Montag, 29. August 2016

Signs and Mirrors - the Innocent Beginning of Consciousness

8. 29. - 9 5.  2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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8. 29. 2016
Murnau UTC 11:03
still Scorpio-hour 19° and in the mirror of the lower world
hence appearing the birth of a 11° Leo
and Scorpios Pluto 
the God in Capricorn asking further on
the lived given nature
in the non-temporal form of the fathers
asking for the due waiver
to retain the healthy form

dating from Adam in the sky

cleaning the mirror
 for eros  
being  forwarded by the resonances
from the end 
submitting the due waiver
 the beloved unconscious "adam secundus"
waiting since eternity
in the dough
 to receive
from the own center
and from the border of pain
in the lady of ones heart
with the help of God

so much to the She of this hour

this permanent country of the generations
above the single livings
in the collective dough in time
with it's powerfull No
allowing to form in entirety
the profile of a time
into consciousness awareness
of a name

so much to the superiour ruler of this hour in which by Pluto
Scorpio sends her devouring resonances into the mirror of Leo
's mirror in real life
since 2008 from Capricorns unborne realms of remaining in health
cutting the dead branches and the ripe grapes
leaving the living stocks

and Sun has changed in these minutes from the 10th into the nineth house
from the "determination" of the "measure"
 to the "synchronicity" in "time"
like 10th arrow into the center
of the 9
of time time

and within the 2 x 5 = 10
is the heart of karma
in time
by our heart of the year
on Monday of our current week
 kind of yearly "fireplace" of the fire-child Neptune
at 6,8° Virgo
in our eon together
with the dead since 1603
and the unborn since today

ans Sun in these minutes left tenth for nineth house
from name to target in time

aka heart of the circle aka year
today two steps past 
maybe still in the resonance
every year at this place with Sun and collective heart- heritage
of invisible unconscious presence abboard
of the meaning of fire-heritage
mirrored in conscious being

consciuos  beginning
to sway with Neptune in our collective unconscious
invisible fire heritage of our
ancestorss pushing
  and  pulling
of thre unborne
in  attendance of our unconscious rulers since 1603
in our common eon

so two day past Sun and red Neptun
in embryonic innocence

of fire
diese also heute in der embryonischen Unschuld
des Feuers

since the Kings-conjunction on December 17 on 6,8° Virgo the Neptune of fire element

symbol child + symbol fire
symbol beginning + symbol light
mirror of birth and end
wave and posh
UTC 11:46    

and now we come back once again on Sun  the center
of each of us
and his mission this week
in which heart  is receiving the resonances of Neptune in Pisces
Mars + Saturn in Sagittarius
and   which Sun strengthens with her invisible powerc casting  back
 all family-resonances to all family-members of the unvisible God-circle in us
according to the - lights
outside of us

in  a year on earth 
in the mirror
of our conscious
where the colours of each of us resonance- afflicted are called to appear
and to project the invible colors of
Sun = gold = heart
Neptune = green = innocence
Saturn = blue = seniority
into the visible world

called up are the members between 6,6° and 12,6°
in Twins Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces
because myth and astrology depicts the main resonance as cross
with curtret center with 9° where in Sagittarius Saturn receives and sends 

in the name of the wife's father
minding from the unconsiouness
minding the giving of the begetting and name-giver
of that woman God made for Adam
from the bone
which receives the resonance of the heart 
Adam hence is a dancer and drummer
from the beginning
and in him waites adam secundus
the little
in the kings-shape of wisdom
which is hidden like the fruit
in the ovarie the blossom the bud 
the name of the fruit: consciousness
of the Self

and Mars remaining but fading with Sun Saturn and Neptune
in resonance  as the high voice advancing in it  bass Saturn and the silent god-singing of Neptune
and the tenor-barriton of Sun sending heart-enforcements
to all receptive


and moreover look for yourself, and Moon, well,  apart of early Monday
Moon will be the entire week above the soul-realms of the fifth and sixth

