Montag, 28. September 2015

Venus Visiting Earth-Venus - what a Chance

9. 28. - 10. 5. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  9. 28. 2015

Venus this time here as starter
what is Venus in us?
the risk of mating
symbol Libra

but Venus also
the retreat to the middle 
in the association
to the herd

since June Venus the panderess and Venus  the herd
in the fiery realm
of Leo for now
and the latter
in the free nature the equilibrium

at the waterhole
in human disguise currently
the divine herd communicates in Leo
the same waterhole
which we communicate with the
hunger of the physician
cause the lion is the physician
living of the sick and weak

and  with all that

 - since 1802 at 26,1° Leo -
the aeon - Venus of the earth element

and now the Venus of presence

which we can see in the sky
this is united with those aeons-Venus
of the earth-quarter of the elements
on Saturday
common fate
anyone of us dwells into roots-inhabited is the earth -skein
of the aeon since 1802 at the common
waterhole of bulls and lions with the eons-fate
for the firm element in us and out of us
since 1802 at 26,1° Leo
and with that in resonance with
26,1° Taurus 26,1° Scorpio and 26,1° Aquarius

so much for Venus here
Venus visits earth-Venus
what a chance to welcome
both of them

and a renewed glimpse at the heavenly picture
gods or Gods sons and daughters which
like to be mirrored above the horizon
by the depths of the earth
to the admonition of God about
the tragic nature of the creation
borne in pain
for sake of the eternal secrets 
carrying the universe

to the point chronicler

this week contains more visits at our

(northern hemisphere)
fates of the four elements and their gods

from which this chronicle particularly
illuminated the quarter of the earth more than the other
in the certainty that there is to deal with the
unification of all four elements on earth 
what we humans as phenomenons at the surface
have to mirror

and further on the track of the aeon and its

four elements according to the 
resonance -beams/waves through the empty
middle of the week-horoscope
do we begin in the order of the elements which the zodiac provides

with the fire according to the kings - conjunction of 1603
still today (Monday) Sun at the Mars of fire
means heart at the begin of the begin 
light emanates around the aeons well of light at 4,1° Libra
in the jump for  prey the heart

 do we continue with earth whose Venus we already saluted
it's Mars in us with his impatiens
who is passing on Saturday a great camp
where 1802 at 5,1° Virgo
Saturn and Jupiter
king and son
met in kings-conjunction
earth as the firm element
visited by the god of impatiens
with his early light

if we go on in the appearance of the elements in zodiac

we next arrive  at the air and it's paradoxes
firm into the marvel of Libra juts the 
kings-mountain of the air above the horizon 
where Saturn and Jupiter
in the new kings-conjunction of 1980 in the air-element
have united in spirit
and with Sun on Saturday midnight
the divine heart of contemporary moves over
this virtual mountain of all that joy
God has stashed in love 

and from Mercury has to be noted

that his retreat leads him still today days before Sun
to the heights of the kings-conjunction in  air
and with Mercury our factual ability is referred to
to articulate today (Monday)
the stashed joy in the love
 on Saturday the initial light and on Sunday
the factual width of humanity

and as the fourth in the line of the sequence of the elements in zodiac

the "green" Mercury of water hence of all inward
thus of all receiving 
at 12,8° Capricorn (arm in arm with Sun)
already along the entire late summer
has visit of Pluto and his impositions
referring to the part of presence
belonging to the dead and the still unborn

so muchto a week in which we can meet with all four elements of 
our aeon dramatized by the time and their mirrors

as yet some contemporary motives of this week

Mars begins this week still firm in resonance-exchange with Saturn
united are sharpness and severity in the image of the gardener
to the end of the week the resonance will be growing more humid:
Neptune is awaiting for the resonance-meeting in opposition next week
to emerge as a kind of acid of upcoming secrets
likewise next week heart Sun through the resonance
of Pluto paralyzing the demand

and that's it except by Moon and his dream trails which are motivated by the instincts

of existence this week like they master it according to Aries Taurus and Twins

moving foreward till Tuesday-evening
moving back till Thursday-evening
mediating till Saturday-night
and on Sunday then receiving what comes down the stream
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ASC: 17,5° Steinbock

MC: 18,2° Skorpion

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Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

A Cathedral for the Muslims

9. 23. 2015 UTC 9:25 (12:25)

Posted 9.24.2015, Murnau UTC 21:22.

