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About the Hun - Soul and about the Hate in the Heart of the Jupiter Demon

Saturday,  Oktober 17. 2015

 brief for Hun -soul

last Hannah - blog  mentioning
the Hun -soul

now the look into net : "Hun - Seele"
235.00 entries
 roots zone of sucking diversity
from kidney and liver

Hun - soul "the hiker" say some
the hiker needs this heavenly root piece
- the hun -
fitting  into his bag
no library
hiked spirit

"In general the Chinese supposed, that with dying of a man initially a partition happens,his "Body-Soul" (P'o) sinks downward, while his nearness- to- spirit -soul (Hun) is rising.
The P'o soul dissolves, but doesn't disappear, but rather it's "units" part but stay as "powers" or "tendencies" [or "valencies" , mundanomaniac]- ready to board for new kind of beast - out of the soul of the country or the earth (...)
In the Hun - soul however a kind of spiritual consciousness is remaining. Albeit without "body" there is the tendency, to dye in a second death little by little to dawn away, unless, that human  with the flow of his life has become so concentrated [from root to seed, from seed to root] - as if he had erected a body of breath, a body of thoughts and opera (here the fruit again) [and  in it the seed] of spiritual kind,  now giving a backbone to the Hun soul keeping it from disintegration into nothingness.
While whoever hasn't erected such spiritual "Body", is dependent of the ancestor cult of the survivors to stay forth for another incarnation in the same kin
 Marie-Louise von Franz
Traum und Tod (Dream and Death), 1999, S. 142
 [Translation and square brackets by "mundanomaniac" (since 2007)]

tenth house builds a tower
 erected by awareness of generations
 balk heavy stemmed by fathers
and a mutual heart ascending
on stairs therein broad enough
for the seasons of
up into the heights
hearts in the mirror of hearts
at the daily horizon of
the mutual hike

the hate in the heart
of  the Jupiter demon
grows on the vanity
of the spirit

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