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Earthspring and Sickness-Circles

7. 27. - 8 3. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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7.  27 . 2015

the idea of reward moves through the entire universe
rewarded is the sequitur to the idea
so  with reward the idea
can rule the universe

something like this has come to the mind of
the citizens of Denver and Seattle in their own way
and to the Bavarians
 in another way it is
not unknown

the governance of the idea
over the drug
with other words
the drug-head
surrenders to the idea

After this general one - now a slice
on Monday afternoon  27. July 2015 where at the moment never suspected 
sickness circles close
and measure is seemingly taken on everyone
anytime according eternal merit
but sometimes seemingly the circles close 

Here is another week laying on mundanomaniacs table:
Above: the bright day-version, if you click: the nightly seeeming Version in conscious brightness.

The week starts with the nearness of Mars - and Uranus - resonances. They carry one the beginning and the other the nearness to the god ship.
And now the fact is to consider  that Mars moves over 1. the earth-Sun of our aeon which celebrates her birthday - together with e.g. Angela Merkel - on 24,5° Cancer and 2.  over our earth - Mercury coming Monday on 26,9° Cancer.
Ergo inception and Cancer-power which is the power of the anima - archetype which sparks enticement for life to the inertia of earth

Beginning and human-subtly spirit
yesterday and even today
Spirit plus charisma
always in the reward  system
of the idea

Sun radiating sympathy above the heavenly sandpit
another three weeks until ...
what Mercury already undergoes over next week
stepping into the Saturnine Summer-Drama 2015
entering the chariot to accompany Venus and Jupiter who are
intensively concerned with the far god - member Saturn
Saturn in Scorpio strongest medicine, strongest concern. A huge circle designated to the meaningless lifestyle, which is cutting out the end and hence the father, who in the idea is waiting for the poor man.

We solely live in pictures, Jung writes somewhere. Pictures in the psyche. Psyche encompassing time and space and within the collective pictures of the impersonal soul - called "Selbst" - in the person. ( like: receivement, to beget, to guard - where only by this the person  becomes besouled.

Is it Saturn in Scorpio,  is that the bitter medicine of sickness, pain and recovery that heaven serves the father-forgotten mankind this summer, to teach measure.
And those, who keep image and center in the fatherly heir - square the circle?
And with Jupiter in the last quarter of Leos realm the god of conciliation treads before the altar of the solemn fatherly resonances  in grateful presence of the beloved , as which the earth is almighty
in the heavenly shape of Venus which will be returning for another time in passion until fall.

And Moon notifies ...
Brightness  in the dream-sequence of clear images out of ... no, far from it. Moon "walks" through the spirit, that is to be said following the signs - until Pisces on Sunday. But what is it in us, that is walking with the Moon?
  Their way is open  even for description. But what is it, walking with the Moon? The soul? Not space, not spirit? But connection?
Now connection walking in spiritual part of the heavenly circle?
Tuesday evening then the "connection" would walk into the fatherly phase of responsibility  and maintainment of borders till Thursday night.
When after midnight the nearness of God to the spirit receives the wandering god of receivement - Moon in Aquarius and the soul may now spread over the all its spiritual wings  ... which Saturday night transform  into fins for the dive into the gods world of the Pisces ...

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Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Who Dared to Waiver

7. 20. - 27. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Mars is approaching the resonance  of his square
with Uranus 
and slowly disappears out of the resonance with
waiver - god Pluto
who does the work of Pluto? This is who dares to waiver.
where is the jewish call for the Jubeljahr

now last week - a waiver of Mars
a Mars Pluto-Opposition

and an opposition to the gods is
an opportunity
and not a killerdeal
like social engineering of content
 but now a waiver of Mars how could it look like?
hier I found something:
smart input by the rebels
withdrawal of Mars and smart militaries
- godly- humane
"win - win"
if there are players
that love 

and who is able
to bet with this?

Venus and with her the roots spinning woman and her herds
on pastures and stages
despite the fascination of the resonance with the father
in the range of the son Jupiter

Venus wife
dawning as Virgo
this week

Sun and Mercury riding the same wave together
this week in the sky
washed out of the lap
of inner rivers with their banks
into the central middle of the own
central middle of the own middle
where the motor is running
and Mercury looks at it whirringly
while Sun is striding
it's  daytime for showdown of the lions
in the secrets of mankind
 creation game of heaven
maybe with the waters of the depths
and the gyrating Moon notes the waves from
the innermost dream center
since yesterday
what is in action deep beneath us all week long
in night time
the rule of Luna
who more brighter and swifter than
any planet 
encircled the roast
an is anyhow that kind of lazy on the road

