Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

To Celebrate our Aeon with Heavenly Solists - Riverboats rule

10. 26. - 11. 2. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

The week has seven days
enough space for the heavenly roles
between God and us
For the morning
belonging to God
and the unconsciousness

And for the evening
belonging to man
conscious by loss

And if it might be about
God feeling well
in man
hovering over the waters
In common creation
with us His similtude
in time
- God and man -
and in between invisible the gods
in the liberties
of good assorted resonances
In the deep natural nowtime
where the divine multi polar world
above the horizon
under the horizon is demirrored
by a demonic mesmerized world
of maritime uni - polarity

The prelude was the drowning of the titans
and the boats of the titanic sea - giants
now far too weighty
for rivers and inland seas
in this time of small boats

In which the maritime
gold of Eurasia 
placed to light rings
invisibly hovering over land
daily placed in the lost opined
eternal smithery of human genera


And now into the week

 into the first entire
Scorpio - week of the Sun
now calling the "Scorpions"
into life

and in the calendar of the year Sun
and with him the heart of time
will be resuming it's male/female visits
of spirit = air
and soul = water
of our aeonso Sun the heart
the green Uranus of element water
spirit of feeling
on Friday at 7,1° Scorpio 

and while God evidently
finds the greatest comfort
in the male/female
so the heart always
has to celebrate the male/female
mirror image

thus with the "green" Uranus
- souls nearness to god -
every year on Oktober 30th  or 31th
since 710 years 
as long yet as the
aeons year of our soul is old

and second heart-celebration this week:
on Sunday Sun with "blue" Moon of air-element
signifying how young our aeon year is spiritually

"blue" Moon of air - element - soul -feast of spirit
but Moon yet rules an, the fourth,  element: water
therefore Moon not content of soul
but ruling the  jar
in which soul is gathered
like  water in the faults and beds of earth

"blue" Moon in Skorpio
silvery jar of spirit
mirrored in the eternal under the horizon
and home in the lap of elements
in the golden chain of generations
above the fields of the aeon

so far sun and the heart-celebrations of the week

and again it is Mercury who on a feast of his own
with  "blue" Pluto has to note a judgement

feast of spirit of the infinity

which streams into our lungs
with every breath
elementary spirit and meat of the soul
in male/female aim to unite in that Virgo
of God's Saturday afternoon of the creation

so Mercury in Libra and "blue" Pluto
emerging spirit of ancestors
and coincidently receiving resonances
on Thursdy
of earth-colored Sun 
the feminine bearing heart of the  firm element
in our aeon since 1802

at 24,5° in the water-sign of Cancer

urge back
of woe
to your mother-sea
to refresh
 all athirst
with eternal Lethe
refresh you
fill me "

and now from Libra to Virgo

the assembly over four grades distance of
Mars Venus and Jupiter in Virgo even went into the media
as astronomical curiosity to the in  astrological blindness
united humanity
so in the spell of the symbols
Mars = attac
Venus = defense
Jupiter = apt placement
coincidentally in the consciousness of the thrifty Virgo

Topic of the week strategically 
 Small cheap river-boats with charged brain-rockets
the Atlantic Goliath out off Eurasia
the rare curiosity astrologically:
- lance wall and clock-face
far journeys around the edge of the funnel
of rightful laws
stages in the mirror of mature reason
 records of Mercury at the Libra of times
and genera
and their male/female scales
and from the backroom the court of the father
and the golden chain of generations
are involved in Jupiter's
aptly arrows as protecting message
serious and willing to make sacrifices

and Mercury in us on Monday at Libra
exchanging resonances with highest nearness to God of Uranus
at 17-18° Aries
Aries is the emergence of God on the mirroring surface of the real matrix
of birthing fire
while Neptune the heavenly child
slumbers resonance-less
in the depths of 
world and psyche

the sublunary world and the adventure of night with Moon
today (Monday) as resonance-guest on the heights of Uranus in Aries
in her exchange with the reason of love (or Mercury in Libra)

and is only tomorrow (Tuesday) mid morning ready for the roots of existence being secured and socialized in the
collective anchorage of each individual

an the blocked finds on Thursday it's liberating dream on the elementary ways
of spirit in space

eventually on Saturday afternoon life walks again into the dream-lap of maternal origin
into the fourth element and stays there for the rest of the week.

