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Three in One - God Keeps up with the Small Step

11. 23. 30. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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11. 23. 2015
this chronicle in words mirrors the chronicle between heaven and earth
the consciousness in the unconsciousness
is the mirrorer

it is this week
when Sun moves to Saturn
life to the cross
when Sun on Sunday moves over the 0° border
in Resonance to Neptune and Saturn
to which he  crossed the 4° distance today

Saturn and Sun united
that is united the cross and life
that is the sovereignty of the fatherly heart
and the solution of the strife of things in the spirit
of paradox beauty

what  on the level of the elements blind brawling is in space
and on the level of soul struggle of passions
(for the queen or the prince)
will only on the cooler heights
of the father 
                 the birds 
                                     and the child 
lead to the divinely peace 
in the sandpit of the children of God
with Neptune
back to the manger
under the crown

and all being said about Sun at this place
also applies for Hermes the writer of the judgements
or Mercury
also Saturn and Mercury
which unite their light on Tuesday
two gods on the stage
timeless fatherly spirit of Saturn
and the messenger
within time by Mercury's realm of nerves
for disposition in paradox beauty
for the excellence in the Virgo

so a paradox center has it's week
in this one
like not every week

Venus and with her the borders of territory
will become ready this week
  with the sacrificing in the sign of Pluto
and the outburst in the sign of Uranus

  and with the same  
Mars is not yet 
in the resonance-full breakthrough
belonging to the following two weeks
of the fair partition
of the year 2015

but this week is Saturn Neptune week
the Saturn Neptune Mercury week
and the Saturn Neptune Mercury Sun Week
three in one 
so to say
and like always heaven mirrors
the paradox solution for which Aquarius
opens and closes the doors
because heaven is in God
and God is in heaven
in my sandpit
said the sheep

and the heights
in the aeons landscape of the fire element
being ruled in the zodiac by Sagittarius
are the stage
of Sun Saturn Mercury Neptune
whilst at 4,8° Sagittarius
the first new leave on our aeons- tree sprouts
the leave of the fire -Mercury
and at 8,3° Sagittarius
the fire-double-leave
of red Saturn and red Jupiter
at the same place in the conjunction
in element fire of 1603
these aeons heights our self is moving through
this week

and with Moon something moves which is nearer to the women
through all four elements in their
elementary houses or signs or orbits
around the kernel
so much for this week
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