Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

Poll in Germany and the Outbreak to the Other Side

9. 25. - 10. 4. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
     of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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9. 27. 2017

there was the pol in Germany
it didn't move me before it doesn't move me behind

I see no present force for a move to sovereignty, the basic matter of these seven years
till July, 17. 2018

31. Septar earth-element Berlin

Sun /Venus in complete unconscious  sovereignty = Sun
Mercury right on the sscendant

meaning: Berlin is the

place where the ruler of Twins and Virgo is
appearing in anonymity

so this sovereingty is a baby.  12. house is the time of the first 7 years in human life analogous to Pisces, home hence of the innocence and mirror of the 1. house analogous to Aries.
The sovereignty of receivement = Sun in Cancer with a 'Baby-Sun' keeping the love for times coming without knowing it.

Moscow is the only one place of gravitas in Europe where the Cancer Sun is one step further while still Leo-Ascendant. Sun/Venus are  here at the place of origin - one step closer in direction of complete consciousness and the folks are marching with the King Sun + Venus

 31. Septar erarth-element Moscow

Sun + Neptune+Mars
the innocent forcefull center of sovereignty +
the child of the world + the ire of the world
and the stirring will set forth
till 10/17/ 2017
when Scorpio and Taurus will start creating borders and stability
by rage and greatfullness to the dead

so these where the depths in which this diary used to wade and the german 'mouse
(that didn'd roar)'- poll I literally had out of view till last Sunday ...

24. 9. 2017, 18:00 MESZ, Berlin

end of poll

Berlin ascendant 29° Aquarius 

Cologne 18° Aquarius
0,01° Pisces Munic

Uranus /Aquarius = "the suspension of the hitherto valid standards" (Döbereiner)

an hilarious  Aquarius situation  in the dorstepp of the second house = territory
Aquarius = the stranger in the territory
between Brussels and Oder

and the poll is in a week where the heavenly "Joker" is present
in the balance between Aries-wild and Libra-balance
between Uranus and Jupiter
the convenience of spirit and time

so Mars in Virgo is visited by the lucky time

between Aries and Libra

and Venus will carry body and love as last of  the elementary players through the resonances of  the innocent player in heaven called Neptune the ruler of the depths

among the twelve

multi-ruler Mercury himself has  a 'tight' week

with resonance with old father Saturn
the ruler of the door to the white times


for Mercury is awaiting what Sun
has experienced this week from Monday till now

visiting a tremendous place in the zodiac
since  the Kingsconjunctions
of 1603 in the fire-  and of 1802 in the earth-element
at 3,2+4,1° Libra

Uranus of earth - and Mars of the fire element 
good time to build a bridge for the forces of freedom and  humanity
to the other side

these Uranus and Mars of back then 1802 and 1603 are to be imagined as a kind of heavenly 
still active receiving- and radiating-stations 

where one can kind of plug- in temporality into god - like - 'non-temporal' rhythms

or can  kind of unplug out of non-temporality for dealing with temporal matters

So first days of the week belonged to earth- spirit + earliest fire

moving with Sun= the action of the center
so with Mercury = the brain

and Moon collector of  dreams in streams of tears and rivers
wandering through the heavenly houses in two-to tree-day journeys
 taking with him what is given in the stirring -pot of the Sun-family
in the weathers of eternity balancingthe day-world by the night-world
this week through the spiritual world from Sagittarius to Pisces

 25. 9.2017 UTC : 14:41. Iin English 9. 27. 2017, UTC: 18:56.

Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

Full House for Mercury - Watch Sun after Sunday

9. 11 . - 20. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
     of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Venus today reached Virgo after presenting her undies in Leo
cause Leo = visibility of the forces of soul 
in Virgo Venus becomes reasonable in the 6. mirror
and by countering Leo  she reaches her compromise


Venus is the cosmic partial-person within and without of us having in Taurus her realm of roots and in Libra her realm of sexes


let's talk of Mercury/Mercuria
the cosmic hermaphrodite in which male and female drive
male inellectual and female reasonability
are united
since today the Mercuria-Virgo

is ruler of 
Libra in the soulful humbleness of Virgo's
own terrestrial balance as mirror of Libra

now Mercury this week is in the
opposition = complementary -position with Neptune

 cleaning for brain and drive by Neptune's deep liquidation
kind of back to birth 
the 'child' only remaining
which God loves like all children
Mercury + Mars
end and beginning in God's lap

then since Friday beginning of winter half year called autumn
Sun in Libra  

Libra, scale, balance
ancient Egyptian astrologers added this sign into the zodiac
there was the sequel from Virgo to Scorpio before

pitching the common tent of female and male
uniting tribes
overcoming the projections of the elders
 (except by endogameous tribes like Jews, where uniting with other tribes is a core- sin)
Now very interesting is this week to take note of the connection of 'Sun with two of the fourty places in the zodiac which remember

to 'watch' is
Sun's passing
of 3,2° Libra on early Tuesday
and at 4,1° Libra early Wednesday
there will be
the Uranus of the earth
and theMars of the fire 
in common resonance with the actual  Sun 
the beginner Mars of the  elementof beginning
and the heavenly human switcher Uranus of the earth element
together with the actual heart = Sun
do your own astrology by relaxed watching
if something falls into the cognitive net 
om Tuesday /Wednesday 
 Mars is every time not only but also the significator for
military matters
therefore I use to call these early Libra-grades
the Grandola Constellation (alas in German till now)
but the revolution in Lisboa 1974, done by the Army, 
ended a Dictatorship since the thirtieth of 20th century

