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In Cancer not the Claws

7. 13. - 20. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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One week follows the previous one. The world - power keeps cutting it's pounds of flesh out of the European body. It appears as a community of sinking extra-profits with which the in-wit of the people has been appeased long enough. A state is free to deliver it's national treasures to super-national sucking-mechanisms, which are justified everywhere where there is distress.

not an everyday kind of week is this if we ask Mars and Mercury
both of them are impelled to unification on Thursday
and if is allowed at this place to talk of pre-passion
so he pre-passion of these two
will accompany our week

Mars and Mercury
belligerence and wanderlust
Mercury who is likewise mercuria
each of which  know the ways 
he at least the external ones
but these two now in this internal world
which they are male-wise blind for
and so have to submit
cause in Cancer there are not the senses or claws
ruling but the inner rivers
around the center
between heart and cock or heart and cunt
in short
the middle the belly
receiving one two weeks the union
of brain and steel
in a long sunny warm wave
the crest of which will consummate both rhythms
on Thursday
6 and 9

and towards weekend
Sun will be wandering
into the realm of late Cancer where
since 1802 our earth-aeon has birthday
and where it gives birth to the earth-"septare"
accidentally at the birthday of the German chancelloress

one time a year Sun comes to the virtual light of the earth-Sun
and together they receive the passion of reception

and Mars and Mercury once again
not only are pushing their own rhythmical "country"bars
they also receive this week the resonance of Pluto
down from the skylight of the zodiac - house
and of Uranus from the house-entrance
and Mercury manages to travel the whole arc
while Mars after all will be nearer to Uranus than to Pluto
at the end of the week
nearer to the man-god than to the blood-god

so far the threefold godly sense of the two planets
Mercury and Mars at our Cancer-sky

and from Leo - heaven is to note
that Venus now obviously is forgetting the son about the father
in the strong resonance to and of Saturn
resonance between Leo and Scorpio
signs mirroring each other
opus and verdure
 the rhythm of the father
visited by Venus and the herds with her  

also Jupiter approaches to the resonance of the father
and meets her 
the playful earth-Venus of our aeon since 213 years
and there is no other aeon to live in than this one alone
whose air-Uranus rich of sacrifices at the end of Scorpio
 = human spirit in fidelity
for the wedding of the contradictions
some times now enjoys the visit of the fourfold father
fourfold according to the elements of every father

the divine child yet deep in it's fish-dreams
places  and receives currently
no resonances
so let it rest

and over the gardens and  carpets
of the dreams
the powers of creation move
Moon in his encircling the two dream centers of the
earth hemispheres now in the year - portion of the Twin-dreams under the northern sky
then Cancer - dreams
then Leo - dreams
this week
but Sunday the dreams belong entirely to Virgo

this description itself reveals pure Twins in their abstraction on Monday afternoon.
The zodiac itself is a monument of early abstraction of the gods in man.

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