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Historic Week of Morniglike Creation By Mars on the Womb of the Girls and Rivers


6. 28. - 7. 7. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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The Symbolic Life

Air Colonel T. S. Rippon:

What's your opinion on the question of a life after death?

Professor Jung:

Consciously I haven't yet been there. If I would die, I will say: 
"Now we will see!" in the moment I have this shape, and I say: 
"What is it about here? Let's do anything, what we can do here."
If we after our death come upon a new life, I will say: "  Well,
let's learn another time - encore une fois!" I know nothing 
about it, but I can tell you one thing: the unconsciousness
 doesn't know time. A part of our psyche isn't located in time
and not in space. They are only an illusion, time and space; and
so for a certain part of our psyche time doesn't exist at all."
C.G.JUNG, The Symbolic Life, Coll.W. §§ 683/684


"As opposites are not to be united on their own level
(tertium non datur), so always is needed a superior third,
 in which the parties can convene. Insofar the symbol
is as much descended from consciousness like from
 unconsciousness, it is able to unite both of them, namely 
by virtue of it's form it's ideally  and by virtue of it's 
numinosity it's emotional polarity.

C.G.JUNG, Aion, Coll. W. § 280/81

This astromundane diary underlies, that I as yet to me unknown Mundanomaniac and born in Pisces received and felt the zodiac as something unplanned handed over, given by the 'leadership'- as like as my then unknown wife - both  in the same week, beginning at 2.19.1981

love and astrology
heritage of the death
in all
for all
all days
and eons
by God's
moving order

northern zodiac
19. 2, 1981

yours truly
transit 19.2.1981
meaning in me by God's
signs and times

How I see it
signs = Man's brain
Twins Mercury
times = Women's womb

the unknown woman - my wife
Transit 19. 2.1981
meaning in her
Neptune the child

Earth-element 1802 - 2577
transit 19. 2. 1981 
collective meaning of the day
in our earthly condition



Symbol ~ 'Zeichen',  parable, simile, synchronicity

26. Week

simile of Sun
native ability
to warm
out of  heart
now second week
of receptivity

traveling on the 
vehicle of Moon
in night and dream
on the inner rivers
from Aquarius till Twins
this time

of the center in
and Sophia
Yin and Yang

So much for Sun and Moon in us and around us by  fire = act and water = reception.

From where i know? I don't know, but the zodiac knows . 

It's the zodiac -  
distributed in 12
all lucidly defined 
in crystal-clear 
of the the circle,
of the week

nothing is possible
genuine place at one
of the 360 prongs
and valleys
of the Zodiac

 The finite man
 has to lay down
 his spiritual haughtiness 
and has to 
the eternal heavenly measure
like our great forebears have done
not to change
by man

given to Earth
by heaven
on the way of
from hight 
to depth
and to hight 
spinning wheel
dancing in the waters

just wandering through
talking heart
blind hot mover
in the kitchen of life
where the soup of 
of man is coocked by
Leo on 
Sun fire on
the womb of
girls and
bondages around
a common fireside

persisting heaviness 
stem and roots
 of thoughts

at weekend take- over
following  Mars

on highest level
 or unification
under a common symbol
double square
and  opposition
this week
next week

The 'left' Uranus-spirit of man in the Taurus- social herd , the 'right' Saturn-spirit of the father within the 'winged' thoughts of Anthropos together with the mover Mars in the emotional hot zone of Leo  on the piano of creation.

Next week Mars  replaced by defender Venus.

 Carl JUNG once said something like : 'the same constellation once comes out as a catastrophe, the other time mere as a catarrh.' So the Saturn-Uranus square 1999 accompanied the NATO-war against
Serbia, like the Saturn-Uranus-conjunction in Taurus/Twins did while WW 2, whereas the Saturn-Uranus-conjunction 1988/89 accompanied the dissolution of the USSR, namely with the attendance of Neptune in Capricorn.

11. 9. 1989
Fall of the Berlin wall

apart from that
daughter of heaven 
and sons of the earth-spirit

on the way of the word-rich
mirroring of the fatherly measures
which in Capricorn
spiritually are
the Rita

and again here a dynamic in the week: like with Venus at weekend, so happening with Mercury (again) having a square with Neptune, the 'child' in the eternal heritage of the fathers, which in innocence not yet knows the conscious  lie .

Entwurf: 27. 6. 2021, UTC: 13:32.
Murnau, 28. 6. 2021, UTC: 1423.

Murnau, 6. 30. 2021, UTC: 16:13.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021

Love and Waiver to Complement Each Other - Cleaning of the the Zeitgeist


6. 21. - 30. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"Rita meaning: tight order, determination, direction, 
decision, holy  custom, constitution, divine law, the
 right, the true. It's basic meaning: providence, 
(right) walk, direction,  directive."

C.G.JUNG, Psychological Types, Coll.W. 6, § 378

In my language

how we in God's
unfold our

God's laws are the laws of wholeness
that is the
the year
the day
the horoscope
the heavenly houses
the six days of
the four elements
the three floors of horizon
the two sexes

"The redeeming symbol is a trail, a way on which
the life can move forward without  agony and  constraint."