 a Venus- special remains to be annoted entering Libra's early grades
another time she is hiking through the grounds of fate called Grandola-constellation
 (sorry german only, but at least watch the link's  charts of the Portuguese Revolutin) a place
where the earth-element's Taurus Virgo Capricorn have their Uranus of 1802 (origin of "earth"man)
 and fire-element's Aries Leo and Sagittarius having their Mars od 1603 (fire's new born beginning)
and are awaiting this week's Venus in whose gravitation the social herd accompanies
rising and becoming man in the paradox union of these two Gods of 1603 and 1802
getting in contact with the social herd and their unconscious taste and heavyness ...
before Jupiter end of September and Mercury half a month later
are passing these contact-places.

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In English: 8. 31. 2016 UTC 16:43

Montag, 22. August 2016

Energy Meets Rock-Solidity

8. 22. - 29. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Solo Sunny on Monday
for the farewell of Leo Sun on this Monday
after this male-symbol - heart - month
be reminded that since ancient times
and in the (European ) medieval times
it was a given that Sun = heart 
in numbers:
1 center
5. sign
two lions = 5+5
10 = King and Queen in conjunction
= the center
and thereby the symbol searched for
fire -  center - strength
we so urgently are in need for
 inmidst of these "tenthousand things"
 may God be given to us in tender hearts
would be my prayer
would it be He
suffering in each and every lost lamb
in every spark 
without the pertinent darkness
of a loving woman
and in every in vain suffering

And the ten-thousand things appear to the astrologer, even a child can follow, ordered by a
disposition in the zodiac, which is a projection of our pre-writing south-eurasian ancestors.
A "projection" in the sense of the psychology is a statement of the unconscious depth in each of us is a statement about an "unknown" , in the belief we know it. It's a knowing without knowing called intuition. Intuition is a gift and a problem. The "images", the intuition receives from the dark within are something, with which our zeitgeist-consciousness doesn't reckon. So consciousness presents us a projection in which the deep players underneath are =0
 With the heritage of the zodiac we enter a spiritual world in which the four elements are ordered on three floors, in which like in the periodic table the places are never changing in the wheel of wheels, we are living in.
So the  conscious astrologer, the conscious or partly conscious "alchemist" man, is  currently in resonance with  
Uranus in Aries
 God of man  in elementary extension 
 so the alchemist is mirroring in Aries
the  spirit of God
in the first mirror of Pisces/Aries

Saying reaching over weeks and weeks: the overthrower Uranus, heavenly sponsor of the alchemist man on his 84-years-circling through the elements on each of their three floors around the center and the eyes of this man-God has seen this week's  farewell to Leo by Sun farewell of the heart to the the glowing center  and no longer calles Sun the children with an abundance to give out of central strength  into life, but now the children with an abundance of thoughts concerning the middle floor of the elements in which the soul handles the dough.

Sun in Virgo now enlighting the earth soul
where the beauty of heavenly shape 
meets the reflection in  everydays reason

and the heavenly siblings are even there
Jupiter Mercury Venus also in Virgo
and Mercury rules her siblings and the Sun in the center
in  this weeks Mercury - enlighted discernments 
in brother- and sisterly unity withand sister Venus 
 and brother son-God Jupiter
rules above his 
mirror image in the lovely lap of the elements
in Cancers moisty feelings
godly son in whose son-like sign  Sagittarius
the fatherly seniority of Saturn and the
onrushing light of the beginning by Mars
are bearing within the sacrifices of Pluto
and the capsizes of Uranus
and in their coniunction today on Wednesday 
the end and the beginning
in time and space
are united in paradox coniunction

 and so it happens to  conscious beginnings and ends what happened since the beginning of all beginnings  far under awareness and so in the neurotic rational consciouness of the unconscious alchemist man there is no paradox unity possible but in life constantly.
finally to our anchor in the night and his dreams of the beach
and up on the vineyard high over the stream
Moon  in all her felt half-truths appears in the night and against morning and yawns
in daylight mostly invisible under the sky and over the man-world

and till Monday midnight Moons dreams were expanding by energy

then till Wednesday midnight Moon went under the masons and heating-installer where plaster and walls affirm the secure togetherness

and about midnight also that has an end and the messengers of the company
move out and Moon with them beyond the neighborhoods

till on Saturday before noon then dream and anchor move back into the soul of the elements
being to find in the lap of the elements, Cancer, and which lap, after a full week at the basement of the elements not  will not be left by Moon till next Monday.