Dienstag, 22. September 2015

Days of Human Flood

in which we go on in our time-trip with our invisible  7 - miles - boots along the "Septar" of the seven Years between 2012 and 2019.  Technically basing on an Idea of the ancient Arab/Iranian astrology which attributed great meaning to the "Great Conjunctions" which occur every 20 years between Saturn and Jupiter. 
The crucial idea was, to watch the "Kings-Conjunction". Those are "Great Conjunctions", which after a series of ca. 10x  in the signs of the same element jump into the next sign of another Element. These Kings-Conjunctions are, according to great Abu Mashar of Balki, signifying change of dynasties, Laws and emerging of war and peace.
Now another idea came to astrologers, who had an rhythmical approach to time, series etc. They in the follower ship of the great french Baptist Morinus, checked, the times re-appearance  in rhythmical enlargements.
 From this idea stems the 7-fold-enlagement of  the birthdays of the the initial Kings-conjunction in the 4 elements, called "Septar".
Astromundane diary preferently check the "Septars" of the Kings-conjunction in earth element, only sometimes, given special cause, the other elements.
 So for orientation in the  present moment of the element earth in the aeon between 1802 and 2577 one has to watch the 32. Septar = 31 birthday (birth-horoscope is 1. Septar). 
And  in this Septar began to vibrate in July 2012, so we now have to analyze the 6. mirror 
in which the 7th and 6th house mirror each other like heaven in earth.
The rhythm, emerging from the ascendant on it's way through the 6th and 7th house,what rules it and what is rule by it, that's the message.

While 6. Mirror -Tsunami in Europe and Near East

June 2015 until January 2016 from East France till to the Ural and down into the Near East
everywhere one is dealing in these seven years till 2019 with the ascendant Leo = unique character.
And since June 2015 one is dealing with the 6th house of "unique character" = the compromises of the unique character.
And the 7th house above has to deliver the deliverance coming,  in analogy to Pisces, rhythmically out of the 12th house. Delivering to whom? Out of the unconsciousness (12th house) to the conscious mind.

and the 7. house of Istanbul and Damascus delivering the solution as Pisces-Tsunami to the consciousness of the 6. mirror thus compromises  in Capricorn ="on top"
which top has to put up with the ire of Neptune
as the Tsunami rages over borders
because of the 
children, the dolphins, and the innocence of mind ...

Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

and Istanbul mails the Tsunami of the weak into the 6th house of Leo
having to deal with compromises
 Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

and Damascus mails this one and the Tsunami of the Moon-Saturn-poorness
and steadfastness of the people
into the 6th house of Leo

while Berlin and the West from east of Paris unto the Ukraine has to deliver the "unique character" in the shape of man in  = Uranus in Aquarius = nearness to God

 Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

But Moscow is the only European Capital
with ascendant Leo which has Sun + Mercury = initiative + soberness
in house 11th
is there wise the deliveress of the origin
of the sovereign uniqueness of character
on cooperation with the gods/archetypes

 Erdelement 31. Septar
17.7.1832, UTC 4:38

 and in delivery since June the Pisces into the 
uncompromising 5th house whose own initiative
in Capricorn consists in the uncompromising cleansing
of the top = state
according with the divine command of conciliator Jupiter
who in Pisces leads Neptune's arrow of truth 
into the invisible mark

meanwhile on the remaining northern hemisphere
- Neptune as well in Capricorn -
with changing ascendants and 6th mirrors
the slow passage of Neptune though Capricorn since 1935
and within this the slow passage of Neptune through the opposition with Sun
since 1998 which watches the "Machtergreifung" of  families = Cancer
upon the state.

1998 - 2005

Neptune in Capricorn is godly the cleansing of the state and demonic the resolution
of the state which only above all interests "guarantees the individual" (Heinrich Blücher)

These seven years saw  1999 under Clinton the resolution of the Banking Act of 1933
and under Bush the coup in the USA called
in the shadow of the deaths of Manhattan

2005 - 2012
New York

Neptune in Capricorn
resolution of the state as watch-dog
in the claws of the lower Sagittarius-fire in the
unexpected profitable 2. house of universal ownership
for the superior mind turning the large
super national wheels
and autumn 2007/2008 specially:
Mercury = adjustment + Sun = center in Cancer
family universe
in resonance: Neptune in Capricorn
the dispersed state
in the claw of demonic intelligence
of the Jupiter-birds of vanity
of the US-East-Coast

 Erdelement 31. Septar
7. 17. 1832, UTC 4:38

and Washington right now:

Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury - 
all three rulers isolated
nothing in the pan to stir in the moment
Erdelement 31. Septar
7. 17. 1832, UTC 4:38

while Peking showing the defensive Mars in Taurus delivering the harmony of Libra
at the world- stage full of strife.

