Montag, 30. November 2015

Bloody Birth and Ancestral Offering in the Celebration on Man

11. 30. - 12. 7. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 let's start with water today
elementary water
as element in zodiac
it is the fourth
its sign is the fourth in the circle of twelve

while air is the element of height

so water that of depth


while Pisces points to the collective inwards
Cancer points to the personal inwards
protected by pudency

Cancers converter is Moon

just moving through Leo
the inward must extravert in Leo

past length light

breadth earth
height air
now the fourth

the inward of the three

so  assorts

this week
is to note as follows
like familiar

the height heaven
 mirrored by the depth
 between is the horizon of consciousness

with the cutouts of the surface
with the sensations of the senses
and the pictures of intuition

and to this mirror like every week
is assigned
one week
a quarter of the zodiac
- to speak with Moon -
or seven days with Sunand Sun calls the children of Sagittarius
into life
and those born today 
share with those born  yesterday
the ordeal on the stage of Sagittarius
Sun united with Saturn
the center united with the frame

and life here united with the light

of the spiritual non-temporal frame
of the non-temporal "P'o-soul"

and this Sun-Saturn unification occures

in resonance with Neptune's children
in the lap of the great
collective depth of the good

the echo of this unification resounds yet till

second halve of the week
but before  something happens with our aeon
the king of fire-element of 1603
 the red Saturn and his red son Jupiter
 are visited by Sun
and with Sun by our hearts unconsciously
and always when a member of the fire-family
of our aeon is visited
it's a new beginning
cause fire is the element of beginningnow Mercury
 in Sagittarius ruling over the
conciliations of Jupiter 
happening in Virgo near the center of life
this week has the chance
in resonance with his guest Jupiter
to ask him about the meaning of the third
in time

and for our common aeon also resonance is to note

before the middle of the week
Mercury visits the blue Venus of the air element
the light of the spiritual defensive walls at the heaven of the aeon
and on Sunday Mercury visits the blue Neptune of the air element

the god of space and numbers
visiting the collective god of the depth of the air element
quasi the god of depth in the height
possible to know - not necessarily to comprehend

  to Venus

at home in the cities and villages of the herd
also familiar with the parables on the stages
Venus today (Monday)
visits the blue Pluto of air element at the end of Libraan occurrence in our collective fate
Venus brings mortar and stones horns and bones
and the collective waiver-spirit of the aeon aka Pluto demands the
proxy-sacrifice for the future-generations

so this the text for stage and store room of Venus this week

while Venus till weekend keeps calling for the similes of fair partition
then beginning to deal with the security of the wardens

and on mentioned weekend Venus meets at the first grade of Scorpio

green Saturn and Jupiter of the water conjunction of 1305
father and son of the feeling depth

now the drama

where Mars there is drama
drama of birth
more or less bloody
drama of coming to surface
of things hidden in the secrets of the depth

and after the visit of ejector Mars
at the blue old King Saturn and his son Jupiter
of the air element last week
Mars now is running up to the great square-resonance
of the years 2013 - 2015

square between Pluto and Uranus

between Capricorn and Aries
between father and ire
eternal paradoxa invigorating the repertoires of the gods

irritations for us contemporaries
where state-spirit of Capricorn with loyalty to the ancestors
vaccilate in resonance
to the lonely man in nearness to God
in his bloody heroic birth
and Moon in the night outside and

over the inner rivers of shadow

moving now through revealment
of the hidden inward in the sovereign outplay of the soul
in the sign of Leo

and wandering further through the details of advantages

being joyfully comprehensible for the Virgo

changing then Friday night from me to us

and continuing the way through Libra in a bi-scale way

till on Saturday evening
there will be conception of Venus
in the animated shadow of Moon
by the old green father Saturn and his son Jupiter
of the water element of feeling
of our common aeon since 1305.

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Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

November 24th Between Latakia und Antakya

24.11.2015 UTC 7:24,
 9:24 OZ
between Latakia und Antakya

to Capricorn belongs the hour and always the border
between temporal and ever
 Saturn awaiting Mercury and Sun
for the cross

and the golden ring of the heroes in the sign of Pluto
who with their ordeal
uphold the species
in this moment comes powerful
in appearance
as the officer suffers cruxification
in presence of the gods in the sky
mirrored in the unconscious depths of the "sky" in our psyche
our fatherly border rising
between temporal and ever
rising at the morning horizon
Pluto with it
- moment of the ordeal -
over northern Syria and southern Turkey
in the moment of appearance at the border
between temporal and ever
at the eastern horizon
minutes later
and likewise in the depth of psyche
deep below horizon of consciousness
our common helmsman suffers
and that happens in the week
where brain and heart
are marching towards
Saturn  holding the harsch cross
in resonance with the child in heaven
doing it's mild   choice