4. 24. 1974, UTC 21:50 Lisboa
here we have everything needed for history:
1. a looming danger for Pluto = (the cristalline of ideology associated with power) to be       suspended with heavenly help of fire - Mars in connection with earth-Uranus
2.  by square- resonance of  Mars + Saturn = beginning of a new + state
3. embedded in Cancer =Rule of families 
4. Ruler Moon in solution by resonance with Neptune.
so much for for Sun's visit at the earth Mars of 1802 and the fire Uranus of 1603

finally Moon compensating Sun
like the night does it with the day
the dream which the consciousness
be it by taking the other side
or by confirming the attitudethe more so as the dream receives
transpersonal 'waves' 
from what is collectively coming but not yet 

moreover the dream is the window to the two-day-hike of the waters of soul
through the 12 heavenly "houses" = the 12 signs of the year
this week Moon moves through:
the aesthetic balance = Libra
the sacrifice for the non-ego = Scorpio
the completeness in the circle = Sagittarius

 Murnau 17.9.2017 UTC 15:45
18.9.2017, UTC 13:00
In English 9. 20. 2017, UTC: 17:20.  


... the constellation has spoken by a Moon

Freitag, 15. September 2017

The Spirit of the Depth

In my readings I  relate to the spirit of the depth and of the height

to the spirit of the four elements
of the twelve signs
and their respective 10 dynamicly rotating
bodies of the Sun-system
"as in heaven so on earth"

the Cafe  again is overcrowded
by the "spirit of this time"

read what C.G.Jung a hundred (-) years ago
thought about the spirit of the depth:

The spirit of this time has condemned us to haste. You have no more futurity and no more past if you serve the spirit of this time. We need the life of eternity. We bear the future and the past in the depths. The future is old and the past is young. You serve the spirit of this time, and believe that you are able to escape the spirit of the depths. But the depths do not hesitate any longer and will force you into the mysteries of Christ. It belongs to this mystery that man is not redeemed through the hero, but becomes a Christ himself. The antecedent example of the saints symbolically teaches us this. ~Carl Jung; The Red Book; Page 253.


 For all the few, who manage, to escape the complete involvement in the 'spirit of this time' for some
'spare times' here the current connection to the 'life of eternity' connecting with  the 'eternal ones' - elements, signs and actors - outside and within us:

"Cleaning the Talk and Walking the Walk - and the Tree Colors of the Week"

Murnau, 2017 9 15 UTC 19:03

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

Cleaning the Talk and Walking the Walk - and the Three Colours of the Week

9. 11 . - 20. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
    of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Funny to realize again that 
ASTROMUNDANE DIARY  is a Wednesday-thing
 another one is the MUNDANES TAGEBUCH,
a Monday-thing. As astrology operates on the 
equation:  time = content like the year or the day
the unknown as invisible force of Mercury
known only by the time of the "Mercury-clock"
on Wednesday will shape another image of the
 same content compared to Luna on Monday.

One qualiitative difference: the "Diary" contains two 
days more,  two days with the due weekly antecedents
 of Wednesday.

9 13. 2017

Jung compares awareness with a cone of light

only able to light up a spot
in extreme by microscope  

this spot allways is surrounded by the encompassing
darkness of the unconsciousness 

 this experience is in mundo  every week
with  the orbicular darkness around being
enlighted by the 10 and the twelve
timekeepers called signs and lights
of our celestial home
orchestrating the drama of man
in six days of creation + 1
by circambulation

the horizon is the line of consciousness of each horoscope

 to be imagined as a living mirror between heaven and earth
mirroring the daily orbiting signs and gods/lights/divine players

 "houses" are not moving
 their character below and above
derives from the zodiac 'immobilized'

each horoscope on the planet has it's east point where the Sun rises or ascends
that is on the northern hemisphere horizons left and the rising Sun moves to the right
on the southern hemisphere Sun rises at the right end of the horizon and moves to the left
against clock-hand.
From the ascendant are coming the streams with their rhythms according to the element and sign rising in the moment of birth
the lower reality- and the upper symbolicly flows
in the 7- Moon - rhythm
in the 10 - Sun - rhythm