And Taurus' and Libra' Venus, these 7 years in association with Sun in opposition with state-cleansing Neptune goes it's heavenly way in accordance with President Xi:

"In roughly three years in power, Xi's number one task has been to unleash a monster anti-graft campaign. That encompasses military and civilian spheres. The extremely feared Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is Xi's weapon of choice. And no one escapes the Commission's tentacles. Not even former security superstar Zhou Yongkang and former top presidential aide Ling Jihua.
So Xi is simultaneously cleaning up the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People's Liberation Army (PLA). One can barely imagine the resistance factor — to the point that Chinese insiders stress Xi has made extremely powerful enemies across the board; retired political heavyweights; top military officers; influential government officials; state-owned enterprise (SOE) honchos; an array of "princelings" — the children of historic revolutionaries; and last but not least a dodgy flotsam and jetsam that laundered their fortunes in Macau casinos and luxury Hong Kong malls.
Special Xi scalps include the so-called Shanxi gang — which totally controlled the politico-economic environment in this province abundant in coal — and the so-called petroleum gang, which controlled all things oil in China."

Geschrieben: Murnau, 20.9.2015, UTC: 17:11. In English 9.22.2015 UTC 18:20

Montag, 21. September 2015

Attending the Gods - like Vladimir (1)

9. 21. - 28. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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UTC 12:23

"To live with the gods" 

and to learn to handle the one another logically excluding
in a friendly including manner
"we need to restore the economy of those countries and their social sphere. Only this way, by showing respect for the history, traditions and religion of these peoples and countries, we can restore their statehood and provide large-scale economic and political support."
And how - turned to the inside - this living with the gods, how is it to be done?

Has there to be "lived" according to heavenly receipt?
Has the receipt of the heavenly to be "performed" in life?
Yes and no - my experience with the gods is:

to perceive them at the virtual heaven
to salute them
maybe understand them in an elementary way
and then to forget about them ...
and here and then - remember them
if and when one suddenly finds oneself being contained 

like myself  on Tuesday when on a walk
it fell into my mind that already today I encountered
the birthday of one  of these removers of late Virgo
I talked about on Monday

Buffoon  Rushdie - narrator
of  "Satanic Verses" : „there is no truth“
and I add: - unless the truth is pleased by putting you into it, into the truth
of God  which for our heart is being proved in a thing called life

and so through life we daily attend  the Sun 
mirrored with  Sun
since in what sign Sun shines at the time of your birth
that sign Sun calls into life

 Sun in Aries says the first
Sun in Pisces says the final word
Sun in Pisces calls the solution
in the image of the border-less flowing
into truth
like rivers into ocean


and since today (Monday)  Sun calls
the last two grades of a heavenly month into the Virgo
and shines the children of these grades and the strength of their hearts

before Sun then calls life into a new image
the children of Libra

Egyptian the children of the final judgement

 in which the hearts are weighed on the scale of eternity
against the feather of the all-goddess

 for the entrance-weight 
into the garden of eternity
 belonging to Allah
or God or Maat

and beginning Wednesday the children of Libra are called by Sun
into life and on Saturday even quite specific ones:
cause it's Uranus of earth-element in the aeon from 1802 - 2577
like every year for the Sun
for accompanied by the forbears
be enlivened and being "fed" by our attention
aeon-gods with the dead
aeon-Uranus thus of the earth on Saturday
waiting for man - looking at him - spirit of the earth
in the spirit of the fourfold man
consisting in weighing life at all times
if it stashes enough warm love
for the thirsty here and in the beyond of time
waiting for us

and one day later Sun will meet the aeonic beginner,
fires Mars on 4.3° on the day before Putins speech at the UN
beginning a new chapter in international relations

so children of Venus with the heart-scale get ready

but you children of Virgo
finish today and tomorrow the re-movement of ego
for the success of the whole

and where Mars is positioned at birth there Mars calls
the ire of life into the picture
living of the jump for prey of hunger

and this week now views this jump
in maximal resonance with Saturn which juts out of eternity into
time like the sea of Thetys into the alpin father

so with Gods sons and daughters stepping above the temporal

resonance of the fatherly state
within the borders of respect
for the unique character of each place

and Thursday earth-spirit Mercury
and soul-root mercuria are  awaited in one function
as keeper of the minutes
upon the judgements of Libra

and on the same Thursday Pluto in the beyond of time
which anytime is open to the gods