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In English: 8. 24. 2016, UTC 16:35.

Montag, 15. August 2016

Start and End Hot and Cold in Paradox Concilliation on Sunday

8. 15. - 22. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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8. 17. 2016
God remains the unknown creator
his EVE as correction
so the genesis in the Jewish logos
which I share

and the ways of the uncreated lights in eternal circles mirroring
the non temporal  heavenly fireless
of the last
 mirrored by the first quater of the zodiac

an the rhythmical portion has found it pleasing
to turn in sevens
as wheel in wheels
consciently watched by the ancient fathers 
through the weeks

and now on Wednesday the third day of the week
under the northern Sky
accompanied by our 
night - anchor Moon in Aquarius
on the wings of nontemporal ideas
 calling the peasants and city-dwellers
of Taurus to reflect Aquarius' universe
in man's brain
 growing simple hallowed  ideas
 non-temporal vision out of GODS nontemporal
watching circling eyes
where the souls  we moun on return to
eyes seeing us and what we write
thusly the  liars dominating the  media
are watched carefully by the non-temporal eyes
which are entering non-temporall paradises like Pisces
entering Aquarius
under the eyes of the birds

and Moon always carrying  the Cancer-fate of our soft underbelly through the times
Sagittarius mirroring   waters of conception with
leaving the nontemporal into time 
conception of Spirit
in the mirror of the soul
is what is dynamicly hovering around Moon' two-day-step
 through the Signs
of the 12

cause water the fourth element blasts
the titanic shell
and in the birth of the inner heart
becomes released as
free soul-flame outwards
In Leo the four elements enter the middle floor of the elements
and Sun the central en - terrer
ruling from the center
appeares in the symbol
of the erected flame
in need of air
to be ascendable
will say "the spirit" dwelling in the upper floor of the elements
three quarters yonder tempore
 present outside of presence
like future fruit in a blossom 
risen matutinal spirit coming from Pisces
on its way to the vespertine Libra of completion
by soulful finite flesh
now in resonance with Sagittarius
 first of the four quarters of spirit
jutsing into time and mortality
to be mirrored by the watery anima mirroring  ratio deiin the right time for  conception 
with the son in the alchemist man 
woken for life
by the "fünklein" (spark) of soul
how ECKEHARDT called it
uncreated like God
looked at by him in any sample

now our heart  - warmth in the center
in the fourth of four weeks
in Leo
What does that mean for Leos and non- (Sun in)Leos ? Now? Look what is your intersection with Leo and what house and  rulers  within are ruled by Sun? This Leo-Part of you is  now in mood for emphasis original emotion expression  radiation appearing in every personal structure as filter/God/light in  connection with Leo/Sun's expressive temper.

Looked at through the the Pluto-filter Leo rules all borne under the northern sky between 1938 and 1956. They are  each July /August sensitive to create Pluto's expressions - waiver for  the works
 This resonance has been described by ARISTOTELES; ibn'SINA,  and ALBERTUS MAGNUS (the teacher of ST THOMAS) desribed as an "exaltation" of the soul  switching it prone to resonate with a current constellation of the archetypes /Gods/ lights entangling it into their synchronicities
a strong and hallowed medicine - dangerous if encountered without humbleness and consciousness - shaping the alchemist or "greater man"

now we come to the colloured heavenly company of this week
ready to entangle the transits
there is the square
Neptune in Pisces
Saturn in Sagittarius
water resonating with fire
depth with brightness
visited by Mars = opening in Sagittarius
arrow mirrored by Cancers lap

after last in this and in the next week
outburst of the "alchemist" 
symbol of man
to be reflected by 
our inward

