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Vladimir Putins Mother's Blessed Lap + 63 Years

Tuesday evening October 6., in a small couple of hours begins Oct. 7th,Vladimir Putins 63th birthday. To me a day to quietly join in the celebrations with all morally intact non-PR-addicted contemporaries on this Planet. Putin marks how it could go. What ? The climb down into oneself s allod.

 7.10.1952, UTC 6:30, Leningrad
Vladimir Putin

Where is he standing and who is he
No one else but the horoscope can know that
cause it shows unchangeability
there is nobody and nothing 
able to change a horoscope
it is and is by
determining and creator of man
whom he made a giver of names
in his lap
"God standeth in the congregation of the mighty;
 he judgeth among the gods."

that every of his infants might find his
name in  age

God or horoscope - unchangeable but how to cognize?
And the astrologer in Adam keeps saying: like by His sons and their women 
so by the lights encircling us by night and day and by the "signs" of their traveling backgrounds in the sky.

And like every bold man  Putin has walked a long road 
and was made in the beginning of Scorpio
like his birth time  tells
 his version
is the highest that below God
 a temporal can reach
"Pluto at the MC"
birth ruler in  zenith
 God of waver
living before the time
measure of waver
Russian Civilization
normal human beings

and the boy with an inborn touchstone has only to listen to himself
in everybody's dream
no one ever told it to him he only realized it with himself
and has told it no one
and calmly
enthralls his  vicinity by undertakings of virtue

and here at September 28th combed and in a suit
stepping ahead of the eyes of the world
announces the loyalty of Russia to the UNO
and to his long kept partner and only secular state
in that space in dire straits

and announces the intervention
and two days later the blue white red eagles are flying

This is the moment when his speech was, what I would call  "consummated",  as everything was said,
that was to say.

New York 28.9.2015 EDT 12:25
UTC 18:25
Putins's speech completed

 The heartily lived 10th house of conciliation and at heavens center "MC" the severing of the before from the after as the sequence of Virgo to  Libra and MC in Libra signifies:
 fair partition enters the time

 A decisive conciliator announced a potentially eternal mirror between spirit in time and the rising boldness of the fight for children women and the elder.

By oppositions and squares not everything 
but many a thing
can be linked

Red arrow : presence
two arrowheads: presence of two complementary elements
arrowhead  around the corner: presence of two contradicting elements

presence of what?
of the gods of the new time in red
with the gods of Putin
here his horoscope once again addet with the arrows of the resonances of the visiting gods of the new time

Vladimir Putin trans 28. 9. 2015, EDT 12:25 New York
Speech completed

I won't take away the joy of discovery and cognition from anybody.
blessed is * October 7th 1952
and the lap having conceived this boy

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