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Who Dared to Waiver

7. 20. - 27. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Mars is approaching the resonance  of his square
with Uranus 
and slowly disappears out of the resonance with
waiver - god Pluto
who does the work of Pluto? This is who dares to waiver.
where is the jewish call for the Jubeljahr

now last week - a waiver of Mars
a Mars Pluto-Opposition

and an opposition to the gods is
an opportunity
and not a killerdeal
like social engineering of content
 but now a waiver of Mars how could it look like?
hier I found something:
smart input by the rebels
withdrawal of Mars and smart militaries
- godly- humane
"win - win"
if there are players
that love 

and who is able
to bet with this?

Venus and with her the roots spinning woman and her herds
on pastures and stages
despite the fascination of the resonance with the father
in the range of the son Jupiter

Venus wife
dawning as Virgo
this week

Sun and Mercury riding the same wave together
this week in the sky
washed out of the lap
of inner rivers with their banks
into the central middle of the own
central middle of the own middle
where the motor is running
and Mercury looks at it whirringly
while Sun is striding
it's  daytime for showdown of the lions
in the secrets of mankind
 creation game of heaven
maybe with the waters of the depths
and the gyrating Moon notes the waves from
the innermost dream center
since yesterday
what is in action deep beneath us all week long
in night time
the rule of Luna
who more brighter and swifter than
any planet 
encircled the roast
an is anyhow that kind of lazy on the road

since yesterday
Luna in Libra
Moon in the scales
from Thuesday evening till Thursday night
maybe the Daysun therefore "in" Aries
and with Mars
for the sake of the brighter halve
the order is
radiate in the day with dayligt 
and in the night with nightlight
so that a round globule will be
Luna moving on since Friday morning till late Sunday
in Scorpio
and his water green and air blue gestalt bubbles in the time
offering to the water green scorpio a step of the 
air easy blue Libra
to bet on "eternal"
which among the elements only is known to the water
as it is wherever it is encircling steadily the concrete facts in the inner - and the outer world
only the encircling water "knows"
- air and water -
in the psyche
which dwells in the physis
in generations - overarching
depths and higths

this are self -talks now of the astrologer kind of which  don't fail to materialize  but which therefore are not of private nature and which correlate to the fact that writing the chronicle has led him often enough through these profiles of time walls,  like mountain-faces right and left off the way and so many a thought - again about the many blue and green notes in Scorpio and from earth element  of all he: Neptune - many a thought is to accompany the self talk recommendedly in successful solitude.
How so ever - the next Monday morning belongs exclusively to Sagittarius and his restlesness 
in a feminine embodied by Artemis "Diana" - beauty, also rambling and far to the lap and its fire in the first and third third of the sign.

so far Moon and night as the arc
on which we are bended
stretch it keen
in the play of the waves

But not too keen.
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