpio
to the squander in the center

 an he himself is united since July with the light of the air-Uranus 
and the nearness to God  of heaven in the thinking of
ancestors land
or "blue"Uranus in Scorpio
or the heaven of Spirit in waver
of appearance in public presence

which is what makes the aeon-strong Scorpio
so interesting for man
home of three aeonic elements

Scorpio and it's part in the recent four Kings Coniunction

in the end the obvious

fourstrokery of Moon around our dream center
till midnight today on monday
further into the depths of Pisces
whose children do not go to school
in the widths of the element
of wisdom
in whose Lethe
all unresolvednesses are dispersing
until Monday midnight

two midnights border to two day steps
Moon in wild eyed awakening
or awakening in the wilderness

but from early Thursday the collective dream center of the northern hemisphere

is drained by Taurus - dreams
 secure castle and strong herd
till Saturday noon

but then nonstop till Monday night Twins  dreams of being on the road
in the appearances of space

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