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Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015

Sun and Mercury - High Visits for Heart and Brain - Venus Approaching Unification in the Accounting Range

10. 19 - 26. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)


what's urgently necessary
being poor
by the poor of this world
instead of the liars
with the full pockets
and the week hikes over the liars
and the poor and those between
and the heaven looks
for it's mirrors on earth

and the spoke spirit looks into the heavenly cloud
and myself yet in life look
him over the - or he over my - shoulder

so for the "week" as we
use to call the cloud

Sun rose on Monday in the unfinished 26th
of the 30 grades of Libra
and was shining on
year arrival year feast and year leave yesterday and today
two days with an elementary god
of spirit
as whom the air element might to be addressed
beginning with the earth spirit of the Twins
soul spirit of Libra
and God spirit of Aquarius
and it is Pluto and with him the "blue" soul - gold of  spirit
visited now by Sun at the end of Libra
- hence in air element -
like every year in this 43th week

thus  the heart as Sun-mirror befalls 
Pluto-spirit of sacrificing waiver
which lets emerge the shape of
which is the ring
originating if a star
gives away it's center
which rings
connect the donated gold of the generations
in eternity

and on weekend Sun already finds
and with it our heart on the northern hemisphere
the hall
of the no more or not yet visibles

change of szene

and there is earth- and spirit god Mercury 

 two times lord of the  3
with earth- and spiritual power
noting the judgements at the evening horizon 

of the fair partitions

and Mercury notes the sacrifices of the sons and daughters 
 in whom  the fathers live
and notes the surprises
 which man prepares to the lie
out of nearness to God
and Venus with her resources in precaution
for the child on the lap of the Virgo

Venus in Virgo
in the accountancy of the beautiful 
leaving the wedding celebration
with heavenly child Neptune
and Venus  now in the span of the week 
on the way to the god
of the proper dispensation
and son of the father
 - Jupiter -
unification with him on Sunday
before on and past the markets of Virgo
realm-prudent innocence on vast ways

resources of steering details
still in reach of Mars
 the godly door opener in service to Mercury 
who again notes in service to Venus
at the scale of the fair partition
all just in this week between
Pluto and Uranus - as resonance
on the way from man to father 
and from father to man
 finds mirrored in Mercury's
earthly chronicle
happening mirrored over the horizon

and non interfering the heavenly father Saturn
at three grade Sagittarius in the service of son Jupiter
free cutting the way for  the measure

thus might be described the span

 and it's enactment
this week

only the goddess of the sub lunar world
and lady of the water  Moon
 - male in Babylonian and Germanic tradition -
is circling around the stalls of the heavenly theater
 and our dreams with her

which till Tuesday evening hike under the roof of heaven
at Capricorn in the vicarious

until the Moon boat since Tuesday night passes the free Aquarius realms of nearness to God
over the world of rises and falls

to glide
after the highs since Friday afternoon  through the depths
of the psychic sees till Sunday morning

when then with Moon dreams get real because doors open

coming Saturday however might be contemplated:
Sun visits with the heartbeat of the year in us the 1. Grade of
Scorpio the age-old couple of gods Saturn and Jupiter - father and son -
which  710 years ago encamped together in the Kings-conjunction of 1305 in the
element water of our aeon 
and who paint the essence of the emotional in this aeon
in Scorpios sacrificing waiver

and Mercury finally also might be contemplated - tomorrow (Tuesday) is a special judgement
on the years agenda: Mercury visits the court of father and son of the spirit
- Saturn and Jupiter of the air element -
where measure and law dwell as the highest
 under the roof of the elements at 9,5° Libra
there Mercury gets lore tomorrow.

