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Sun and Mercury - High Visits for Heart and Brain - Venus Approaching Unification in the Accounting Range

10. 19 - 26. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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what's urgently necessary
being poor
by the poor of this world
instead of the liars
with the full pockets
and the week hikes over the liars
and the poor and those between
and the heaven looks
for it's mirrors on earth

and the spoke spirit looks into the heavenly cloud
and myself yet in life look
him over the - or he over my - shoulder

so for the "week" as we
use to call the cloud

Sun rose on Monday in the unfinished 26th
of the 30 grades of Libra
and was shining on
year arrival year feast and year leave yesterday and today
two days with an elementary god
of spirit
as whom the air element might to be addressed
beginning with the earth spirit of the Twins
soul spirit of Libra
and God spirit of Aquarius
and it is Pluto and with him the "blue" soul - gold of  spirit
visited now by Sun at the end of Libra
- hence in air element -
like every year in this 43th week

thus  the heart as Sun-mirror befalls 
Pluto-spirit of sacrificing waiver
which lets emerge the shape of
which is the ring
originating if a star
gives away it's center
which rings
connect the donated gold of the generations
in eternity

and on weekend Sun already finds
and with it our heart on the northern hemisphere
the hall
of the no more or not yet visibles

change of szene

and there is earth- and spirit god Mercury 

 two times lord of the  3
with earth- and spiritual power
noting the judgements at the evening horizon 

of the fair partitions

and Mercury notes the sacrifices of the sons and daughters 
 in whom  the fathers live
and notes the surprises
 which man prepares to the lie
out of nearness to God
and Venus with her resources in precaution
for the child on the lap of the Virgo

Venus in Virgo
in the accountancy of the beautiful 
leaving the wedding celebration
with heavenly child Neptune
and Venus  now in the span of the week 
on the way to the god
of the proper dispensation
and son of the father
 - Jupiter -
unification with him on Sunday
before on and past the markets of Virgo
realm-prudent innocence on vast ways

resources of steering details
still in reach of Mars
 the godly door opener in service to Mercury 
who again notes in service to Venus
at the scale of the fair partition
all just in this week between
Pluto and Uranus - as resonance
on the way from man to father 
and from father to man
 finds mirrored in Mercury's
earthly chronicle
happening mirrored over the horizon

and non interfering the heavenly father Saturn
at three grade Sagittarius in the service of son Jupiter
free cutting the way for  the measure

thus might be described the span

 and it's enactment
this week

only the goddess of the sub lunar world
and lady of the water  Moon
 - male in Babylonian and Germanic tradition -
is circling around the stalls of the heavenly theater
 and our dreams with her

which till Tuesday evening hike under the roof of heaven
at Capricorn in the vicarious

until the Moon boat since Tuesday night passes the free Aquarius realms of nearness to God
over the world of rises and falls

to glide
after the highs since Friday afternoon  through the depths
of the psychic sees till Sunday morning

when then with Moon dreams get real because doors open

coming Saturday however might be contemplated:
Sun visits with the heartbeat of the year in us the 1. Grade of
Scorpio the age-old couple of gods Saturn and Jupiter - father and son -
which  710 years ago encamped together in the Kings-conjunction of 1305 in the
element water of our aeon 
and who paint the essence of the emotional in this aeon
in Scorpios sacrificing waiver

and Mercury finally also might be contemplated - tomorrow (Tuesday) is a special judgement
on the years agenda: Mercury visits the court of father and son of the spirit
- Saturn and Jupiter of the air element -
where measure and law dwell as the highest
 under the roof of the elements at 9,5° Libra
there Mercury gets lore tomorrow.

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