Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2021

Two Left Wings Starting Next Monday? Creativity and Wisdom to Unite with Sun and Jupiter. Northern Continents maximal freeze?


1. 27. - 2.3. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"follow that will and that way, which by experience
proves to be your own, i.e. is true expression of your own

C.G. JUNG, Letters,  9.14.1060

"Assumed, the hypothesis of the  values, by me called  as archetypes
 are verifiable, then we are by them confronted with autonomous 
'animalia', which command about a kind of consciousness and 
 possess an own psychic life and which we, leastwise partly,  can 
watch in modern man, like also in the historic process of the 
centuries, if we call them gods, demons, or illusions,  makes no
difference; they exist and  take effect and are borne with any 
generation anew."


"The blossoming and  burgeoning of  the individual as
experiment and a doubtful and startling work of the 
lively God."


The 'Individual', uniqueness in space and time (= in Universe), painted in the horoscope of the birth-moment, measured astronomically and noted in the order of the Symbols of circle, day, year, animal, man, between meaning and being, heaven and Earth.

And the elevated Individual:

The narrative of Herodot about the origin of the Median
 Kingdom ... their uniqueness lies particularly therein, that 
they  derived the monarchy not from the weapons, which 
usually everywhere  prevail, but from the other duties of the 
highest power, to  wield justice.  The justest is elected by free 
choice as sovereign and, to give him a higher esteem as his 
tribesmen, a castle is build for him, in which he has his  abode."

Ranke, Weltgeschichte, 1928, Vol. 1, p. 99.

in the astrology
like in the daily insight
nothing hampers us one-offs

foreseeing the own one-off-ness
to follow our general
collective way

whilst we look at it
as a given
against which we
 as one-offs
have nothing

what each one-off
has to bring to evolvement
as something
no one else is able
to do for her/him

4. Week 2021

The rulers of 5 signs are in Aquarius: Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, (heart, measure, providence, discrimination, adaption) and since Monday also Venus (territory and balance).
Aquarius, what does it mean, what happens there, also, if we don't get it?

Aquarius corresponds, after the brightness of the first day, mirroring in the waters of the unconsciousness the second day: God separates the waters under the sky from the above the sky. I say, with JUNG, separates the heavy earthly waters of the unconsciousness from the light ones of the spirit = air.

Spirit: fountainhead of Gods ideas in nonphysical shape.

Spirit, Aquarius ... non belonging to anyone.

Jenis Joplin, ASC Aquarius, as teen was hated by the super-athletes at her College and
was once in the ballot of 'the ugliest man in College' given place # 1... she had to bear the people how they were in the US-society and to survive she had to, and suddenly could,  create her world, in which the feeling Moon came home to Mama,  created it on the stages of her generation - but between her gigs - again and again - in the quiet evenings with her thin skin in the lying-shroud of the America of the Sixties, again and again she couldn't anything but the drugs to comfort her... At that, America itself is an embodiment of Aquarius, ... risen out of the waters.
And all those, who get stuck in Capricorn, followers of a 'highest' one, hate the Aquariusses, which allow themselves the freedom from the daily lies.

heavenly convention
by Venus
for Twins and Virgo
till Monday in Capricorn
since Monday in Aquarius

from earth
to air
fact to fiction 

from word to line
the borderless Aquarius 
heaven- air-part
of  us
without borders
shape as shock
man - wife
the basic polarity of things

 one of twelve
joining in our
in the unconscious perfection of
each day of
God's continuous creation
e.g. in each living person