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Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

About the Hun - Soul and about the Hate in the Heart of the Jupiter Demon

Saturday,  Oktober 17. 2015

 brief for Hun -soul

last Hannah - blog  mentioning
the Hun -soul

now the look into net : "Hun - Seele"
235.00 entries
 roots zone of sucking diversity
from kidney and liver

Hun - soul "the hiker" say some
the hiker needs this heavenly root piece
- the hun -
fitting  into his bag
no library
hiked spirit

"In general the Chinese supposed, that with dying of a man initially a partition happens,his "Body-Soul" (P'o) sinks downward, while his nearness- to- spirit -soul (Hun) is rising.
The P'o soul dissolves, but doesn't disappear, but rather it's "units" part but stay as "powers" or "tendencies" [or "valencies" , mundanomaniac]- ready to board for new kind of beast - out of the soul of the country or the earth (...)
In the Hun - soul however a kind of spiritual consciousness is remaining. Albeit without "body" there is the tendency, to dye in a second death little by little to dawn away, unless, that human  with the flow of his life has become so concentrated [from root to seed, from seed to root] - as if he had erected a body of breath, a body of thoughts and opera (here the fruit again) [and  in it the seed] of spiritual kind,  now giving a backbone to the Hun soul keeping it from disintegration into nothingness.
While whoever hasn't erected such spiritual "Body", is dependent of the ancestor cult of the survivors to stay forth for another incarnation in the same kin
 Marie-Louise von Franz
Traum und Tod (Dream and Death), 1999, S. 142
 [Translation and square brackets by "mundanomaniac" (since 2007)]

tenth house builds a tower
 erected by awareness of generations
 balk heavy stemmed by fathers
and a mutual heart ascending
on stairs therein broad enough
for the seasons of
up into the heights
hearts in the mirror of hearts
at the daily horizon of
the mutual hike

the hate in the heart
of  the Jupiter demon
grows on the vanity
of the spirit

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Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

To You for Remembrance, Hannah, 10. 14. 2015

Wednesday, October 14. 2015

Your Hun soul
this becoming visible to God

the two ways

Blessed is the one
    who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
    or sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers.
Not so the wicked!
    They are like chaff
    that the wind blows away.
Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
    nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
    but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

Psalm 1

Mundanomaniac: From the diary 8.9.2014

Pauli's sentences … marriage as model

 I ignite large piles of firewood in the open
tube helpless
ignite  tinder
pieces of wood hissing up
in ignition

 To me I ignite a piece of wood in the darkness
and ignited is the whole stack of drywood ...

Wolfgang Pauli Carl Gustav Jung Wolfgang Döbereiner Hannah Arendt Karl Jaspers
 so I
it's about language
it's about the words

getting old ... increasing nearer
to the essence
lighting up firewood

number of revolutions
fateful question of Astrology
avertability or

"The problem of religious experience only then finds a positive answer, if man is willing to met the requirement of rigorous self examination and self awareness. Does he perform his intention, which is in the range of his will, so he will be able not only to reach a considerable piece of truth about himself, but beyond that he gained in addition a psychological advantage: he has succeeded in honoring himself by a sober attention and a compassionate interest. With that he has virtually underwritten a declaration of human dignity in front of himself and at least done a first step in the approach to the foundation of his consciousness, the unconsciousness, being the initial comprehensible fountain of religious experience. With this in no way is said, that that, what is called unconsciousness,were identical with God or set at the place of God. It is the medium to us, out of which the religious experience seems to emerge. What is the further cause of such experiences, to answer this is beyond possible human awareness. The realization of God is a transcendental problem."
C.G.Jung, Coll. w. (German ed.) vol. 10, p: 323.
Hannah finally, if a scintilla of her looks over my shoulder today at her birthday, can share my delight on what she wrote on March 4 1951 to Jaspers:
"Since weeks now Your "whether Jahwe hasn't disappeared all to much" follows me, without me knowing an answer. As little maybe as to my own claim from the final chapter. Personally I'm hanging in there rough and ready (and actually more ready than rough) with a kind of (childly because never questioned) thrust in God ( as distinct from believe, which always believes to know, thereby getting into doubts and paradoxes). With this certainly nothing is to deal except by being light-hearted. All delivered religion, Jewish or Christian, as such doesn't tell me anything anymore. Also I do not believe, that   anywhere and anyhow it could yet give a foundation for something so immediate political like laws."
... and my delight with that, what two months earlier in a prophetical letter for 1.7.1951 Jaspers wrote to Hannah:
"... - it is not possible to ignore the time and to talk as if today still  where 1945. The Germans in large amount have indeed not reacted. Who did it - You mention only few names - forbid to take "the Germans" as a collective. And as this circumstance  of non-reaction, non shouldering is fact now - a terrible and ethical-  and spiritual momentous fact - ...
there  we are, a spiral of 70 years further, now again - with the fatal heritage of this "fact".

