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Heart Uniting Waiver of Deviation with Mars Firing Buds of Heaven


1. 11. - 20. 2021  0:00 UTC 

and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = 20./21. March)
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" ... [which] in contrast to other religions ... teaches a symbol,
which contends, different to other religions,  the individual
  conduct of life of a Son of man, and which and understands
this process of individuation even as incarnation and 
 revelation of God himself."

Gegenwart und Zukunft, (Presence and Future)
Coll. W. 10, § 300


"...[ is] actually a secondary phenomenon,  which belies on
the fact, that primarily something has happened to us,
 which infuses 'pistis' into us, id est  faith and loyalty."

ibid. § 294

This, "that something has happened to us", my 'singular occurrence', appeared distinctly to a connection with me and the zodiac, as  it runs markedly in parallel with the nascent Saturn/Jupiter 'Great Conjunction' of 1980 in autumn 1980 by transiting my Sun-ruler Neptune when it happened - i98n my words: "God found me in my heart and caused a sudden warming, which never has went away from me. And it was the warmth of deep love to the child me, shared by me and - the creator.

Later, beginning January, Saturn/Jupiter went over the Neptune of my future wife  (fortunately bodily in the first house) of whom I didn't know for another narrow two months ... then, in the zodiac, after regressiveness,  apt assembly of Saturn/Jupiter exactly on the Neptune of her. Neptune ruler of her 7. house = the encounter - which was me, the Pisces-man. United with her bodily. First of all we were banned by the incredible uniqueness of our bodies while dancing. They founded our relation.

For me the encounter with her was the encounter with  order and providence by the love of this flowering woman to me.

The contemplation of a week can always only be that of a general cast of fate or semen or time-shape. Zodiac is to me the simile of 'rotating funnel' of the Sun-family, with the children on different levels of a spectrum of amplitudes above the lengths and  latitudes of  a hemisphere, which is revolving once a day in the orbit ... abstractly projected as moving spiral of moments, which as daily 'Tornado' moves over every site of the landscape. In that spiral each place of the 360° of the zodiac has it's location between low down of the nozzle and high up of the upper edge of the funnel. It is of tremendous solace to know one's place in the chaos of perceptions of oneself and the world - in daily rotation along the circle of 'creatio continua'.

thank God
that You have given
us in our ascendant
our place
within Your day

from which we
according to our heart
Sun of birth
can live
and are awaited for

for any individual
full of miracles

which is why
wise men are

2. Week 2021

+ Uranus
in Taurus

as long as 
each as long as being
 in Aquarius

so near to another, nearer than 5°, they 'act' - so the astrological hypothesis -together as conjunction, ruling over Capricorn, Sagittarius, Twins and Virgo, (determining, submitting, discriminating and adapting)

 according to Aquarius 
which means 
before it's time

mirrored by
Uranus in Taurus
ruled by Venus in Capricorn

in steady square
of earth
with heaven
origin in spirit
healing simile
 rising  from

reaching the Earth
as divine call of the second day
mirroring Taurus 

 spiritual burgeoning
 plants and organizations
on the Earth
for two weeks added by the fire
of Mars'
new beginnings

Saturn = consistency
Jupiter = submittance
Mercury = Articulation

mirrored by

Uranus = origin
Mars = birth

origin of heaven
in the communities
by Mars
the single one

"Big things have
small beginnings"

beginners are followed
by founders

milieu of Venus
goddess of mating and rooting

hence the hint
for founding this week
mirroring heaven's
as long as one cedes in innocence
the leadership of consciousness to the
with 'open eyes'
thereby are  this week
in parallel
 Venus in heaven

words and numbers
enduring over time
 according to Mercury in Aquarius
 not yet in-time
burgeoning stage

while the heart of Anthropos
in us
this week in Capricorn
beats in the
fatherly spirit
of faith and loyalty

 Wednesday/Thursday in union with
brotherly god and
emerging off
given in liability of the
crystalline waiver
of deviation
from the path of the  heart
which allow crystallizations like the

and it is allotted to Venus on her above mentioned way, that she on her Capricorn- pilgrimage reaches the high spiritual places of air and water - thinking and feeling - where heart and brain of those two elements are united in spirit in winterly calm.

Murnau, 1. 13. 2021, UTC: 16:34.


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