Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2020

Mars back Into the Low World on Sunday

6. 24. - 7. 1. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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" work on the befuddled psychic situation
of the  human in our time ..."

" the quasi systematic way of the depiction 
obfuscates ...that the point is to concoc 
an essence of the overwhelming unsystematic 
objectivity and that the infinitely manifold and 
ambiguous single facts and single experiences
 from the daily work with other persons and with 
us provide the actual  substance and  foundation ..."

Erich Neumann, "The Experience of the Unified-Reality"
Eranos Yearbook 1955

NEUMANN, like JUNG always are leading unto the door, behind which astrology begins. With them psychologists astrologers share the same Idea of archetypes, 'leading us from behind", better from below and from 'above', namely via drives and via intuitions.

But still,  the step from psychology to astrology is a radical one. You leave the collective images of human persons: mother, anima, animus, hero, etc,  and accept the canon of the "great background-animals" (JUNG) as  archetypes of cyclic time and, study the infinite combinations and do what the oracles have to provide, giving hints in given situations, always in harmony with heaven.

This chronicle is an astro-mundane one. It gives the perspective for the entire northern hemisphere. Thus ascendants (mostly) lacking, in other words: moments and places, but given are the constellations of days, where the former then pic out the nuggets of collective fate, somewhere on the northern hemisphere. And the zodiac is like the DNS an never ending spiral. A creature might die, the zodiac-spiral of the time in which a personal segment adds personal 'color'  into the universe.

With other words: astro-mundane frames are challenging mankind to understand the archetypal  'weathers', trends,  signs and times given from heaven outside,  mirrored by the horizon of the physio/psyche within us.

26. Week 2020

The Sun-clock told it's summer
the power of life
and the intelligence of life
are deep down in the lap of things 
called Cancer
fourth element water
defending the conceptive hollow
of life 

and Cancer's ruler 
as traveling mood
colored by the zodions she is passing
on her two-day visits 
currently from Leo to Scorpio
 the 'animals' of feeling
and images

Leo till Scorpio rule the second third of the zodiac,  the 'private part, called soul.

while Mars' energy
burning stinging cutting
ends his attendance in the third third
of the zodiac
which is spirit
and returns into his own
 realm of the single
on Sunday morning
pushing ther germs of new life

while Venus' ends her retrograde move
quasi optically 'standing'
at her place in Twins
in the qualities descripted last week

26. Week 2020

mind: according to the zodiac and the six days of creation, 

Virgo mirrors Libra

hence  build on

where Virgo is  
there is  harmony
 in strive

This , the Virgo face on Mercury is one of the two (thee, four) faces of Mercury ruling  Venus
remaining so till August 7.

Same with the fifth mirror: where there is Leo there is Scorpio, aso. where there is expression there is form, or where there is reception, cancer there is wisdom in the mirror. And currently Sun and Mercury or heart and intelligence are in their most  receptive stage. Their mirror's Pluto, the in-form-ater is  on 'pilgrims way' or under 'shut down' in Capricorn's realm into which Saturn will return next Thursday.

*** it's the point, to become religiously adult by  return an an adult child into one's only  place as human flower in God's garden or sequence in the everlasting string of time.

Murnau, 6. 25. 2020, UTC: 10:07.


And the German Version:

26. Woche 2020

die Höhe des Himmels gespiegelt in der Seelentiefe

erstes Stadium  die Einheitswirklichkeit: das Kind

letzte Woche Mars 
in Fische
der Ausbrechende
die Energie des Unbewussten
noch im Unbewussten

Fische und Widder
bezeichnen das Unbewusste 
Fische als Geist
Widder als Fleisch
daher ihre Symbol-Wahrheit

" die vielen Völkern gemeinsame
Ehrfurch vor dem Kind als einem
noch Jenseitigen der Verkörperung
einer Ahnenseele ...