What a privilege for each human attending this Superior week on Earths horizon since Monday , when Venus joins the reunion of the family in our collective 'we' -

with the balance and body
of the (half)world
things can happen in the world
(half) world
which happen for the first time

the new time
becoming visibly
on uppermost-world-stage 
of Herr Schwab
and his guests

and in the mirror of earth
(in us)
with her fresh waters
above heaven

down on earth in the territories
of mankind
 Mars the pusher
after union with
left Wing of the spirit

while Capricorn has the right 
of the spiritual
bird of time

hence Venus plus Pluto
till Monday
still among the goats
of the highest 

only just
today Putin
red tie
moderated by
Herr Schwab
 silver tie

on Thursday/Wednesday
Venus + Pluto
the complements

watch the stage

Sun and Jupiter will be united
 on Friday
and  united will be
creativity with 
to grow silent feathers
in the left wing of time

Monday will be a blue -push
for Venus' humane associations
a beginning in dynanic of thinking
at 0,8° Aquarius
air's Mars  
on the way 

while Mars the pusher
pushes in the  square
the entire week

inflammation in the physical
with attendance of 
'non belonging to anyone'

while Mercury
trickster and attorney

Mercury before
becoming retrograde, 
from Friday till Monday
literally 'standing' 
together with the
green Pluto of the
in the same 27th grade of 
where the latter's 
water-birthday of waiver
in the medium of feeling
 stands since

so four days at least for  getting the chance, to get an 
heavenly teaching of structure together with  - Mercury- 
by water - 
element's coming and going
 like semen of truth
emerging in crystals of soul
 at the border 
of hot soul to 
cold medium
 of reason 
uniting the contradicting
elements via the
divine, heavenly contra-points
in the rhythms of every day.

Murnau, 1. 27. 2021, 76 years after Opening of the Death-Mills (sorry, German language only) UTC:17:58.



Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2021

Venus in the Realm of 'Throne' - Heart in Origin of Meaning


1. 20. -  27. 2021  0:00 UTC
 under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

(click to enlarge) 

"... that the so called unity of consciousness is an
illusion. It is effectually a wishful dream. It comforts 
us, to think, we are unified;  which we are definitely 
not. We are effectually not masters in the own house ...
According to my perception our personal  unconscious-
ness as well as the collective unconsciousness consist
 off an indefinite, cause unknown number of complexes
of part-personalities."

C.G.JUNG,  Col. W. 18/1, § 151

in the astrology of heaven the complexes, their transition, actuality, change, are constantly theme of the beholders of the hiking archetypes and their conjunctions, oppositions and squares.

are exposed to
half matter
half spirit
spiritual animals

in the zodiac of heaven
the horizon is dividing
the halves

in the talk of the gods
half matter
half spirit

ordered by gods
in the zodiac
around the horizon of the 
ascendant constantly rising
since 0° Aries
descendant constantly sinking
since  0° Libra

24 hours
lights on
zodiacal sky
the horizon
of Anthropos'

3. Week 2021

7 of 9 lights in the bright forenoon
in the non-temporal realm of spirit
2 in
labile aggression
in the dark realm of the instincts
of the communal drive

in square 
the spirit of reconciliation

Mars the cutter
in the spectrum between murderer and
moves through the tissues
of the communal beings
in a square of 
- love, strive and insight-
between heaven and  Earth

predator Mars
or banker
whom the human herd-animals will
have subdued
in the zoo of the future
rendering them
respecting their spirit
in a civilization of future
with conscious sense of community
of the herd-animal

where begins future?
when the spirit of the father
enters time
as Son

in us by

currently on the pilgrims way
in Capricorn
where only the necessities of life
have space

after the crossing from Sagittarius to
from finiteness
to non-temporality

are spirit in us as
non-temporal ones
as 'TAO'
in Anthropos
therefore in our
slowly moving  forward in the zodiac
constructing human consciousness
of the given
in our unification-mind
goddess of herds
 approaching Pluto
brotherly god of faith

in Capricorn
main point is 
to be
not overloaded 
by current issues
on the pilgrimage through
higher mountains of in-finiteness
where rooting of words
takes time

while today
heart of Anthropos
attendant with humans 
 heart of  male
on Wednesday morning
took leave to 

 the upsurge
in free thinking
universe of symbols
mirrored by 

On Wednesday afternoon UTC likewise

in the first grade of Aquarius
united with 
blue Mars
 element air
at 0,8° Aquarius
 new-birth in the realm
of ideas