As the alchemists found long before "Renaissance" (of the temporal) the images of the non-temporal ruling symbols and exercised  those images of the moved in the  unmovable
which serve the sailors and astrologers since immemorial times for navigation

 meanwhile the lord of  father Saturn and birth Mars
  Jupiter in Virgo
 thusly lord of their squares is
himself ruled  by Mercury
so swaying between black and white
Mercury together with Venus are this and next week
passing Jupiter in late Virgo the same timewave
into which  
Uranus by Mars 
 and Pluto by Saturn 
rhythmicallly inwoven
this passage with Jupiter are the spiritual brightest two-weeks of Venus and Mercury in their year right in the dark "earthly tainted cloud" the sunburned black  "etheopian woman" like the alchemists called that symbol in which the white light of Gods wisdom is hidden in her wisdom

and finally the visites with the dead and still unborn in our common eon:

Sun the giving spender
visits on Friday the earth- and air-goddess  Venus
of the earth-element
accompanying the inviting and awarding soul-flesh - with our ressources and
securities which are thusly exhausted from the pursuit-race in this world since the monasteries of the middle Age
another waist together

and with the fire-relatives since 1603
which need air to become spirit
on top of their heigths fire- Olymp
of the elements
meeting place of Saturn and Jupiter in 1603
at 8,3° Sagittarius
 - father and son of the fire- Gods -
in Sagittarius visited by  Saturn/Mars 
which ensure there ist a beginning and an end
before completion

and till Saturday afternoon Moon the"other light" is on the roads
of future presences
firstly in the seriousness of Capricorn
then in the distance of vision and general outline of Aquarius
and finally in the community of lions and lambs in the paradise of Pisces

and not until Saturday night Moon turns again to the entrance of the
titanic quarter of stuff  under the intelligible stars of Aries

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In English 8. 17. 2016, UTC 17:38.

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Realism and Consciousness in St. Petersburg

Kingsconjunction in Earth Element from 7.17.1802
Transit August 9. 2016

The visit of the Turk President Erdogan to the Russian President Putin today on August 9th represents the high point of extensive preperations. Unmissable is the convergence of common strategic interests
in political and economical fields. The Eurasian economic zone opens Turkey a bright perspective.

Astrologically meaningfull is the date of the meeting. Venus, signifying connections and unifications in common territories meets on August 9th Saturn/Jupiter of the Kings-conjunction. In this transit is signified the concilliation (Jupiter) of highest authority (Saturn) on the ground of conscious adaption to the givens (Virgo) as an enduring event of most principally kind.

In the earth-sign of Virgo this transit exhibits to an event of realism and consciousness - the best possible foundation for a far-reaching easing of tension.

And the resonance  of our Venusian potential of the day with supreme rulers of the earth element in our eon carries this meeting  into the realm of political art which occures, when man works with the gods.

Murnau, August 9. 2016, UTC 22:10.

Montag, 8. August 2016

Strife and Concilliation Between Earth and Heaven

8. 8. - 15. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Sun alone

the center
just isolated from all other fellow players
of the Sun - family
which immediately or mediated
are at Mercurys diaposal

Mars and Venus for the second week in  common resonance

and strife of earth and fire
which strife is the eternal strife of the elements

on the lower level

but the elements obey to the soul
said the old wise philosophers

but the soul is subjected to passion
being a flaming erected being

the passions entangle all of us into the 

strife of the sexes
up until to the king and queen
of whose gender ever
nothing but spirit

will help the soulby bringing clearness by names
 coolness by distance
 calmness by innocence

and the long lasting square between the old King

and the new child
in common vibration 
slowly turning
towards its purest manifestation
in the sky aruond the second September-weekend   

innerspiritual resonance  
spiritual fire - spiritual water
between spiritual brightness Sagittarius
and spritual depth Pisces

into this resonance between depth in the beyond Pisces
and brightness in this mortal world Sagittaius
is grooving another  couple of Gods in the shape of
Venus just dealing with Mars 
in the square between spirit Sagittarius and
soul Virgo
or fire and earth
so between spirit and passion