And  your husband Heinrich which i venerate, Hannah, with whom I already shared the most inner nearness to truth, like here, where he wrote on February 14 1956 to Karl Jaspers:

"But the society be it in it's revolution, be it in it's evolution is not able to warrant man, what only the state can issue to himself, the right, to keep oneself the person. The state and the citizen only are they, who can lead out of the undercurrent of the blind human societal - and individual occurrences that little river, which deserves to be called the historical, because it irrigates the realm, on which men can build them a civilization."
People like Hannah's husband, Heinrich Blücher, confirm to me, whats the meaning of marriage, as like as the faithful friend and husband Karl Jaspers writing it - here in a letter to Hannah's 50th from 10. 13. 1956, with which this improvisation about the ways of the Lord, marriage and friendship shall close:

"... You belong to them, who make Kierkegaard's word true: "the woman becomes more beautiful with the years, namely in that beauty, which penetrates all wrinkles and weaknesses, and which is so much more beautiful, as it hasn't anymore the once cheap brace of the juvenile splendor, therefore is wholly different, more reliable, more real."


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Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

In the Mirror of the Autumn - Goddess

10. 12. - 19. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

the 12th of October 2015 this year is a Monday

and is opening with a piece out of the repertoire of Mercury and Venus
Mercury free of resonances in the first quarter of Libra
with the regular fellow players
and in the disposition of the goddess of fair partition
Mercury visits for the third time the "Grandola constellation" this week
and the EU is stating the "game changer" on Monday
 child of Libra Putin - Black belt - knows that
Mercury alike with all the Virgin reason at the rear
the rockets and the winged
the resources
and the spirit of reconciliation
so Mercury - soloist on the stage - is stopping off
on Wednesday at the Uranus of earth element
at 3,2° Libra
and on Thursday at 4,1° Libra at red Mars of fire element
so Mercury for the third time this late summer/fall in the
Grandola version in our aeon

so in this week earth and fire as earth-Uranus and fire-Mars sweep through the time
a firm variety of spirit with the love-fire of the elementary inception - push and wave - and are visited
for unification by Mercury  god of ways and writing at the scale

and now the Venus motive this week

gladly being escaped the lion Venus is recreating in the legality of Virgo
and her much looked for countability and uses the opportunity of precaution for to tie
social nets
thereby Venus had tonight (monday) the square-dialoge with Saturn - and they both deal with
stability - the former in the here the later in the beyond and under this square yet the
EU is meeting on Syria ...

and after the square-discussion of Venus with Saturn

the father of the enduring
for Venus more and more audible will become
the child-voice of innocence
Venus in opposition with Neptune
in complement to wholeness
of feebleness and strength

and Venus together with stages and herds
visits now this week two of our aeon-gods
of the four elements out of which our aeon and we consist
in their Kings coniunctions

firstly at the summit of the highest rulers of the earth
Saturn /Jupiter at 5,1° Virgo
Venus celebrates at Wednesday evening as guest

and on Friday Venus at 6,8° Virgo meets
Neptune of fire element
innocence of fire
light over the lap of the gods
burning above all of us

and in opposition of strife and peace

this week in the sign of the great completion
force = Sun and wings = Uranus
tonight (Monday) was the maximum of resonance

for eagle and dove of man

but Mars this week approaches rapidly the
encompassing insight into the imperative of provision
which Jupiter grants to him
this weekend 

Moon finally

our shadow and our refreshment in the flowing
 gliding again under Libra till Sagittarius under the densest
accumulation of  aeon-gods which have settled in the weekly chart in the
middle band between the signs and the lights
thus collectively we live predominantly in the aeon of the autumn-gods
Venus Pluto Jupiter
and Moon with our souls vehicle over the northern hemisphere
spends   this week with them.

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Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Vladimir Putins Mother's Blessed Lap + 63 Years

Tuesday evening October 6., in a small couple of hours begins Oct. 7th,Vladimir Putins 63th birthday. To me a day to quietly join in the celebrations with all morally intact non-PR-addicted contemporaries on this Planet. Putin marks how it could go. What ? The climb down into oneself s allod.