since yesterday
Luna in Libra
Moon in the scales
from Thuesday evening till Thursday night
maybe the Daysun therefore "in" Aries
and with Mars
for the sake of the brighter halve
the order is
radiate in the day with dayligt 
and in the night with nightlight
so that a round globule will be
Luna moving on since Friday morning till late Sunday
in Scorpio
and his water green and air blue gestalt bubbles in the time
offering to the water green scorpio a step of the 
air easy blue Libra
to bet on "eternal"
which among the elements only is known to the water
as it is wherever it is encircling steadily the concrete facts in the inner - and the outer world
only the encircling water "knows"
- air and water -
in the psyche
which dwells in the physis
in generations - overarching
depths and higths

this are self -talks now of the astrologer kind of which  don't fail to materialize  but which therefore are not of private nature and which correlate to the fact that writing the chronicle has led him often enough through these profiles of time walls,  like mountain-faces right and left off the way and so many a thought - again about the many blue and green notes in Scorpio and from earth element  of all he: Neptune - many a thought is to accompany the self talk recommendedly in successful solitude.
How so ever - the next Monday morning belongs exclusively to Sagittarius and his restlesness 
in a feminine embodied by Artemis "Diana" - beauty, also rambling and far to the lap and its fire in the first and third third of the sign.

so far Moon and night as the arc
on which we are bended
stretch it keen
in the play of the waves

But not too keen.
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Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

31 Septar - Erde, wie laufts grad?

Angesichts des 31 Septars von 1802 san ma jetzt, morgen, am Beginn des dritten Jahres.

Das Atlantisch - Eurasiche  Spielfeld der Angelegenheite die mit dem "Element Erde" umrissen sind, wie Territorien, Reserven, Stabilität ...

und denen, die in diesem Spiel-Jahrsiebt die Marsischen Chips gezogen haben voller Blindheit Jugend
und Aggression:

17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

und denen, die  zusätzlich zur Energie des Mars noch das zentrale Licht der Sonne gezogen haben, wie die Mittel- uns Ost-Europäer

 17.7.1832 UTC 4:38

Mars + Sonne = Streit + Herrschaft
Sonne nur ganz im im Osten im elften Haus ...
nur dort kommt die Idee zu Ursprung

in Mitteleuropa findet die Herrschaft

 17.7. 1832 UTC 4:38

im Zeichen der Sonne im 12. Haus statt - - -

das heißt sie manifestiert sich nicht
in der 'Welt der Sinne' oder Überraschungen

was der deutschen Herrin zum
Vorwurf gemacht wird ...

17.7.1954, UTC 16:54 Hamburg
Angela Merkel

 einen opportunistischen Verstand (Merkur /Jupiter)
zum Knüpfen von weiteren als den üblichen Netzen
befähigt die Verbindung von Jupiter/Merkur 
die aus den gegebenen Kräften die optimale Variante
bestrebt ist

Also nicht auf Angela schimpfen sondern auf die nicht vorhandenen
Netze auf welche Schützen angewiesen sind

Montag, 13. Juli 2015

In Cancer not the Claws

7. 13. - 20. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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One week follows the previous one. The world - power keeps cutting it's pounds of flesh out of the European body. It appears as a community of sinking extra-profits with which the in-wit of the people has been appeased long enough. A state is free to deliver it's national treasures to super-national sucking-mechanisms, which are justified everywhere where there is distress.

not an everyday kind of week is this if we ask Mars and Mercury
both of them are impelled to unification on Thursday
and if is allowed at this place to talk of pre-passion
so he pre-passion of these two
will accompany our week

Mars and Mercury
belligerence and wanderlust
Mercury who is likewise mercuria
each of which  know the ways 
he at least the external ones
but these two now in this internal world
which they are male-wise blind for
and so have to submit
cause in Cancer there are not the senses or claws
ruling but the inner rivers
around the center
between heart and cock or heart and cunt
in short
the middle the belly
receiving one two weeks the union
of brain and steel
in a long sunny warm wave
the crest of which will consummate both rhythms
on Thursday
6 and 9

and towards weekend
Sun will be wandering
into the realm of late Cancer where
since 1802 our earth-aeon has birthday
and where it gives birth to the earth-"septare"
accidentally at the birthday of the German chancelloress

one time a year Sun comes to the virtual light of the earth-Sun
and together they receive the passion of reception

and Mars and Mercury once again
not only are pushing their own rhythmical "country"bars
they also receive this week the resonance of Pluto
down from the skylight of the zodiac - house
and of Uranus from the house-entrance
and Mercury manages to travel the whole arc
while Mars after all will be nearer to Uranus than to Pluto
at the end of the week
nearer to the man-god than to the blood-god

so far the threefold godly sense of the two planets
Mercury and Mars at our Cancer-sky

and from Leo - heaven is to note
that Venus now obviously is forgetting the son about the father
in the strong resonance to and of Saturn
resonance between Leo and Scorpio
signs mirroring each other
opus and verdure
 the rhythm of the father
visited by Venus and the herds with her  

