Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

November 24th Between Latakia und Antakya

24.11.2015 UTC 7:24,
 9:24 OZ
between Latakia und Antakya

to Capricorn belongs the hour and always the border
between temporal and ever
 Saturn awaiting Mercury and Sun
for the cross

and the golden ring of the heroes in the sign of Pluto
who with their ordeal
uphold the species
in this moment comes powerful
in appearance
as the officer suffers cruxification
in presence of the gods in the sky
mirrored in the unconscious depths of the "sky" in our psyche
our fatherly border rising
between temporal and ever
rising at the morning horizon
Pluto with it
- moment of the ordeal -
over northern Syria and southern Turkey
in the moment of appearance at the border
between temporal and ever
at the eastern horizon
minutes later
and likewise in the depth of psyche
deep below horizon of consciousness
our common helmsman suffers
and that happens in the week
where brain and heart
are marching towards
Saturn  holding the harsch cross
in resonance with the child in heaven
doing it's mild   choice

Murnau 25.11.2015, UTC 13:31. In English UTC 14:43.

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