 7.10.1952, UTC 6:30, Leningrad
Vladimir Putin

Where is he standing and who is he
No one else but the horoscope can know that
cause it shows unchangeability
there is nobody and nothing 
able to change a horoscope
it is and is by
determining and creator of man
whom he made a giver of names
in his lap
"God standeth in the congregation of the mighty;
 he judgeth among the gods."

that every of his infants might find his
name in  age

God or horoscope - unchangeable but how to cognize?
And the astrologer in Adam keeps saying: like by His sons and their women 
so by the lights encircling us by night and day and by the "signs" of their traveling backgrounds in the sky.

And like every bold man  Putin has walked a long road 
and was made in the beginning of Scorpio
like his birth time  tells
 his version
is the highest that below God
 a temporal can reach
"Pluto at the MC"
birth ruler in  zenith
 God of waver
living before the time
measure of waver
Russian Civilization
normal human beings

and the boy with an inborn touchstone has only to listen to himself
in everybody's dream
no one ever told it to him he only realized it with himself
and has told it no one
and calmly
enthralls his  vicinity by undertakings of virtue

and here at September 28th combed and in a suit
stepping ahead of the eyes of the world
announces the loyalty of Russia to the UNO
and to his long kept partner and only secular state
in that space in dire straits

and announces the intervention
and two days later the blue white red eagles are flying

This is the moment when his speech was, what I would call  "consummated",  as everything was said,
that was to say.

New York 28.9.2015 EDT 12:25
UTC 18:25
Putins's speech completed

 The heartily lived 10th house of conciliation and at heavens center "MC" the severing of the before from the after as the sequence of Virgo to  Libra and MC in Libra signifies:
 fair partition enters the time

 A decisive conciliator announced a potentially eternal mirror between spirit in time and the rising boldness of the fight for children women and the elder.

By oppositions and squares not everything 
but many a thing
can be linked

Red arrow : presence
two arrowheads: presence of two complementary elements
arrowhead  around the corner: presence of two contradicting elements

presence of what?
of the gods of the new time in red
with the gods of Putin
here his horoscope once again addet with the arrows of the resonances of the visiting gods of the new time

Vladimir Putin trans 28. 9. 2015, EDT 12:25 New York
Speech completed

I won't take away the joy of discovery and cognition from anybody.
blessed is * October 7th 1952
and the lap having conceived this boy

Murnau, 6.10.2015 gepostet UTC 20:50. In English 10.7.2015, UTC 16:50.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Seven Years Raging Female Hysterics at the Potomac

Doing another one of our visits of the  31th "Septar" of our northern hemispere's earth-aeon's Kingsconjunction of 1802, running from 2012 to 2019 what does it show?

The Atlantic - Eurasian playground of all those businesses which are outlined by the characters of the element earth, as there are territories, reserves, utility and stability ...

Now two glimpses on Washington DC, and what it does show:

On every place of the northern hemisphere in each "Septar"(= n- birthday x 7 years)  the same virtual  Sun shines always at the Kingsconjunctions position at 24,5° Cancer.

In one word this symbolizes that the feminine character is ruling in the center of things in the whole aeon from 1802 to 2577 . This "feminine character"does not mean, it has to wear skirts and bras, a harmonizing and defensive kind of politic not only also accords to that character but even in a deeper less superficial way.

And in the 31th "Septar" the virtual earth-sun over Washington shines in the 4th house which is the house-analogy of cancer,  meaning: the feminine trend is doubled. So this explains a lot of things one might have had  to marvel about persons in the political windows in Washington in the recent years.

17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

Now, beginning with the begin, one has firstly to look  at the ascendant of the grade arising in the "Septar"- moment at the eastern horizon of Washington. (The Septar"- moment is, when Sun on the elements "birthday" is exactly in the Position of the Kingsconjunction on its birthday).
 And the sign Aries rising tells, in DC are those acting, who for this seven-years-play have picked the Martian chip, filled with instinct, blindness, rage and aggression. And even worse: Mars himself is in the first house , the house-analogy of Aries. This doubles the rage and blind rule of aggressive instinct of the female players in Washington DC what is placing a double need of wisdom on the part of Lavrov and Putin, to realize and place the permanent hysteria of the hysterics in DC into their game-chart.

By all the stress, Washington delivers to the rest of  the contemporaries, it is also them, who are the buzzer, awaking all kinds of sleeping moral potentials in the world by intruding with their lies into  every morally void space.

Posted 10,5,2015 in Murnau, Bavaria UTC 19:13.