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Montag, 23. November 2015

Three in One - God Keeps up with the Small Step

11. 23. 30. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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11. 23. 2015
this chronicle in words mirrors the chronicle between heaven and earth
the consciousness in the unconsciousness
is the mirrorer

it is this week
when Sun moves to Saturn
life to the cross
when Sun on Sunday moves over the 0° border
in Resonance to Neptune and Saturn
to which he  crossed the 4° distance today

Saturn and Sun united
that is united the cross and life
that is the sovereignty of the fatherly heart
and the solution of the strife of things in the spirit
of paradox beauty

what  on the level of the elements blind brawling is in space
and on the level of soul struggle of passions
(for the queen or the prince)
will only on the cooler heights
of the father 
                 the birds 
                                     and the child 
lead to the divinely peace 
in the sandpit of the children of God
with Neptune
back to the manger
under the crown

and all being said about Sun at this place
also applies for Hermes the writer of the judgements
or Mercury
also Saturn and Mercury
which unite their light on Tuesday
two gods on the stage
timeless fatherly spirit of Saturn
and the messenger
within time by Mercury's realm of nerves
for disposition in paradox beauty
for the excellence in the Virgo

so a paradox center has it's week
in this one
like not every week

Venus and with her the borders of territory
will become ready this week
  with the sacrificing in the sign of Pluto
and the outburst in the sign of Uranus

  and with the same  
Mars is not yet 
in the resonance-full breakthrough
belonging to the following two weeks
of the fair partition
of the year 2015

but this week is Saturn Neptune week
the Saturn Neptune Mercury week
and the Saturn Neptune Mercury Sun Week
three in one 
so to say
and like always heaven mirrors
the paradox solution for which Aquarius
opens and closes the doors
because heaven is in God
and God is in heaven
in my sandpit
said the sheep

and the heights
in the aeons landscape of the fire element
being ruled in the zodiac by Sagittarius
are the stage
of Sun Saturn Mercury Neptune
whilst at 4,8° Sagittarius
the first new leave on our aeons- tree sprouts
the leave of the fire -Mercury
and at 8,3° Sagittarius
the fire-double-leave
of red Saturn and red Jupiter
at the same place in the conjunction
in element fire of 1603
these aeons heights our self is moving through
this week

and with Moon something moves which is nearer to the women
through all four elements in their
elementary houses or signs or orbits
around the kernel
so much for this week
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Montag, 16. November 2015

"Grandola-Constellation" in the Storm of Mars

11. 16. - 23. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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"For me personally, the relationship between
 physics and psychology is that of a mirror image"

Wolfgang Pauli in a letter to C.G.Jung on
Atom and Archetype , 2001, p. 165.

 In storms it occurs, that the permanent rage of the Jet-streams - the northern one called Polar-jet - at the speed of until 400 mph, is mixing- down to  the surface of the earth with powerful gusts.

If we imagine the horizon as mirror between heaven and earth as simile of consciousness, so the upper is mirroring the lower and vice versa.

In this simile it becomes imaginable, that deep down in the psyche under the surface of consciousness in the collective unconsciousness the mirror image of the Jet-stream is raging in a steadily rotating stream of archetypes and sometimes, in archetypal storms, psychic vortices of hot archetypal material are whirled up to the surface of consciousness, leading to mass-seizures

This keyword, mass-seizures, mark the psychic gales which are so characteristic for the 20th century and which currently again are manifesting under the sign of "jihad".

The individuation of the unconsciousness only, like Carl Jung lived, proclaimed and practiced it as doctor is able, to protect against that contagion - the individual first and by radiating then as quiet suns communities.

The tool for making  these archetypal weathers in and out of the depths visible is in the psychological discourse the dream and in the astrological one the horoscope.

The zodiac lets all begin with storm and fire of the beginning. In Aries reigns Mars  the god of the beginning . The element of the beginning is fire, the hungry element.

This week

 certainly beginning with
the firemaker
without whom there wouldn't be
him: man

this week one can watch
like his fire-whirls
walk through the "Grandola-constellation"
whirling seizures around

but before
last week
the "Grandola" - whirl became event for Venus
Friday morning November 13.
Mars entered Venus' second realm
where citizens and actors meet
at the scale of fate

according to our simile
Venus an with her the flocks on Libra heaven
moved with the high-stream of time
(mirrored by the deep stream in the psyche)
and crossed till Friday
an archetypal "profile" in the time -"landscape"
like the wind walking over the mountains
and creating whirls by that

The "mountains" in the unconsciousness consist of constellations having occurred in the sky in times past. They were rhythmical events on heaven in the millennial measure of aeons, called Kings- Conjunctions (KC) in the four elements.
The above mentioned "Grandola-constellation" is consisting of  the Uranus of the  KC of 1802 in earth element at 3,2° Libra and of  the "red" Mars of the KC in element fire from 1603 at 4,3° Libra.

