Dienstag, 16. Juni 2020

On the US-Natal Chart and the Present Constellation

Tuesday JUNI 16. 2020

25. Week 2020

USA, * 4. 7. 1776, Philadelphia
transit 24. Week 2020

"Looking at the USA natal chart ( Sagittarius rising) and noting that Mars moves into Aries 

Mars still in Pisces till Monday in two  weeks. Then he will stay in his own sign till January 2021 as becoming retrograde in September. Currently he is in square-resonance with US-Mars (together  with Neptune. in Pisces In the third house of America, they are displaying chaos,  'end and beginning' to the world.

in the same few days that Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn at the end of this month and As the Patriotic holiday ( 4th of July) looms in 8th House of Cancer

Jupiter/Pluto conjunct US-Pluto in the 2. house. As Pluto is the give-away-planet securing each life
by feeding the sprout instead of eating it, on the US looms a gigantic disproportion of giving and taking. The greed of the US-elite has constellated an immense force of re-balanceing, actually actualized by 
Jupiter/Pluto's joint effect on the US_psyche.

, the 5th house children of America, alienated and mislead, are going to attempt to trash it.

For the 5. house it isn't safely to say is it a realm of Mars/Aries or Venus/Taurus. The belligerence
of the US speaks for Mars, The greed and the worldwide extension with air of 'reconciling humanity' , they appear with. speaks for Venus/Jupiter

Mars, irritably retrograde ( in September) with

 a weakened transiting Jupiter passing over a natal 12th house (scorpio) ruler Pluto currently in Capricorn.) …the Pied Pipers (Pluto-hidden enemies) are out and about and mars just wants to romp and play or break things or throw tantrums. I really do not see external war, but I see internal war made worse by a lack of leadership in general.

A connection Mars with Pluto? I don't see it, but the Pied-Pipers as Scorpio/Pluto - ideologues like the ilk of Soros, Ford-Foundation feeding BLM.

And clearly I see the internal war, as Mars till 2021 will "romp and play or break things or throw tantrums"
in the 4. house of the US, which is the intern sphere.

The Truckers ( 3rd house Aquarian moon as they move the food of the country and constituting the only labor union left with any real power) have proposed not to delivery to any city which has no police force.

Moon in Aquarius' third  Us-house as the truckers 'moving the food' - great reading!

Tera, after all a comment for common reflection. An early significant moment in the unfolding  rebirth of astrological civilisation.

Murnau, 6. 16. 2020, UTC: 16:10.


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