well great theater of the gods above in the six heavenly "houses"/ signs

to be reflected by the six earthly ones
each at his place in his ascendant

so the heaven- and air-sign Aquarius

has to be reflected by the peasants and dwellers of the cities
in the earth-sign of Taurus

and the real Aries, still clumsy and kind of blind, the newborn on the puerperium of time,
and within it Uranus - the great man - the cosmic mirror of the peasants and townsfolks
owning the terrestrial parcels
who now is founding his territory on the ire of the elements
whom only spirit is able to set boundaries from the pole
the polar metropole is able to set borders in resonance
with the  waters of the coming
and now

three weeks passage of the Mars-Venus-resonance
in the first of three weeks
with Saturn/Neptune
whereby the Venus already this week

while Mars  bulging till third week
then going down again
are looking for traction in the lower mirrors
whereby Saturn the old child

yet brings the dead and the unborne
groomed by Pluto
into the resonance with the new child

so that Sun can do nothing else but
together with the dead  save life 
at the fire of life salvage the remote ones
whereby then Moon since Tuesday noon 

with the dead and unborne cast anchor
and reaches to  the Scorpios the soulfull libation
to which they are entitled
of   Moon-milk

and from Friday morning till early Sunday Moon moves

along the ways south on the journey of Sagittarius arrow
relaxing the bow
and eternaly  a night is before a day
and a midnight keeps following a noon 

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In Englisch August 10. UTC: 15:00.

Montag, 1. August 2016

Instead of Remaining Victim Becoming Player

8. 1. - 8. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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to the Leo/Scorpio - mirroror
 is assigned to give birth to the fruit of life
which is to give

off the spring of meaning - in zodiac Pisces
future meaning ascending to heaven - Aquarius
to rest on eternal earth - Capricorn

so far:

 meaning becoming  time - Sagittarius
 vehicle of generation - Scorpio
called couple - Libra

and where is this kind of lyrik wanted?

"mundanes Tagebuch"  (german)
site views
in July according to country

Grafik der unter Blog-Lesern beliebtesten Länder

Canada 5            

well Sun in Leo
what does that tell to our hearts in the zodiac circle
while Sun is somewhere every day
and birthday is only one day a year
now in Leo? I don't know the answer

 but I like to follow the way my heart walks which now has the opportunity  operating the keyboard while sitting to slay a moth whose colony is nesting in my small oriental carpet 

and in the last grade of Scorpio once again Mars is lighting up and now
Monday at UTC 12:04
after a last faltering loop  to a chart of Seattle 2012 - 19 at the wall
I smash it
which might be testified in its crazy beauty
a moth just has imposed sacrifice
by this mundanomaniac

but now for the week of the northern hemisphere
while on the southern hemisphere is high winter their "February" has commenced
( the world only knows this northern name for this month/position of Sun)
but if place and word coincide
then their Sun today moves through 10° Aquarius
now  further with us since late early spring
 the God of man
 under 24,5°  Aries

Aries are the no-man's lands of raging fire
 not yet having changed to become culture
to become park not yet having become Taurus
and Uranus  still has another one and a half years under the sign of Aries
  to let a part of us us find its place in 
our no-man's - land --- 

 what likewise has the meaning that in Taurus,
 as far as culture prevails
God of man has not yet arrived in the consciousness
of the cities and metropolises of the world
and when it had arrived 
in the last Uranus- cycle  
- it was 1935 -
 Uranus moved under  Taurus
 or into the culture-park of Europe/Japan 
not being allowed for and hence persecuted 
because not man was required but only Germans or Japanese
and is Uranus envisaged even today? ...
Uranus is the archetype of obsession by the strongest force/light existing for the psyche. Obsession by x ... God ... Fuehrer ...

as an Archetype of God in us, whom we are not conscious of 
  only consciousness will  protect of those "Gods" = psychic  forces which rule us out of some parallel environment beyond visability

about that JUNG:

"... indeed it is impossible, to determine the extension and the definitive character of psychic existence. If we now  talk about man, so we mean his indefinitable whole, an unformulatable totality which can only be symbolicly expressed. I have chosen the expression "Selbst" (self) for to denominate the totality of man, the sum of his conscious and unconscious givens"
" ... namely where unconsciousness prevails, there is bondage, yes, even obsession."