C.G.JUNG, ibd. § 502

"At least the appearance of the redeeming is dearestmost 
connected with destruction and  devastation. If the old
wasn't  ripe for death, nothing new would appear, and 
the  old might and needed not to be eradicated, if it would
 not barre perniciously the place for the new." 

C.G.JUNG, ebd. § 503
“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For
you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men;
for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow
those who are entering to go in."
Jesus to the  Pharisees, Matth. 23.13

" the evil has become determining reality. No longer can
 it  be cut out of the world by renaming. We have to learn,
to deal with it, cause it will live along, how that might 
be possible without greater damage, is  not foreseeable
 for the time being."


Memories, Dreams, Reflections

, 1961, p. 331

25. Week

what is the heavenly guideline
for the 
northern hemisphere
the southern one
the male zodiac
like the female one

to understand that
 the chronicler not tries
in the first line
understanding needs distance

therefore in the first line
is the weekly 
of the here and now 
on the northern hemisphere
whose each place daily
rushes underneath
the entire
heavenly- round
but each place to another time
yet the common given
since the beginning
in human consciousness
as heavenly clock
of the gods
tasks and presents
inclinations and shunnings

swiftest of the gods
in us
in Leo
nomads power
of the heart
whose Sun in
is lap
inner bridal
of the life-receiving element
distributed by Moon
starting her way this week
in the waters of Scorpio
leading to the waters of Pisces

Mars, for the second week ruled by Sun, thereby left on Monday the Twins- rule of Mercury, coming under the Cancer-rule of Moon, thus changing orientation from outwards to inwards, from extraversion to introversion.

Ruler Sun, since Monday in Cancer, will invigorate the inward, the intimate.

Ruler Venus moves also in Cancer in her third week.

At the final fife grades Venus awaits, like every year, Earth-Sun at 24,5° and Earth-Mercury at 26,9° of Cancer.

the lap
ruling the feeling of
and brain

Thereby is Venus - the indulgence - challenged by her opposite-partner and zodiacal neighbor Pluto in Capricorn. 

Venus, air-easily says yes, while Pluto water-heavy is a freezing one, to let encounter convert into tight commitment.

In Capricorn Pluto fosters the faith of  spirit in the collective unconsciousness - while Saturn - currently for about three years moving in the bird-wild spirit of Aquarius - a constellation thus, which benefits the erection of 'bird-towers' under the stars.

Therefrom unaffected Mercury now can 'take breath'. After many constellations, lately retrograde, now still slow forward again, still at home in Twins, where the wanderer intellect embodies the meaning of relatively being a place above the duality of the parties, where the bad humans are a task for the good ones.


the heaven each day 
realizes the passage
of the great
10-years- fight-or-unity-

between Earth/Taurus

three quarters before time
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
one quarter in time

Jupiter as ruler of Sagittarius prevails as 'linker in time' in Pisces, where he does his work in the unconsciousness, in the (eternal) truth of tomorrow, for a year cleaning the  'Zeitgeist' from the meaning of the finite-only. He is the new redeeming linker of 2021, as 'together-joiner' this year not in the world but in the spirit.

And now the inflow from the four Element:

4 Elemente - 25. Week

1. Paramount and rare: the square of Saturn with Uranus has the latter meeting on 14,2° Taurus the Uranus of the fire-element (s. last Week).

And since weekend into the new week as third will enter this constellation the mover Mars from Leo.

2. All 12 years: Jupiter, the linker, at 2,2° Pisces is still in conjunction to Moon of earth-element and Mars of the water.

3.  Each year one time: Venus, collecting and balancing, visits the 'birth-place' of the earth-Sun, sharing it with

Angela Merkel, and of the earth-Mercury.

Enough for the analytical consideration of the week.

Murnau, 6. 23. 2021, posted: UTC: 23:16.

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

Summit Week - What is constellated?

6. 14. - 23. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"Our unconscious has a really fabulous connection 
with time. One has hypnotized people and gave 
them the post-hypnotic  order to tell the seconds.
 When they then were hypnotized again, they could
exactly tell the the number of bygone seconds.

We are unconsciously oriented by time.

One can awake to a certain Minute, if one has 
intended that. This is only possible by a brilliant
time-function of the unconsciousness. The 
precondition of the astrology is this, that we are
 identical with time. It expresses the quality of 
the moment, in which we are born.

Insofar the character-reconstructions of the astrology
are correct, we obviously have to be identical with
the moment of birth, resp. time. My opinion thereto is:
time is a psychological function, which is  
identical with the living anyway. Such a way  of looking
at things is not to prove, but heuristically it is exceedingly

C.G.JUNG, Kinderträume (Dreams Of Children), p. 106

watching the unconscious  ticking
 of times in the circles
 of the zodiac
God's zodiac

opening the watching window
is giving one twice
a look on the self
of man

and woman

and to keep the window
to the archetypes
appropriate times shut
to find comfort
beyond study and meditation
in Nature and Neighbors

 the heart of man 
running with Sun
runs the last week in Twins
enters the coming week in

from inside out 
outside in

but till Sunday night Sun/heart/creativety of man  will do the late Twins on the ways of

harmony of ways
 ways of compromise
above the interests of the parties
with his last seven

while Mercury
of man 
at home
ceasing to proceed
the living center
by which
lives a

mundanomaniac's  comment as astrologer to JUNG's deliberations is his amazement about his discipline: that he consequently took his genius back to the entire second 'page' of the fatherly massive: the medical-psychological page of the archetypes, Symbols, names, in the individual - while  left another third of that massive free for 'the astrologers' and another third, the basis-third, the political-economical socket, for which as 'great portending contemporary' mundanomaniac recognizes  this one .