On Sunday

the not overly liked
but fatherly ordering
Sun - Saturn
 in Aquarius

This week
a true heavens complex
is it
working in the 
second mirror
Aquarius - Taurus
effective in the herd

great heavenly roots-times
happen in
in us
on his pilgrimage
through the dark
female sky
solaceful containing
the male lights 

"... that still there are parts of our personality,
which are unconscious, are still becoming, we
are uncompleted, we grow and change. And yet
 the personality, which we will be in the next
 year, is yet present already, only it lies still  in
the shadow."

C.G. JUNG, ibid. § 38.

Murnau, January 20. 2021, UTC: 16:36.

Samstag, 16. Januar 2021

The Great Extinction and the Current Equinox of the USA on Washington DC for 2020-2021

 The Equinox is an old technique of astrology since the Persian/Arabic heyday of reading the stars.

The steps are, beginning with the Ascendant, on 3. 2020 = Sagittarius, stepping12 months = 12 houses. The current month from 12. 2020 - 1. 2021 are ruled by Virgo/Mercury and Pisces/Neptune.

If we know, that Pisces/Neptune = water, so Neptune in Pisces is pure truth, appearing in the inner realm of feeling. As the archetypes in our unconsciousness  are covering the whole spectrum, from the best to the worst, they are seizing the unconscious minds as well as they are carrying the conscious ones.

As an occurrence Neptune in Pisces in house 3 = presentation,  not only extinguishing the presentation of information, Mercury, as truth as well as  lies. Neptune at home in Pisces = the great extinguishment, quasi the pure and total one. Likewise , in the demonic version of the archetypal constellation the extinguishers - the big oligarchs in the background  - got  to step out of the hiden backgrounds into their truth = Neptune, aka into the foreground of  appearance. (Neptune house 3).

Mercury = the information + Neptune's step into appearance are ruled by Uranus' Aquarius (in house 5); Uranus  himself is being ruled by the ruler of sovereignty (house 5), the predator Mars. 

It is Mars the sovereign predator in state (Capricorn) and society (house 2), together with the ideologue, (Pluto), the universities, (Jupiter) and the corrupted state, (Saturn), swallowing the fifth house of  free spirit, Uranus +Venus square Moon, in greed and vanity (Mars + Jupiter).

However, the potency of the year is actually  reconciliation, Jupiter, in state and society. Around February,10. one shall discern, what the innocent sinners and the demonic America will do with it, 

addition on Feb. 17.
as  the potency of Sagittarius, carried out by Jupiter has to appear visually in the second mirror as readiness for reconciliation with man - the less it does it spiritually, the more it will appear naturally
with the attendance of the blow of Mars,  the crystals of Pluto on the polar stage of Saturn.

Murnau, 1. 16. 2021, UTC: 17:18.


Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021

1/6 - "Another 9/11"



According to C. G. JUNG:
All archetypes contain the continuum
from the best and the worst.

 A short reminder: Two acts of demonic intelligence aka  (dark) Mercury - concerning the State,

and of ideological agenda - Pluto 

7. 4. 1776
transit 9.11.2001

7. 4. 1776
transit 10. 26. 2001
Patriot Act

"... in direct response" to 9/11, so  Wikilies

Murnau 1. 11. 2021, UTC: 10:53.
In astromundane diary: 1 13. 2021, UTC 17:08.

Heart Uniting Waiver of Deviation with Mars Firing Buds of Heaven


1. 11. - 20. 2021  0:00 UTC 

and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = 20./21. March)
(click to enlarge)  


" ... [which] in contrast to other religions ... teaches a symbol,
which contends, different to other religions,  the individual
  conduct of life of a Son of man, and which and understands
this process of individuation even as incarnation and 
 revelation of God himself."