C.G.JUNG, Psychology and Religion, Coll. Works 11, § 140.

Heaven with the zodiac - as the home of the "sons of God" (and daughters)  is the old heritage we humans should attend to, like mundanomaniacs, adding the art of the soul in  which the symbols  order the cosmos for the purpose of psychic hygiene. Man has to deal with strongest unconscious  currents which like on  lanes of the mystic parallel-worlds of the astronomical Sun-family are drifting in and around him within the milky ways ... and to the wise ALBERTUS MAGNUS ( around 1200 - 1280) were given the words to find this place in language:
"I found (concerning magic) one pelllucid  elucidation in the sixth book of the "Naturalia" of AVICENNA (Ibn Sina about 980 -1037), that within the human soul a certain force dwells, able to change things, and that the other things are subject to it; namely then, when it is enraptured by a large excess of love or hate or something similar. So when the soul of a man gets into a large excess of any passion, one can discern experimatally, that it (the excess) binds the things magically and changes them in just that direction where it strives to. And long time I didn't believe that, but after reading nigromantic books and books about magic signs, I found, that (really) the emotionality (affectio) of the human soul is the main root of all these things, be it that it either because of its large emotion changes it's body and other things, where it tends to, or that because of its dignity, the other lower things are subject to it, or, be it, that according to such an affect the matching sideral hour or the astrological situation or another  force runs parallel and hence we believe, that that, what this force does would be done by the soul ..."
Cit. in JUNG, Mysterium Coniunctionis, Coll. Works 14/III, § 89.
(Parallels, is the say, are intersecting  in infinity)

so back to our parallel-week in heaven - in this sense spiritual dynamite - as long as unconscious - and only thanks to great humility and as long as not being closed down by gibbering
its up to human conscious soul

Sun: always be diligent in birthing the fairly established time
Venus: be mindfull with belongings and companions
Mercury: always looking for win-win- solutions

Moon:  each inhabits his bed alone

Mars: when, if not now
Jupiter: for everything there is a time

lord at the time-wall
Uranus: viewing the coming
Neptun:  together with lions and sheep

Pluto: receives our sacrifices

And Uranus currently at 24,5° Aries at the red Pluto of the fire-element of 1603

like in 1933/34

what seizure by the "strong force" in that year and by the unconscious fire in the ancestors-"dough" of the four elements which we are cut out of
what unconsciousness in that being carried- away
man has yet to learn in infinity - to do so also in this new round
of Uranus along the zodiac
and yesterday again started the new beginnings = Mars
with new connections = Sagittarius
which already accompanied us from March to May and to whom is given time till early September 
for example a good omen for the meeting of the presidents of Turkey and Russia in St. Petersburg and their preparations

For the weekend the mystical overall picture becomes a lot more solid: Venus then in Virgo.
But till then Venus remains still in Leo, still in the danger of reckless spending: Venus in Leo =  the reseves are enthrusted to the ludic drive. That is the eon-fate with which our northern earth - share is delighted since 1802 - where only consciousness helps towards the unconscious drive, to establish the condition of unlimited indebtedness, which we are extradited to,   Today on Wednesday Venus moves over this Venus of the earth-element of 1802 - a special admonishing - day for mankind - this Wednesday.

As last week pointed at, except by Sun and Moon, Mercury will rule since Friday all Planets and their Signs, and from Thursday till Saturday noon even over  Moon and his realm Cancer 

So now the sole reign of Sun may show, what life, devoted to play and venture, may bring to pass - as far as it is allowed for the wisdom of heart to shine into the corners and caves of the unconsciousness  and by that, instead of remaining victim becoming player.

Murnau am 1. August 2016 UTC 13:45, gepostet:
UTC 14:39.
In English: 8. 3. 2016,   UTC: 18:20.