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To Celebrate our Aeon with Heavenly Solists - Riverboats rule

10. 26. - 11. 2. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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The week has seven days
enough space for the heavenly roles
between God and us
For the morning
belonging to God
and the unconsciousness

And for the evening
belonging to man
conscious by loss

And if it might be about
God feeling well
in man
hovering over the waters
In common creation
with us His similtude
in time
- God and man -
and in between invisible the gods
in the liberties
of good assorted resonances
In the deep natural nowtime
where the divine multi polar world
above the horizon
under the horizon is demirrored
by a demonic mesmerized world
of maritime uni - polarity

The prelude was the drowning of the titans
and the boats of the titanic sea - giants
now far too weighty
for rivers and inland seas
in this time of small boats

In which the maritime
gold of Eurasia 
placed to light rings
invisibly hovering over land
daily placed in the lost opined
eternal smithery of human genera


And now into the week

 into the first entire
Scorpio - week of the Sun
now calling the "Scorpions"
into life

and in the calendar of the year Sun
and with him the heart of time
will be resuming it's male/female visits
of spirit = air
and soul = water
of our aeonso Sun the heart
the green Uranus of element water
spirit of feeling
on Friday at 7,1° Scorpio 

and while God evidently
finds the greatest comfort
in the male/female
so the heart always
has to celebrate the male/female
mirror image

thus with the "green" Uranus
- souls nearness to god -
every year on Oktober 30th  or 31th
since 710 years 
as long yet as the
aeons year of our soul is old

and second heart-celebration this week:
on Sunday Sun with "blue" Moon of air-element
signifying how young our aeon year is spiritually

"blue" Moon of air - element - soul -feast of spirit
but Moon yet rules an, the fourth,  element: water
therefore Moon not content of soul
but ruling the  jar
in which soul is gathered
like  water in the faults and beds of earth

"blue" Moon in Skorpio
silvery jar of spirit
mirrored in the eternal under the horizon
and home in the lap of elements
in the golden chain of generations
above the fields of the aeon

so far sun and the heart-celebrations of the week

and again it is Mercury who on a feast of his own
with  "blue" Pluto has to note a judgement

feast of spirit of the infinity

which streams into our lungs
with every breath
elementary spirit and meat of the soul
in male/female aim to unite in that Virgo
of God's Saturday afternoon of the creation

so Mercury in Libra and "blue" Pluto
emerging spirit of ancestors
and coincidently receiving resonances
on Thursdy
of earth-colored Sun 
the feminine bearing heart of the  firm element
in our aeon since 1802

at 24,5° in the water-sign of Cancer

urge back
of woe
to your mother-sea
to refresh
 all athirst
with eternal Lethe
refresh you
fill me "

and now from Libra to Virgo

the assembly over four grades distance of
Mars Venus and Jupiter in Virgo even went into the media
as astronomical curiosity to the in  astrological blindness
united humanity
so in the spell of the symbols
Mars = attac
Venus = defense
Jupiter = apt placement
coincidentally in the consciousness of the thrifty Virgo

Topic of the week strategically 
 Small cheap river-boats with charged brain-rockets
the Atlantic Goliath out off Eurasia
the rare curiosity astrologically:
- lance wall and clock-face
far journeys around the edge of the funnel
of rightful laws
stages in the mirror of mature reason
 records of Mercury at the Libra of times
and genera
and their male/female scales
and from the backroom the court of the father
and the golden chain of generations
are involved in Jupiter's
aptly arrows as protecting message
serious and willing to make sacrifices

and Mercury in us on Monday at Libra
exchanging resonances with highest nearness to God of Uranus
at 17-18° Aries
Aries is the emergence of God on the mirroring surface of the real matrix
of birthing fire
while Neptune the heavenly child
slumbers resonance-less
in the depths of 
world and psyche

the sublunary world and the adventure of night with Moon
today (Monday) as resonance-guest on the heights of Uranus in Aries
in her exchange with the reason of love (or Mercury in Libra)

and is only tomorrow (Tuesday) mid morning ready for the roots of existence being secured and socialized in the
collective anchorage of each individual

an the blocked finds on Thursday it's liberating dream on the elementary ways
of spirit in space

eventually on Saturday afternoon life walks again into the dream-lap of maternal origin
into the fourth element and stays there for the rest of the week.

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