"Wenn wir sagen, für das Kind existiert 
noch die Einheitswirklichkeit, so heißt 
das unter anderem: die Archetypen die 
sein Leben dirigieren, sind ebenso außen
 wie innen, ebenso psychisches Bild wie 
Teil der Welt."

ab Sonntag
Mars im Widder
 Energie im Unbewussten
als Ausbruch in die 
der neue Urknall für 1,6 Jahre
blinder Ausbruch
 ins Dasein

zweites Stadium: der Ursprung und die Wurzeln

die  Ein-Sammelnde
die Vereinigende

und die Balace von zwei

Stier spiegelnd Wassermann
und Waage spiegelnd Jungfrau

Venus noch regiert von Merkur
in Krebs
bis zum 13. Juli

dann regiert von
Merkur in Löwe
 bis zum 8. August 

dann Venus aus Zwillinge in Krebs
regiert von Mond
und was außen war wird innen sein

im zweiten Stadium spiegelt Uranus in Stier

den Saturn in Wassermann
 = die aufgehobene soziale Ordnung spiegelt the 
die aufgehobenen Maßstäbe des Staates

drittes Stadium das Maß und die Unterscheidung

Jupiter und Pluto  

unbewusste innere Bilder der 
Fügung und Übung
der leitenden Bilder
nach Art des Saturn
'auf dem Pilgerweg'
in Steinbock
spiegeln sich derzeit exakt in 
Venus' Herden und Paare
in Zwillinge
nach Art des Merkur
auf Straßen und Märkten

viertes Stadium der Geist und der Schoß

Der 'leere' Schütze am hohen Himmel des Tierkreises

ruft den Schoß Krebs auf zur Empfängnis

Sonne und Merkur
in Krebs unter Mond
der nun
Licht der  Schattenseite
30 Nächte regiert
über Sonne  Herz und Tag und Licht
der von Grund auf auch das Licht 
der anderen Götter der
 gelten lässt
deren das Tageslicht der Sonne
 sich nicht bewusst ist

diese Woche beginnend daheim 
im nächtlichen 
dann durch das zweite Viertel im Tierkreis wandernd
bis Anfang drittes Viertel 
 führt Mond so 

Zwillinge, Krebs, Löwe, Jumgfrau, 
durch die dreißig Tage der Empfänglichkeit
die in Krebs 
im Schoß der Erde
wo Mond daheim ist und 
Sonne und Merkur derzeit wandern

in fünften und sechsten Stadium herrscht derzeit 'Ruhe'

alles Weitere am Himmel, die Trans-Mars-Götter - die das kollektive Schicksal in uns anzeigen, wird Thema der nächsten Woche sein.

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2020

From Sensing to Feeling

 6. 17. - 24. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"Mythological or collective dreams are thus natured,
that they  drive people instinctively  to tell them.
This instinct is   quite appropriate, cause such dreams
do not belong to the individual: they instead have 
collective meaning. They are true in general within 
themselves and in particular they are true for people
in certain situations. Therefore in antiquity and the 
middle ages they were quite highly esteemed.
One feels that they express a collective human truth."

C.G.JUNG, The Symbolic Life, Coll.W. 18/2, § 129

What JUNG here talks about, also encounters in the 'vision-seeking' of  native North American Tribes. Dreams, Visions are, what the seeker, having prepared for it,  encounters, when he enters complete seclusion. His 'real name' is, what he receives by his vision.

And how much, says Lao Tse, depends on a 'god portion' of virtue, being accrued.

Into the righteous, says JUNG, God enters.

And with God the 12 time-children of the Earth-year walk in the zodiac on the streams of time.

God's realm dwells nowhere if not in the heart of the individual.

25. Week

what is new 
with us as single ones

what is Aries
what is Mars
appearing energy

and in the mirror
what kind of new meaning
is waiting
like Neptune 

Both of them in Pisces signifying, eternal energy (Mars) and eternal meaning (Neptune) are not in the current world/time. Being in the 12. house of the zodiac, has the sense: unrecognized meaning for the world's future. Pisces/12. house =  'eternal meaning,  before origin in time' - as the 12. without currently mirrored by something special   in the  1. house (Aries) of the zodiac. That will change with Mars' entry into his own turf Sunday in a week.