Here we have the position of Venus on Friday night November 13th.:

Paris 13.11.2015, UTC 20:17

Venus and the fire-Mars of the "Grandola"-constellation

The event-time is the moment, when in front of the soccer-arena the first suicide-bomber blew up himself into the air. Also the two other assassins remained without the target mayhem. Maybe the would have  had more success if they had acted on day earlier when Venus was exactly at the red Mars.

The aeons exist like a palm tree of time out of which aeon-year for aeon-year in the four directions  rhythmical leaves, blossoms and fruits emerge  - simile to the four elements in zodiac and to the three layers of the 4 elements: 4x space, 4x soul and 4x spirit, which gyrate around kernel of the time-stream which a horoscope visualizes.

This chronicle calls the deep "profile" of these 2 weeks the "Grandola"-constellation according to the democratic conspiracy of the captains of the Portuguese Army on  April 25th 1974 against the decades old Salazar-dictatorship. The Pluto on 4,7° Libra in conjunction with "red" fire-Mars of 4,3° Libra marks the constellated commitment which, like in every conspiracy, consisted in well-planned acting under the risk of ones personal existence. Pluto's position marks the readiness for sacrifice. And the spirit of Grandola was manifesting when at the "profile" of  earth-Uranus and fire-Mars in early Libra Pluto is reached by  the human spirit of Uranus and the leap into act of Mars.

Lissabon 25. April 1974

It is the aeon in whose stream our collective association - like sea-birds in the storm - is drifting in the net of the four elements and it is not given to us, lo live only in the ego-time of our consciousness. The "Grandola"- constellation is the current example of the psychic strain underneath of Paris, Antalya and the infested Middle East, meeting with current lights.

so the fire-maker of the swift element
in us under us
wanting to devour to be able to live
like every cell in the newborn
godship in the mirror 
of appearance
Mars now second week in this
evening Libra world
on Wednesday with earth-Uranus
and one day later
Mars for his part with the fire-maker of the fire element
bloody blind new birth since 1603
original fire of the aeon.
and all the tinder
laying around
and being placed
in the theater of the aeon
this week to think about
and about the inflaming
of the tinder
placed since long ago as
 pregnancy by the arsonist
and the mother of denial

Döbereiner told Mars and Aries
are the buoyancy
bringing to the surface 
what was in the depth before
as Neptune and Pisces
Mars is the revealer
of Lisbon and Paris
whom nobody hampers in our underground-theater
and with whom is identical
who isn't conscious of
and who will be at his place at 4,3° Libra
for further centuries
and who reminds of the bloody chain-reaction
at the end of the middle ages leading after war of 30 years
to the peace of Westphalia

coming to Venus of this week
in her own realm 
staging the harmonic association at the scale
on whose one pan in the Egypt myth
the goddess of the universe put her feather
while the heart of the just deceased
is laid on the other pan

Gods-work of the Egyptian soul

and now Venus
(and in her disposal Mars)
entering the two-weeks lasting
historical constellation of the year 2015
the square of Pluto and Uranus

with Pluto are hiking the ancestors
and with Uranus 
hikes the man-god
through the eternities
underneath the consciousness

so with Venus is to share these two weeks
the nearness to God of the thought-birds
and the ancestor-nearness to the
invisible faithful ones
in the presence of the flocks at the scale of fate
around which Mars lonely  straggles

thereby Venus this week on Thursday is crossing the
young blue spirit-essence/heart-essence of the 
air element in our aeon

at the side of Mercury
Sun initially this week is giving away
a fortune of light and power
at the discretion of her heart
 and on weekend
far then  from Sun
Mercury will be divine companion
of old father Saturn
god of the 4
looking for the equal right of each of the four
quarters in the circle

the square-resonance of  father
to child Neptune is nearly perfect
in which Mercury will be included

Sun then follows on the way to Saturn next week and has
undisturbed by  challenging resonances of presence
time this week
to throw light on the green meadows of water-Venus
and into the blue sky of air-Uranus
of our unconscious but nevertheless existing aeon

left remaining is Jupiter in solitary and 
by his rule over Sagittarius
in disposal of the resonances of Saturn
and being in Virgo
in the mirror to Venus
and her space on this side and beyond
the stages of existence

and the dreams wandering with Moon

this week

till Saturday afternoon through the imageless
realms of the spirit

appear on Sunday in the world
on this side of the storms

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