In the astrological assorting of the weekly mundane astrology mostly is missing: ascendant/birth moment, hence is missing the 'talking moment'. But therefore it takes effect for the entire northern hemisphere - and  + 180°, like the seasons, also for the southern hemisphere. For that subject see here.

For all of us, men and women daily takes effect the 500 years old geopolitical paradigm: sea-power contra continental power. With the great old Eurasian civilizations of the northern hemisphere and  the comparatively young western sea-powers currently experiencing the unwelcomed change of  weight on the scales of world-civilization.

There is a window of contemplating the rhythms
of the four elements, ruling us a floor deeper or higher than
our conscious middle floor of the horizon

element's 32. Septar, 2019 - 2026. Last seven of 91 year's of passage of Neptune through Capricorn/ Dissolution of the State

Neptune's passage through Capricorn signifies 'childlike weakness of the state' beginning with the neighbors of Germany likewise the ongoing birth of new forms of State off the roots of the mothers which will inherit the planet
earth-element's 20. Septar 1935 - 42 - the first seven years of weakness on the level of state/Capricorn

Now another Window, with the current running fates of man signified by the living gods encircling Sun. 

 Since the assembly of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars in Capricorn 2018 this has taken dramatic forms, which will stretch via Saturn in Aquarius as toppling of the old determining power, then in Pisces as their dissolution protracted till 2023 - 2025.

24. Week 2021

ultimately it is now
gravitation and balance

which in Cancer
on Moon's way of feeling
rules over Taurus and Libra

Cancer's way has the meaning, in analogy to water, of floating, of bowels, of collecting oneself and uniting at the deep-most places. Powerful analogy which this fourth element in the zodiac is presenting.

Taurus meaning is: security within the borders of territory, primal rudiment of all herd-animals, which we still unconsciously experience as moved by Venus/woman/security

Currently now  Uranus,  heavenly spirit again has his seven years of origin in the human herd like lastly 1935 - 42.

Uranus in Taurus
origin of
union of spirit
carried by 
on Libra/weighted scale of 

Hitler, asc.: Libra, Sun Taurus, was obsessed by the imagination of territory-power of an esotheric messianic militant Germanic male society.

20.4.1889, A. Hitler

 6.12.1941 Sowjet Counter-offensive at Moscow

the Saturn-State escaped
Uranus and was
caught again 
by Uranus

Failure of the  'Blitzkrieg' against Russia. Berlin,  weighed and found wanting, first winter-war,
retreat in front of Moscow.

And that was the illusionary beginning of that adventure, having it' s 80th anniversary next monday:

6. 22. 1941 German attack on Sowjetunion

please note twice: the Saturn /State, in conjunction with the blue Uranus/  of the air-element of 1186, indicating the high flying of the 'State ... and the imminent collapse after illusionary attempt.

and this year 
again above us
in Aquarius / spirit of origin
 lord of measures, borders
and towers
himself ruling
the lord of sacrifice
in  square/synchronicity
with Uranus
his ruler
down above the herds of man

Uranus' ruler however
herself is guest with the
on the rivers of feelings
floating in the inner of world
and meaning
this week 
from Leo to Sagittarius

intellect and female tenacity
above the matters of
host of the Sun
heart of the meeting
storyteller ...

Sun beginning the week in the precise square with Neptune connecting the heart with  Gods's Sunny will and  unintentional devotion

to which in Leo
has fallen
intruding claw
and playing predator
ready to occupy
new territory


Wednesday noon, day of summit


signifying this year's elementary new start of thinking/air-element/Uranus in conjunction with fire-Uranus of 1603 at 14,2° Taurus

This analogy rules till coming autumn and in next January will return again then for a week. Last time, at the same place at 14,2° Taurus happened this:

17.12. 1938
primal fission of Uranium

Uranus in incredible conjunction
now again by us experienced
 in unconscious condition

long range:

or be it that
 a couple of questing
might have have stretched
their screens
what will be fissured
 this time 
in the attendance 
of the spirit?

Short range:

At 24,8° Twins  on Tuesday Sun with Moon of fire/ being at home in the world of fire/new beginning.

Medium range: 

Jupiter,  spirit of intuition in the unconsciouness of Pisces. 2,2° in conjunction to 1,4° Pisces. The unconsciouness offers by the earth Moon/ safety in the spirit of unlimited devotion of feeling on the firm earth. Jupiter's intuition in the devotion  to the  firmness in the psyche.

Murnau, 6. 16. 2021, UTC: 16:52.