25. week 2020

what is with Venus
the goddess of the stocks
and her realms

what is with Taurus
the social herds and the stocks in the world

any pairs of single souls

still in Twins since early April
still unfolding curiosity into outer space
'without borders'
seemingly backwards moving 
later forwards again 
entering Cancer
not earlier that early August

Venus ruling Uranus in Taurus, the latter via Aquarius ruling the authority = Saturn till end of June. Hence Venus indirectly rules Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn which always is establishing and maintaining the decree of fate, to be restricted on a collective level.

ruled by Mercury and
his sensual perception of mundane (Twins)
and private (Virgo) things
the entire
in Twins
has to happen in a Cancer - way
 in passive feeling receivement of
 (eternal = spiritual) 
meaning in the soul
according to  the stations
 traveling Moon encounters

finally Sun
the heart 
of every living being
psycho/physical intelligence
in human nine months older 
than brain
will of being
last week in Twins
on Saturday changing realm
from Twins to Cancer
from orientation
in the outside to orientation inside
from sensing to feeling

Mind that
the anarchism of Saturn in Aquarius
will once again be countered by Saturn
 retrograding  back into 
Capricorn's collective orde
Monday in a week 
 under the umbrella
 of  timeless measures and authorities
till mid -December

Murnau, 6. 17. 2020, UTC 17:24.


Dienstag, 16. Juni 2020

On the US-Natal Chart and the Present Constellation

Tuesday JUNI 16. 2020

25. Week 2020

USA, * 4. 7. 1776, Philadelphia
transit 24. Week 2020

"Looking at the USA natal chart ( Sagittarius rising) and noting that Mars moves into Aries 

Mars still in Pisces till Monday in two  weeks. Then he will stay in his own sign till January 2021 as becoming retrograde in September. Currently he is in square-resonance with US-Mars (together  with Neptune. in Pisces In the third house of America, they are displaying chaos,  'end and beginning' to the world.

in the same few days that Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn at the end of this month and As the Patriotic holiday ( 4th of July) looms in 8th House of Cancer

Jupiter/Pluto conjunct US-Pluto in the 2. house. As Pluto is the give-away-planet securing each life
by feeding the sprout instead of eating it, on the US looms a gigantic disproportion of giving and taking. The greed of the US-elite has constellated an immense force of re-balanceing, actually actualized by 
Jupiter/Pluto's joint effect on the US_psyche.

, the 5th house children of America, alienated and mislead, are going to attempt to trash it.

For the 5. house it isn't safely to say is it a realm of Mars/Aries or Venus/Taurus. The belligerence
of the US speaks for Mars, The greed and the worldwide extension with air of 'reconciling humanity' , they appear with. speaks for Venus/Jupiter

Mars, irritably retrograde ( in September) with

 a weakened transiting Jupiter passing over a natal 12th house (scorpio) ruler Pluto currently in Capricorn.) …the Pied Pipers (Pluto-hidden enemies) are out and about and mars just wants to romp and play or break things or throw tantrums. I really do not see external war, but I see internal war made worse by a lack of leadership in general.

A connection Mars with Pluto? I don't see it, but the Pied-Pipers as Scorpio/Pluto - ideologues like the ilk of Soros, Ford-Foundation feeding BLM.

And clearly I see the internal war, as Mars till 2021 will "romp and play or break things or throw tantrums"
in the 4. house of the US, which is the intern sphere.

The Truckers ( 3rd house Aquarian moon as they move the food of the country and constituting the only labor union left with any real power) have proposed not to delivery to any city which has no police force.

Moon in Aquarius' third  Us-house as the truckers 'moving the food' - great reading!

Tera, after all a comment for common reflection. An early significant moment in the unfolding  rebirth of astrological civilisation.

Murnau, 6. 16. 2020, UTC: 16:10.


Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2020

End and Beginning Challenging Heart of the Narrator

 6. 10. - 17. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(click to enlarge)

" The ability to let something arrive ..."
Two women  in conversation on their way in
the Kurpark in Murnau

My renewed world-distinction started with the more precise and intuitive observation of male and female traits, when with 39 I started to look at the entirety as an X, deformed by powerful interests. My observation since then was exclusively based on my own perceptions, added by authors like JÜNGER and JUNG and the astrologer DÖBEREINER. It was allowed to me by God, somehow newborn as a an 'adult child', as a kind of anonymous 'Indian', to invisibly go ashore in Europe, and since then looking what is going.

