Montag, 31. August 2015

Invisible Power-Place at the Prize of Dared

8. 31. - 9. 7. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Sun - Neptune
the gods
something like the idea of the entirety
in us

they have it easy
each has its measure

we by contrast
knowledge forgotten
grasping blindly
in fate

my chronicle follows or tries
to follow
the gods playing the game of the 12
to the joy of God
in the depth of creation

like in a succeeded
holy therefore
human child
this week now begins with the
and now with Neptune 
the holy beginning of meaning
in also holy Mars in the wilderness of light

that tackles
Jupiter in the Virgo-truth
the zodiac
greets Sun further in Virgo
in 3°-resonance Jupiter still today
in the mutual Pisces-Virgo-motiv
light on earth and shadow under the sky
cause Virgo of earth
knows them
the shady moments
the consummated half measure
of every shadow
while in the house of my beloved
where I may be lion
 the struggle of love between city and wilderness clamors
further in the conjunction of Mars and Venus
in the depths of the half measures
another motiv - even a stage-ready one
Mercury in Libra
carrying the subtleties and trifles

in holy levity
of Libra which the air-element
lets to admeasure the key
to the shape of the whole half
dual-shape in the egg-shape
or to bird

as such Mercury like to be  around here
in the world of nymphs and bucks
and now heavenly resonance-change with his kind
in the world of edges
the Hebraic turn

the Likud necessesarily is in only for one
an that is to have only via Washington
everywhere it's about the turn-around
the good Jews the bad Jews and the third (3!)
under the heaven
it's yet not so hard really
the normal -
ask the animals

solely the insects ... are you kidding?
what shall Pluto mean for us humans on half spheres?
what for us northerns
even the chronicler has to ask himself, what?
to this chroniclers mind comes Novorossia
inhabited by the graves of the fathers
in the mind of sons
where man finds shape
in the readiness for sacrifice
for neighbourhood
what Scorpio is ready to provide for Mercury also this year
sacrifice and assignment in house 10
Capricorns zodiacal place for the prize of dared
power at the world front of lie

and , God, yes
in the daily week-jump
this time from the depths
over the world into the home
with Moon from Pisces over
the four elements
home in the
lap of water next Moon-day

and Saturn and Uranus may rest another bit, tells the direction

Pluto by contrast
- like just this moment firstly in conclusive consideration -
has manifest becoming commitment 
all coming two weeks.

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