Mercury :Three Times "Grandola" for the Just Partition

 10. 5. - 12. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
   (click to enlarge)

Mercury(a) further on short way back
 with him/her the measuring and questions- asking in the
considerations of Libra
  advantage of way back:
already delineated grades are to be overwritten anew

Mercury(a) this week gets additional reinforcement:
 Venus with her resources prevails since Thursday together
with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo
of the hermaphrodite-god

and Mercury(a)
walks straight back through Libra
which is sub serving to him since Thursday

 and with Venus
the herds and their stages are walking out of
the dominance of the center Sun

and Mercury(a) in the sign of  just partition
is able to bring since Thursday the Venus- resources of the defensive
to the strife
to which Mars delivers the brisance
and Jupiter the long ways
walked in king size format

Mars sub serving Mercury(a) in Libra
 brings Uranus the man-god
to the front line
and Jupiter brings Saturn
the judge

and Mercury(a) - Aegypto-Grecian "Hermes" -
 measures and notifies the verdict
and it is about the mirror of earth
and two kinds of Virgo
or of self interest
two kinds of
just and "just" partition

Saturn Jupiter Mars
are standing around at Libra's judgement about the lived
and in addition since Thursday Venus
immediately in resonance to judge Saturn
adds her resources

and Mercury(a) has on his/her back-loop
a second time passed the "Grandola-constellation"
with its human - liberating Mars/Uranus- role of armed forces
and will pass it a third time next week

ans Sun the vital center
of time
in Libra
keeps the heart
ruling the just partition

and on Tuesday it is the resonance of the heart of time
to Pluto and his chain between ancestors and the not yet borne
 on the summit of pureness
which we the living carry forward
by our waiver for the part of the dead and the not yet borne

Sun along the week has the decay of resonance
which is followed by renewed swell:
Sun walks on Sunday on the next resonance-peak
 with man-god Uranus
who as god in man
calls out of Aries
for the spring-storm

For Mars this week contains the opposition to Neptune in Pisces
dialog of brisance and innocence
of  edge and nebulization
of begin and end

and Moon may once remain a secret this week

Posted in English: 10.8.2015 in Murnau UTC 12:19.


Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Russia and USA - Simple Inexorability and Threfold Conciliation

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015
Russia and USA - Simple Inexorability and Threfold Conciliation

Now in the distance of nearly a week, it's becoming easier to have a smell of history.  What ponderous moment has been this one: Putins speech lasted from 12:01 till 12:25. And Astrology holds that, when a birth is completed, the after-birth-time begins. And that "moment in the conversation of the gods" (C.G. JUNG) is incarnated in accord with the chart of that moment in said "conversation".
It' s  a speech's birth into history - this Moment
 Let's have a look what we can tell, "reading" that moment.
In the "beginning" there is only one item on one pan of Libra which has two for the balance.
Astrology calls it "Ascendant"  meaning that grade of the heavenly zodiac of 360 grades, which is rising at the horizon.
Ascendant is all we have in the first moment and all what will become will emerge out of this moment
And for ascendant being the first it is complete unconscious to our consciousness which is filled always with the latest chaos of life.
Yes  identity is stashed in the unconsciousness. And the horoscope opens the mind to this secret:

 28.9.2015, New York
EDT 12:25 / UTC 16:25

 Ascendant 10,6° Sagittarius

 Ascendant 10,6° Sagittarius
Sagittarius marks that stadium in the circle of life where the enthusiasm for some "non-ego" (Libra) is a done deal and where also the sacrifice for  "non-ego is done. Sagittarius is the next stage. Sagittarius is fire. Symbol is the arrow telling of a way and an arrival. Jupiter is the god and master of this arrow pointed into its mirror-image, which is Cancer = the receiving root of the soul.
Telling about the circles of time around the circles of matter Sagittarius "knows" the ultimate light above each of the  grades thereby being the divine conciliator of the zodiac connecting the comprehensive circles.
Now ascendant 10,6° Sagittarius. First Question: what and where is the lord of this ascendant?
"What"  is Jupiter and "where" is house 9. The ninth House parallels the ninth sign in zodiac which is Sagittarius.
And Jupiter has exactly a square = ~ 90°-resonance in other words; ASC 10,6 Sagittarius is "constellated" with "somebody" else,  psychology calls such a  "complex".
 Now: in this case the conciliator is constellated by the conciliator.
First ya identity,  second by phase, thirdly by resonance. This is a rare moment. And, in the chart marked green, there is another square/Opposition with Neptune, adding to the complex of threefold conciliation the innocence of the child.
  And the spiritual ground of said Jupiter is Virgo herself,  presented by Mercury on the chair of the judge = house 10,  in a meaningful paradox complex with Moon and Pluto connecting house 10th Mercury the judging speaker,  with Pluto's= sacrifice of territory= house 2 and Moons = the peoples comfort= house 4 in the stride of Aries. 