The American Poet Gary Snyder, to me a 'white Indian',  offered to me 40 years ago this:

"There are two ways of Earth-consciousness: one is called global, the other we call planetary. These two are standing 180° apart, although they superficially seen appear identical."Global consciousness" is that on the men of Technic/Utopia/Technocracy/Centralization in their busyness-suits, playing world-games with system theory, included are the planer of environment in the back-roomt of the Trilateral Commission. Planetary thinking is decentralistic, searches more for biological solutions then technical and find it's teachers for its alternative possibilities  in the traditional knowledge of the natural people of Papua and the source regions of the Amazon as well as in the libraries of the high occidental civilizations ...
"Planetary spirit" is the internationalism of the Old Ways, accepting the possibilities of the Earth in their manifoldness: global consciousness would finally maybe impose a not so well-wishing technocracy over all by means of a centralized system"

nature spirit-filled
shore entered
back from Turtle-Island
Internationalism of the Old Ways
the last 'Indians' in Europe
scooping off the old fathers
to unite nature and spirit
 the alchemists and nature-philosophers
of the 13. -16 century
and the poets and describers like them
having died last week before years
+ 6. 6. 1961 C. G. JUNG
+ 6. 7. 1980 HENRY MILLER
to them the souls
of the poets and describers
of the post-christian world
come up to in quiet 

among the poets I count the interpreters of the parables of heaven, finding the invisible attendance of gods in their casting of semen on the fields of time, which the astrologers behold as heaven like the beholder of the Sun light in Plato's allegory of the cave. The astrologer is consoled by the night-sky even though his contemporaries don't want to hear about it.
Being an amalgam of nature with our psychic projection,  the zodiac allows astrology to mirror the months of the year as the the outer in the inner  hours of the day. 

24. Week

lets start with Sun today
and parching
of strength
fathermother of our being

whose radiating center
has house and place
in each of us

fourth week
Sun in Twins
calling all seeing
as third twelfth
of the zodiacal man 'Anthropos'
into the circle of marvels
of perception and

four times a year
in a line of 14 of
164 years

now this week
of Mars and Neptune
in Pisces
in square with
Sun in Twins

Mars and Neptune
end and beginning
in Pisces
in the spirit of water
hence feeling
in the depth of meaning
Lao Tse called

in resonance with 
in Twins
power and passion of the center
underway on the surface of sensual perception
of the world

a tremendous week hence, under and  above consciousness
however the visible heaven vouches to the astrological 'knowing' one
that such in the sky is mirrored  in the Anthropos in us
... without being introduced to our I

... and further that
all that finds it's precipitation
where Mercury
ruler of Twins 
currently rules  in 
the early middle of

key of the week is
Neptune + Mars
meaning and appearance
fighting and requiring each other
in square with
the heart of our living island


"The lapis ('stone of the sages' of the alchemists)
is indeed thought as unit and hence stands for the
'prima materia' anyway. But as  this is a piece
 of original-chaos. [...] so the lapis also consists 
of the four elements , respectively has to be  
assembled  of these. In the chaos they are not
 united, but only coexistent and therefore have
to be associated by the alchemical procedure.
They are even hostile to another and won't unite
voluntarily. They  hence display an original 
conflict and  repulsion."

Jung, Aion, Coll.W. 9/2,  § 375

Ire + gentleness + heart
two times light and one time wisdom
to be united
as narrator of the depth
of God's waters
in Anthropos

on the traces of Moon
ruleress of Cancer
on her monthly voyage
through the twelve houses
of spirit mirrored in nature

in which ruled by 
in Twins also Venus moves
ruled by Venus 
 in Taurus Uranus moves
ruled by Uranus 
in Aquarius Saturn moves
ruled by Saturn
in Capricorn
Pluto and Jupiter move
ruling Scorpio and Sagittarius


only Mars and Neptune
children of fire and water
are ruled sovereignly
by Neptune the divine child
challenging in square
 Sun in Twins
to higher unity by language

"God had to become man. The suffering of man
doesn't arise from his sins, but from him, who has 
created him with his imperfections, the paradox God.
The just is the tool, into which God enters, for to 
arrive to self-reflection and hence to consciousness
and rebirth as divine child, being entrusted to the
welfare of the mature man." 

C.G.Jung, Answers  ... in 'The Symbolic Life', Coll. W. 18/2 § 1681

Murnau, 6. 11. 2020, UTC: 10:20.