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Seven Years Raging Female Hysterics at the Potomac

Doing another one of our visits of the  31th "Septar" of our northern hemispere's earth-aeon's Kingsconjunction of 1802, running from 2012 to 2019 what does it show?

The Atlantic - Eurasian playground of all those businesses which are outlined by the characters of the element earth, as there are territories, reserves, utility and stability ...

Now two glimpses on Washington DC, and what it does show:

On every place of the northern hemisphere in each "Septar"(= n- birthday x 7 years)  the same virtual  Sun shines always at the Kingsconjunctions position at 24,5° Cancer.

In one word this symbolizes that the feminine character is ruling in the center of things in the whole aeon from 1802 to 2577 . This "feminine character"does not mean, it has to wear skirts and bras, a harmonizing and defensive kind of politic not only also accords to that character but even in a deeper less superficial way.

And in the 31th "Septar" the virtual earth-sun over Washington shines in the 4th house which is the house-analogy of cancer,  meaning: the feminine trend is doubled. So this explains a lot of things one might have had  to marvel about persons in the political windows in Washington in the recent years.

17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

Now, beginning with the begin, one has firstly to look  at the ascendant of the grade arising in the "Septar"- moment at the eastern horizon of Washington. (The Septar"- moment is, when Sun on the elements "birthday" is exactly in the Position of the Kingsconjunction on its birthday).
 And the sign Aries rising tells, in DC are those acting, who for this seven-years-play have picked the Martian chip, filled with instinct, blindness, rage and aggression. And even worse: Mars himself is in the first house , the house-analogy of Aries. This doubles the rage and blind rule of aggressive instinct of the female players in Washington DC what is placing a double need of wisdom on the part of Lavrov and Putin, to realize and place the permanent hysteria of the hysterics in DC into their game-chart.

By all the stress, Washington delivers to the rest of  the contemporaries, it is also them, who are the buzzer, awaking all kinds of sleeping moral potentials in the world by intruding with their lies into  every morally void space.

Posted 10,5,2015 in Murnau, Bavaria UTC 19:13.

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