 The recent one and a halve years have taught us, that Russian politic completely renounces  for empty rhetoric - but acts and when then without announcement and decisively. The Russian  master of  politics is also a master in Judo with a black belt.

One day after his speech the master received the mandate for deployment of Russian military beyond the borders of the Russian state by the Russian Upper House.

One day later the attacks, requested by the Syrian Government commenced with  a blitz on supply and command of the terrorists.

What this turnaround in world politics means, is non uneasy to read if one does a projection of the speech on the horoscope of the USA according to the "Completing Declaration of Independence".
(There are a number of different ASC/times of  'the moment' in use, the following one is that, which is most probable to me).

4.7.1776 Philadelphia, 17:10 LMT
Transit 28.9.2015, UTC 16:25

The distance of the ASC of the completed speech to USA' birth is less than 1°, hence Putin has with this speech the horoscope of the USA virtual "overwritten", meaning: the USA are them self by their ASC/identity/predisposition a conciliator of given contradictions by comprehensive insight.

But as, like said above, the asc is always completely unconscious " instinctively"  presence, so the identity is always in the danger of being more or less completely overwritten by the oppositional imagined targets of the consciousness.
These imagines to harmonize the chaos of life are to be seen in house 7. In USA's horoscope the targets
 are according to their placement in house 7: Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun - with other words: aggression, absorption, comprehensive claim and willfulness.

 What the speech of Putin means to the USA is pointed at by the common ASC: The Russian enunciates
what according to the ASC should be the charge of the USA; Conciliation among  the international contradictions on the ground of the UN under respect for  the uniqueness of each national subject of 
the international law.  

Now the transits of September 28th on the horoscope of the USA showing the situation in which the gods of this day meet the USA:

1. The long lasting opposition of Pluto's (= sacrifice) resonance (and vice versa) on the Sun (= willfulness) in this year demanding the waiver in favor of becoming a ring instead of remaining an ego-complex, a ring in the golden chain  of generations.
2. The square of Libra-Sun's resonance with Jupiter of the USA and her Venus demanding the harmonization of the willfulness of playing the game in town with the needs and hopes of the other legitime willfulnesses in the world.
3. The square-resonances between Jupiter and Neptune and the American  Uranus refer to him as ruler of the third house. Uranus rules out of the birds perspective and overlooks the entirety in the spirit of humanity (-s laws). In the 6th house  however Uranus is subordinated the interests and purposes of the
And so it is without ironies that the USA currently is governed by an actor, whose ASC in Aquarius is on the stage of 7th house and whose Sun is in the 6th house, administering the ruling willfulness.

Hussein Barak Obama jr.

4. Saturn is placed in house 10 and demands under his rule the constraint according to the measure of things, which is valid for all. This Saturn of 1776 has a strict square-resonance with the Sun of the US. And therefore they hate in their willfulness the fatherly self-restraint which however in their Constitution in fatherly wisdom was anchored in form of "checks and balances", the reason why the US-constitution has emerged as a model for the world. The Pluto-resonance demands this kind of American  self-restraint much more, than the self-conception of the American policy is willing  to concede.

In all the way, like the USA currently, essentially co-guided by immigrated Zionist zealots, living a bad caricature of their  founding - horoscope, and world politically stepping from one botch to the next helplessness it becomes visible, that living against the gods is nothing but hybrid self destruction.

But still President Putin thinks not only against but also for them,  whom also the coming generations have to live with and that makes, that his policy is marked by polite forms and the approach permitting the enemy/Partner to save its face. Just threefold conciliation.

Gepostet: 3.10.2015, Murnau, UTC 20:08. In English 10.4.2015 UTC 14:46.