to us opens by "feeding" the forbears
awaiting the resonances of said Mercury out of the temporal
of the lovers world

and while all this Jupiter inserts into the Zeitgeist
the reconciliation of the contraries 
which are naturally standing in opposition  in the way like
the ruling interests in this sublunar world did assort them to their content

 and how their re-movement for all-time is imposed into the divine providence into success
and to the come king - being called in the sign which Jupiter in us calls into life -
and how it is connected with the commitment of Gods children to the father
whereby the flowing finds a gate into time and into its ceaseless mirrorings in the lap of the world-mother and into the souls of the living

and the motherly Moon accompanies the days and nights dreams

 mostly imperceptible under the
threshold of attention
and presents the ordinariness of eternity 
into the for-ordinations of time
in front of the screen of the half awake human and beastly psyche

this week beginning Moon under the heaven of spirit
which in kings son Sagittarius reaches a small part into time
like an iceberg over water into sky

in which nearly inassessible this afternoon Moon disappears

 into the fatherly higher region of Capricorn
till Wednesday afternoon

before reaching the even higher region - of the winged ones -
Aquarius in God's nearness
and distance to ego - lust - and power
and the sinful creatures
till Friday night illuminated with his
motherly light

but then Moon dives into the depths of Pisces and the childlike heart
which i no one else as in God winds up and down

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Montag, 14. September 2015

Second approach: Foreordination and Devotion United in Strife

9. 14. - 21. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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14. 2015

For human beings
who have retained or newly acquired
the childhood faith

who - to say it this way -
try to live with the gods - with his gods -
only by following their hearts

for these, me included
my diary tries to recognize
meaning  writing weekly

in astrology every moment is defined hence draftable
whichever combination appears at heaven
with the gods or "archetypes" it's easy to assort
and appearing here in my way

with the lights on earthly heaven
of the human planet
in front of the background
of the astrological sign-projections
of our Eurasian ancestors

in the system with the spender Sun in the center
it's meaningful and possible to
take part by an astrological adjustment to the twelve
sign and number of the
- in our language - "equally entitled" sons of God
rendering one another
unimpaired honor
in the art of spirit
which dwells in nearness to God
to unite paradoxes 
by the meaningful assortment of heart

If God like the number
in the largest like in the smallest is present
so the extremes  as like as the inter space
are assorted with the living images
which show the moments of the whole
on 12 heaps and so
 the gods of the 12 signs
find themselves anytime in the infinite known
the largest in the smallest
like our heartbeat

and it is Jupiter between 7° and 8° Virgo
Jupiter in the virginal opposite to Pisces
the daily prudence in opposite
to the childlike hunch of the heart
might Jupiter as "Son" and conciliator and  coming king furthermore
be anticipated in the way of children
and old sages heart
of all times
and not only like a true warm foreign body
with waggly tail.

And this week offers for shaping:

after the increasing clarity
of the Jupiter-Neptune - opposition
currently thus
the Jupiter-Neptune-opposition
of prudence and childlike thrust

and in addition last week were coming
the triggers awaiting Jupiter like a damatic minfield
along his way
those meaningful resonances in our collective unconsciousness
on the level of the elements
on which we are dealing no longer with the 12
but only with the four
what to the daily feeling is much more familiar
so recently Jupiter plus resonances of earth and fire
moving inception and gravity
with the resonating gravity of the earth-Pluto and the
resonating fiery brightness of  fire-Neptune, of begin and end,
or child and aged
the childlike consciousness in the lap of God which the ancestors
sanctified in the Pisces
and very early receivers already receive more then two weeks
increasing unification of Saturn and Mars in strife
of tempest and curb at the time-wall
in common occurrence

and this week already Mars brings up hidden passions
rooting in all of us under the northern sky out of the earth element
of 1802 working by rooting
in adventure and squander
called Leo

and Mercury further in the grip of the resonances
out of Capricorn
therefore from the dark keys
within the lovers
as he unites on the resonance-stage of today
- in strife with Pluto -
intelligence with offering
or the 3 with the 8

of other actors
Venus Sun Uranus
nothing new this week
is to be noted

but Moon transmits into the dream center
out of Scorpio and his waivers
for the sake of power over time
and that until Wednesday evening

till almost Saturday evening belonging to the carrier of the cornucopia
Jupiters dreamboat carrying the souls at night over the Nil

which then until deeply into Monday soulful cover the assorted fourfold
over the  large and small squares of the world.

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In English: Wednesday, September 16. UTC 22:14.

