Montag, 14. September 2015

Second approach: Foreordination and Devotion United in Strife

9. 14. - 21. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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14. 2015

For human beings
who have retained or newly acquired
the childhood faith

who - to say it this way -
try to live with the gods - with his gods -
only by following their hearts

for these, me included
my diary tries to recognize
meaning  writing weekly

in astrology every moment is defined hence draftable
whichever combination appears at heaven
with the gods or "archetypes" it's easy to assort
and appearing here in my way

with the lights on earthly heaven
of the human planet
in front of the background
of the astrological sign-projections
of our Eurasian ancestors

in the system with the spender Sun in the center
it's meaningful and possible to
take part by an astrological adjustment to the twelve
sign and number of the
- in our language - "equally entitled" sons of God
rendering one another
unimpaired honor
in the art of spirit
which dwells in nearness to God
to unite paradoxes 
by the meaningful assortment of heart

If God like the number
in the largest like in the smallest is present
so the extremes  as like as the inter space
are assorted with the living images
which show the moments of the whole
on 12 heaps and so
 the gods of the 12 signs
find themselves anytime in the infinite known
the largest in the smallest
like our heartbeat

and it is Jupiter between 7° and 8° Virgo
Jupiter in the virginal opposite to Pisces
the daily prudence in opposite
to the childlike hunch of the heart
might Jupiter as "Son" and conciliator and  coming king furthermore
be anticipated in the way of children
and old sages heart
of all times
and not only like a true warm foreign body
with waggly tail.

And this week offers for shaping:

after the increasing clarity
of the Jupiter-Neptune - opposition
currently thus
the Jupiter-Neptune-opposition
of prudence and childlike thrust

and in addition last week were coming
the triggers awaiting Jupiter like a damatic minfield
along his way
those meaningful resonances in our collective unconsciousness
on the level of the elements
on which we are dealing no longer with the 12
but only with the four
what to the daily feeling is much more familiar
so recently Jupiter plus resonances of earth and fire
moving inception and gravity
with the resonating gravity of the earth-Pluto and the
resonating fiery brightness of  fire-Neptune, of begin and end,
or child and aged
the childlike consciousness in the lap of God which the ancestors
sanctified in the Pisces
and very early receivers already receive more then two weeks
increasing unification of Saturn and Mars in strife
of tempest and curb at the time-wall
in common occurrence

and this week already Mars brings up hidden passions
rooting in all of us under the northern sky out of the earth element
of 1802 working by rooting
in adventure and squander
called Leo

and Mercury further in the grip of the resonances
out of Capricorn
therefore from the dark keys
within the lovers
as he unites on the resonance-stage of today
- in strife with Pluto -
intelligence with offering
or the 3 with the 8

of other actors
Venus Sun Uranus
nothing new this week
is to be noted

but Moon transmits into the dream center
out of Scorpio and his waivers
for the sake of power over time
and that until Wednesday evening

till almost Saturday evening belonging to the carrier of the cornucopia
Jupiters dreamboat carrying the souls at night over the Nil

which then until deeply into Monday soulful cover the assorted fourfold
over the  large and small squares of the world.

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