also Jupiter approaches to the resonance of the father
and meets her 
the playful earth-Venus of our aeon since 213 years
and there is no other aeon to live in than this one alone
whose air-Uranus rich of sacrifices at the end of Scorpio
 = human spirit in fidelity
for the wedding of the contradictions
some times now enjoys the visit of the fourfold father
fourfold according to the elements of every father

the divine child yet deep in it's fish-dreams
places  and receives currently
no resonances
so let it rest

and over the gardens and  carpets
of the dreams
the powers of creation move
Moon in his encircling the two dream centers of the
earth hemispheres now in the year - portion of the Twin-dreams under the northern sky
then Cancer - dreams
then Leo - dreams
this week
but Sunday the dreams belong entirely to Virgo

this description itself reveals pure Twins in their abstraction on Monday afternoon.
The zodiac itself is a monument of early abstraction of the gods in man.

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Montag, 6. Juli 2015

Passion - from Negation to Idea

7. 6. - 13. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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7. 6. 2015

This is the week where Sun in seven days touch the 6,3° wide arch or sweep
between todays (Mondays) Sun and and next Mondays Sun.
Sun will be jumping in 7 daily steps from opposition  with  Pluto
to square with Uranus

and doing like (with) the gods methinks is 
another cup of tea
than doing like (with) the demons
the gods face the paradoxes of god ship and nature
or of god ship and passion
and embrace them somehow
and so does mother nature

Last year this arc between Pluto and Uranus was very narrow
and since springtime it was less than 1°

thus when Pluto and Uranus where that close in clinch
in parallel that hate war with the "Russians" burst out  in Ukraine
and the hegemon didn't contain that virus but spread it

Pluto of this narrow Arc had last year this visit of Sun on the 5. of July

Sun = fire sign Leo
second fire

= fire of passion
this year now passion
calls: "oxi"

apparently out of an instinctive pattern Scorpio / Pluto is called as  "right"
and Aquarius with Uranus as "left"

So this is the spell of the week: Sun or vigor

jumping off the "No" of Pluto
to the "yes" 
of the wild spring in humans heart

it's the paradox of no and yes
it's no problem

Cancer Sun 
in square with Uranus in Aries
one could say a square of womanness
and wilderness
and of heart and nearness to God
or of throne and stranger
all gods me think
like to let them do as the like
all four squares share completeness
in Gods dough
as well as the four "Elements" do

so the "oxi" aganinst the procacity

of interested tutelage
Cancer + Capricorn +Sun + Pluto 
and when Sun = passion
then Pluto = this being filled
with the fathers of the sons

and this Cancer - Sun intimacy in the shadow
reaching next Monday morning in full resonance with the
nearness to God given by Uranus' rapture in  resistance and
all this early next Monday night in maximum
Passion - Sun + nearness to God = Uranus
but remaining a bud this week although pretty ripe on Sunday
Sun in Cancer = passion for genuineness

And Mars will take them over

 Plutos heros resonances then at the end of the week
also at his place in God's dough in the shady grades of Cancer
and  placing
who else could do it
his outburst as the beginning
doing so
this year in which the clinch between
one and only Pluto and one and only Uranus - believers
is less tight
than last year

after his regressiveness Mercury enters the week for the third time  visiting the "red Moon" the centuries old
lap and shame of the element fire at 24,5° Twins ...
and even before midweek
pulls his chariot of words and Numbers over the end of Twins
and following his divine siblings into the wet realm he submerges
into the folds of divine vesture into the cloughs and humid meadows on earth

singing a song of the homely

while that is happening Venus and Jupiter are slowly leaving this intensity of reconciliation
in the social herd after this celebration in the orthodox world ...
and after son Jupiter Venus embraces now  increasingly this week Saturn the father

and Saturn himself is still in the resonance of the "blue Uranus" 

of the young air-aeon of 1980
Saturn or the fatherly archetype in the blue gallery of the DNS
whom the archetype of  transport introduces paradoxes of God's creation

and while we are at them, the resonances of elements from far away - there are also these current  resonances, which are driving from the Kings Conjunction in element earth from 1802 where in that conjunction earth-Venus was placed at 26,1°

Venus ruler of the supplies and performances ("Bread and Plays") since 213 years in the sign of the passionate (blind) players (gamers) = "Leo"

A  gambled away goddess, this earth - Venus, one could say, no doubt longing to be relieved
by the redeemer in every man, relieved out of her embarrassing position.

And the dream center in the unconsciousness is being orbited this week by Moon initially in the Pisces over the depths of the beginning being accompanied by the childly hearts

Tuesday evening till Thursday night  Moon then over the wild space of hunger and stimulus

and via Friday then till Saturday night over the joy about the earth her satiety and her sorrow
and all Sunday then over the ways and over the widths of the world

and its customs

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