Montag, 15. August 2016

Start and End Hot and Cold in Paradox Concilliation on Sunday

8. 15. - 22. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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8. 17. 2016
God remains the unknown creator
his EVE as correction
so the genesis in the Jewish logos
which I share

and the ways of the uncreated lights in eternal circles mirroring
the non temporal  heavenly fireless
of the last
 mirrored by the first quater of the zodiac

an the rhythmical portion has found it pleasing
to turn in sevens
as wheel in wheels
consciently watched by the ancient fathers 
through the weeks

and now on Wednesday the third day of the week
under the northern Sky
accompanied by our 
night - anchor Moon in Aquarius
on the wings of nontemporal ideas
 calling the peasants and city-dwellers
of Taurus to reflect Aquarius' universe
in man's brain
 growing simple hallowed  ideas
 non-temporal vision out of GODS nontemporal
watching circling eyes
where the souls  we moun on return to
eyes seeing us and what we write
thusly the  liars dominating the  media
are watched carefully by the non-temporal eyes
which are entering non-temporall paradises like Pisces
entering Aquarius
under the eyes of the birds

and Moon always carrying  the Cancer-fate of our soft underbelly through the times
Sagittarius mirroring   waters of conception with
leaving the nontemporal into time 
conception of Spirit
in the mirror of the soul
is what is dynamicly hovering around Moon' two-day-step
 through the Signs
of the 12

cause water the fourth element blasts
the titanic shell
and in the birth of the inner heart
becomes released as
free soul-flame outwards
In Leo the four elements enter the middle floor of the elements
and Sun the central en - terrer
ruling from the center
appeares in the symbol
of the erected flame
in need of air
to be ascendable
will say "the spirit" dwelling in the upper floor of the elements
three quarters yonder tempore
 present outside of presence
like future fruit in a blossom 
risen matutinal spirit coming from Pisces
on its way to the vespertine Libra of completion
by soulful finite flesh
now in resonance with Sagittarius
 first of the four quarters of spirit
jutsing into time and mortality
to be mirrored by the watery anima mirroring  ratio deiin the right time for  conception 
with the son in the alchemist man 
woken for life
by the "fünklein" (spark) of soul
how ECKEHARDT called it
uncreated like God
looked at by him in any sample

now our heart  - warmth in the center
in the fourth of four weeks
in Leo
What does that mean for Leos and non- (Sun in)Leos ? Now? Look what is your intersection with Leo and what house and  rulers  within are ruled by Sun? This Leo-Part of you is  now in mood for emphasis original emotion expression  radiation appearing in every personal structure as filter/God/light in  connection with Leo/Sun's expressive temper.

Looked at through the the Pluto-filter Leo rules all borne under the northern sky between 1938 and 1956. They are  each July /August sensitive to create Pluto's expressions - waiver for  the works
 This resonance has been described by ARISTOTELES; ibn'SINA,  and ALBERTUS MAGNUS (the teacher of ST THOMAS) desribed as an "exaltation" of the soul  switching it prone to resonate with a current constellation of the archetypes /Gods/ lights entangling it into their synchronicities
a strong and hallowed medicine - dangerous if encountered without humbleness and consciousness - shaping the alchemist or "greater man"

now we come to the colloured heavenly company of this week
ready to entangle the transits
there is the square
Neptune in Pisces
Saturn in Sagittarius
water resonating with fire
depth with brightness
visited by Mars = opening in Sagittarius
arrow mirrored by Cancers lap

after last in this and in the next week
outburst of the "alchemist" 
symbol of man
to be reflected by 
our inward

As the alchemists found long before "Renaissance" (of the temporal) the images of the non-temporal ruling symbols and exercised  those images of the moved in the  unmovable
which serve the sailors and astrologers since immemorial times for navigation

 meanwhile the lord of  father Saturn and birth Mars
  Jupiter in Virgo
 thusly lord of their squares is
himself ruled  by Mercury
so swaying between black and white
Mercury together with Venus are this and next week
passing Jupiter in late Virgo the same timewave
into which  
Uranus by Mars 
 and Pluto by Saturn 
rhythmicallly inwoven
this passage with Jupiter are the spiritual brightest two-weeks of Venus and Mercury in their year right in the dark "earthly tainted cloud" the sunburned black  "etheopian woman" like the alchemists called that symbol in which the white light of Gods wisdom is hidden in her wisdom

and finally the visites with the dead and still unborn in our common eon:

Sun the giving spender
visits on Friday the earth- and air-goddess  Venus
of the earth-element
accompanying the inviting and awarding soul-flesh - with our ressources and
securities which are thusly exhausted from the pursuit-race in this world since the monasteries of the middle Age
another waist together

and with the fire-relatives since 1603
which need air to become spirit
on top of their heigths fire- Olymp
of the elements
meeting place of Saturn and Jupiter in 1603
at 8,3° Sagittarius
 - father and son of the fire- Gods -
in Sagittarius visited by  Saturn/Mars 
which ensure there ist a beginning and an end
before completion

and till Saturday afternoon Moon the"other light" is on the roads
of future presences
firstly in the seriousness of Capricorn
then in the distance of vision and general outline of Aquarius
and finally in the community of lions and lambs in the paradise of Pisces

and not until Saturday night Moon turns again to the entrance of the
titanic quarter of stuff  under the intelligible stars of Aries

Geschrieben am 15. August zu Mariä Himmelfahrt in Murnau, gespeichert UTC 16:04, gepostet:   UTC 15:55 und 16.8. UTC 20:04
In English 8. 17. 2016, UTC 17:38.

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