Montag, 7. September 2015

Second Take: Donation in the Second Hous of the Soul

9. 7. - 14. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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The psychic apparatus, so C.G.Jung teaches, fills every nescience up with "knowledge". This "knowledge" is called "projection".
If the beam of consciousness radiates into the dark, the cat's eye of the projection lights up in front of the common background of all things.
As this is a unconscious, quasi automatic instance, our consciousness has no knowledge of it.
We automatically take our projection of the world  as the World.
What helps? Jung: Withdrawal of the projections by true knowledge.

Mundanomaniac believes that true knowledge is only  owed to research, if it
steps at the side of experience.
The zodiac is the great extra-asian projection of the transcendent
background of things.

The collective unconscious seems - as far as we are allowed a judgement anyway - to consist  of something like mythological motives or images wherefore the myths of the people are the actual exponents of the collective unconscious. Plainest we perceive this at the starry heaven, whose chaotic shapes have been sorted by image-projections. Thereof the asserted starry-influences are explained: they are nothing else an unconscious introspective perceptions of the actions of the unconscious. As like as the constellation-images have been projected at  heaven, such like are similar and other figures in legends and fairy-tales or on historical persons projected."
 C.G.Jung, Coll. Works.VIII, (German ed.) S. 176."
 (Translation by mundanomaniac)
Here again only generations-long research helps to lastly remove or confirm the projection of the background of the outer and inner world.

The six houses of the heaven in zodiac are the great non-physical mirror
of the lower six houses of the earth.
Those comprise the physical, elementary things and the lower part of the soul.
One halve of the souls? 
Yes, Leo and Virgo experience the lower part of the Soul.
And the upper part of the souls belong to heaven?
Libra and Scorpio - 
images and myths inborn into us for rediscovery in the mirrors of reality ...
heaven- and earth-Houses 
in the well- assorted mirror.

And now a glimpse into the broken week:
after some consideration:

Leo - Virgo - Libra are the places on the current zodiacal stage
where the time just is being filled with players of different echelons
there are - Leo until Libra - three of four layers of soul.

The soul likes drama
the Bavarian - to me the soul-man among the Germans - 
have a saying: "there has to be some stirring"
and since August 10th
all three fire lights/planets
Mars Sun and Jupiter
are in the first three of four soul-signs
each being responsible for that
there is some stirring

Three layers of the soul of the northern hemisphere
two lower and the lower of the upper halve
therefore the international stages dramatize currently
"War and Peace" of souls
in the usual pathetic western rush
or in the calm of eastern stability

be it then
the western virus had a maritime entrance
into the east
but in that way the eastern anti-virus
has a continental entrance into the west.

Back to heaven
in the language of the earth:

Expressionism of Leo in Mars' and Venus' realms
Virgo's prudence in Jupiter's realm
and the glimpse for the whole in the detail
and in the central realm of Sun
and the regulations of love of Mercury in Libra.

or so:
Virgo harbored two expressionists or
or intruder
 Jupiter and Sun's
heart-fire enough to squander
and spiritual fire of the donator and coming king.
Benevolence and donation.

Mercury square Pluto
Mercury the urbane moves this week through the resonances
 of the names on the tombs of the fathers
at the side of the consort
and, less poetically, there are interruptions to be  expected
in the means of communication cause the floor from which Pluto resonances emerge
is Capricorn and his ruler Saturn severs the remaining out of the temporal.
Thus living Saturn is living the beyond.

and donor and coming king  and Sagittarius 
whose mirror on earth is the the Moon-ruled lap of the Virgo
in the sign of Cancer
I say Jupiter
 moves these two weeks through the resonance of opposing Neptune.
Son and Sagittarius in opposition with child and wise old man.

Sentence and opposite are due as condition of wholeness.
Two halves together
 Reason and thrust. 
Care and devotion.
Prudence and chaos likely to deliver new order.
And in experienced mirrors the heavenly like to enjoy those due acts. 
And some of us might be free enough to join in.
That is my faith - that one may know.
Unlimited thrust and final consideration means Pisces in both of the directions of the zodiac.
And in Virgo the heavenly Venus might find her mirror in the earthly sister.

and Moon partakes after Wednesday the lower soul-world
-  Leo and Virgo -
while the appearance in the upper part only
belongs into the mirror of coming week.
But today (Monday) till Wednesday morning the soul is at home in the maternal lap out of which she awaits to be woken.

Murnau den 7.9.2015, UTC 15:03, gepostet UTC:15:45.
In English: 9.9.2015, UTC 20:06 and 9 10. UTC 22:45.