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Mercury :Three Times "Grandola" for the Just Partition

 10. 5. - 12. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Mercury(a) further on short way back
 with him/her the measuring and questions- asking in the
considerations of Libra
  advantage of way back:
already delineated grades are to be overwritten anew

Mercury(a) this week gets additional reinforcement:
 Venus with her resources prevails since Thursday together
with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo
of the hermaphrodite-god

and Mercury(a)
walks straight back through Libra
which is sub serving to him since Thursday

 and with Venus
the herds and their stages are walking out of
the dominance of the center Sun

and Mercury(a) in the sign of  just partition
is able to bring since Thursday the Venus- resources of the defensive
to the strife
to which Mars delivers the brisance
and Jupiter the long ways
walked in king size format

Mars sub serving Mercury(a) in Libra
 brings Uranus the man-god
to the front line
and Jupiter brings Saturn
the judge

and Mercury(a) - Aegypto-Grecian "Hermes" -
 measures and notifies the verdict
and it is about the mirror of earth
and two kinds of Virgo
or of self interest
two kinds of
just and "just" partition

Saturn Jupiter Mars
are standing around at Libra's judgement about the lived
and in addition since Thursday Venus
immediately in resonance to judge Saturn
adds her resources

and Mercury(a) has on his/her back-loop
a second time passed the "Grandola-constellation"
with its human - liberating Mars/Uranus- role of armed forces
and will pass it a third time next week

ans Sun the vital center
of time
in Libra
keeps the heart
ruling the just partition

and on Tuesday it is the resonance of the heart of time
to Pluto and his chain between ancestors and the not yet borne
 on the summit of pureness
which we the living carry forward
by our waiver for the part of the dead and the not yet borne

Sun along the week has the decay of resonance
which is followed by renewed swell:
Sun walks on Sunday on the next resonance-peak
 with man-god Uranus
who as god in man
calls out of Aries
for the spring-storm

For Mars this week contains the opposition to Neptune in Pisces
dialog of brisance and innocence
of  edge and nebulization
of begin and end

and Moon may once remain a secret this week

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