Thus man can observe his/her life-time since birth in 7 and 10 Month/Year-steps
while by that being able to learn the 'language of fate' after God's rules to
grasp it cognitivly and to learn to love it

all these considerations are intellectually comprehensible, but still exceeding the pupil of consciousness, like e.g. that into the equation God or god was inserted.
Jung teaches: gods = archetypes = Selbst(Self)  = not distinguishable and overly powerfull arranger and he and Nobe-Price awarded physcian Wolfgang Pauli were united opinion:
psyche and matter mirroring each other arranged by the  overly poverfull "mirrorer"
Wolfgang Pauli (in the Pauli/Jung Letters 1932 - 1958)

"The mirror is, I believe, not only the intellect, but the consciousness anyway."p. 20 (German edition)

"But in actual fact physis and psyche might be two aspects of the same abstract matter of fact. Hence for the illustration of the psycho-physical relation a mirror-principle is offering quite naturally."p. 158

" the relation of physics and psychology with myself is that of a mirroring, the appearance of the psychologer in the dream hence the doing of the "director mirrorer", who remains invisible in the background."
"Now as I know from experience that a constellated - i.e. activated -archetype may not be the cause but is certainly a condition of synchronistic phenomea ..."

"In other words, the archetype forms an image that is both psychological and physical. This of course, is the formula for synchronicity albeit with the difference that in the case of the latter, the psychological causal chain is accompanied by a physical chain of events with similar meaning."

The higher astrological view on heaven and earth apprehends a reality whose rhythms became apperceptive since Kopernikus' view on the system/family seen from the Sun.

The mighty family-paradox = each planet sends and receives, the rhythms of the others, but Sun in the center doubtlessly is the great intergrating resonator, originated out of one of the resonance-clouds in universe.

enough considerations in non-temporality
let's do the week:

Now it's Virgo's high-time  mirroring Libra's balance of two in which son
Jupiter has father Saturn as guest in his sign Sagittarius by

  placing his non-temporal basic measures within Venus' time of common karma.

And invited by Mercury in his own realm are Sun, Mars and Mercury himself

where Mercury layes the table 

it's the female Mercury caller and keeper of  Virgo
in common with her run in  heaven's
sixt sign hosting Sun and Mars
host Mercury travels from 0,6° to 12° Virgo in tight coniunction with Mars
ire + brain
a hot wild week for energy and brain
when between today and Friday
Mars and Mercury passing the resonances of 5,1° Virgo
= Saturn/Jupiter Kingsconjunction in the earth-element of 1802 
guiding by resonance the earth-elements elementary depths
about 800 years
well earth' Saturn+Jupiter
= Vater and Son of the earth
today till friday
for guests in Mars' and Mercury's realms
so Uranus
so Sun

now a day after 5,1° Virgo 
comes 6,8° Virgo = fire's 'red' Neptune
of 1603

in opposition - resonance with earth- Pluto
in 6,8° Pisces
 the maximum- resonance in love
read Shakespeare

and waxing for the new week
will be Mercury's current opposition with Neptune
followed by the same for Mars
one week later

it's a stride between all and one
or a love affair
between the depths and the surface
winter's dream and late summers
warm love affaires

now to the heart and center
Sun in Virgo center of everyday's reason
shining far beyond the partial person 

mirroring the mere wort
that was with God in the beginning
finally having arrived in the
constructed by two
 called Libra 
called fairness or today "win-win" 

and then late next week the full occupation of Virgo
by entrance of Venus
doing another last week the bidding of Sun's
self-will with her resources

now at last a more distanced view
on the week's higher levelsther are colourings to perceive
in the chart of the week

coulours connect like instruments

 Blue= Saturn

this week Sun + Saturn
heart + winter
in a square concert of Virgo with Sagittarius

Orange = Uranus
Uranus + Jupiter

man and son

Green = Neptune
Neptune + Mars + Merkur

Kind + Zorn + Hirn


connected by the rule:

ruler rules about their sign/s
and are ruled by their 'guest'signs
all 10 are in the mirror of the earth ruled and rulers

now here are connected

heart=Sun = center with Saturn
the fatherlyness in the self
which yet has the winter in it's view

Uranus = man = with Jupiter
the son of the father

the loving hero


Neptune = innocence with Mars/Mercury

beginnings of  
cleaning  the talk in soul's communions
by couples


finally Moon and his monthly voyage through the elements
in their three times of appearance
in two-day-steps

with Moon travels our receptivity along the unchangable circle
of all life according to the 12 signs of our ancestors

 and is balancing monthly the dear solar blindness of the daylight = councouousness
in the cosmic embracement by the darkness of the night in which the

other lights appurtenant to the center (= psychol.: parts of the person) are visible.

10.9.2017, Murnau UTC 17:12.

11. 9. 2017, UTC 14:43
In English: 9. 13. 2017, UTC: 20:28