Gegenwart und Zukunft, (Presence and Future)
Coll. W. 10, § 300


"...[ is] actually a secondary phenomenon,  which belies on
the fact, that primarily something has happened to us,
 which infuses 'pistis' into us, id est  faith and loyalty."

ibid. § 294

This, "that something has happened to us", my 'singular occurrence', appeared distinctly to a connection with me and the zodiac, as  it runs markedly in parallel with the nascent Saturn/Jupiter 'Great Conjunction' of 1980 in autumn 1980 by transiting my Sun-ruler Neptune when it happened - i98n my words: "God found me in my heart and caused a sudden warming, which never has went away from me. And it was the warmth of deep love to the child me, shared by me and - the creator.

Later, beginning January, Saturn/Jupiter went over the Neptune of my future wife  (fortunately bodily in the first house) of whom I didn't know for another narrow two months ... then, in the zodiac, after regressiveness,  apt assembly of Saturn/Jupiter exactly on the Neptune of her. Neptune ruler of her 7. house = the encounter - which was me, the Pisces-man. United with her bodily. First of all we were banned by the incredible uniqueness of our bodies while dancing. They founded our relation.

For me the encounter with her was the encounter with  order and providence by the love of this flowering woman to me.

The contemplation of a week can always only be that of a general cast of fate or semen or time-shape. Zodiac is to me the simile of 'rotating funnel' of the Sun-family, with the children on different levels of a spectrum of amplitudes above the lengths and  latitudes of  a hemisphere, which is revolving once a day in the orbit ... abstractly projected as moving spiral of moments, which as daily 'Tornado' moves over every site of the landscape. In that spiral each place of the 360° of the zodiac has it's location between low down of the nozzle and high up of the upper edge of the funnel. It is of tremendous solace to know one's place in the chaos of perceptions of oneself and the world - in daily rotation along the circle of 'creatio continua'.

thank God
that You have given
us in our ascendant
our place
within Your day

from which we
according to our heart
Sun of birth
can live
and are awaited for

for any individual
full of miracles

which is why
wise men are

2. Week 2021

+ Uranus
in Taurus

as long as 
each as long as being
 in Aquarius

so near to another, nearer than 5°, they 'act' - so the astrological hypothesis -together as conjunction, ruling over Capricorn, Sagittarius, Twins and Virgo, (determining, submitting, discriminating and adapting)

 according to Aquarius 
which means 
before it's time

mirrored by
Uranus in Taurus
ruled by Venus in Capricorn

in steady square
of earth
with heaven
origin in spirit
healing simile
 rising  from

reaching the Earth
as divine call of the second day
mirroring Taurus 

 spiritual burgeoning
 plants and organizations
on the Earth
for two weeks added by the fire
of Mars'
new beginnings

Saturn = consistency
Jupiter = submittance
Mercury = Articulation

mirrored by

Uranus = origin
Mars = birth

origin of heaven
in the communities
by Mars
the single one

"Big things have
small beginnings"

beginners are followed
by founders

milieu of Venus
goddess of mating and rooting

hence the hint
for founding this week
mirroring heaven's
as long as one cedes in innocence
the leadership of consciousness to the
with 'open eyes'
thereby are  this week
in parallel
 Venus in heaven

words and numbers
enduring over time
 according to Mercury in Aquarius
 not yet in-time
burgeoning stage

while the heart of Anthropos
in us
this week in Capricorn
beats in the
fatherly spirit
of faith and loyalty

 Wednesday/Thursday in union with
brotherly god and
emerging off
given in liability of the
crystalline waiver
of deviation
from the path of the  heart
which allow crystallizations like the

and it is allotted to Venus on her above mentioned way, that she on her Capricorn- pilgrimage reaches the high spiritual places of air and water - thinking and feeling - where heart and brain of those two elements are united in spirit in winterly calm.

Murnau, 1. 13. 2021, UTC: 16:34.