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Poll in Germany and the Outbreak to the Other Side

9. 25. - 10. 4. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
     of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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9. 27. 2017

there was the pol in Germany
it didn't move me before it doesn't move me behind

I see no present force for a move to sovereignty, the basic matter of these seven years
till July, 17. 2018

31. Septar earth-element Berlin

Sun /Venus in complete unconscious  sovereignty = Sun
Mercury right on the sscendant

meaning: Berlin is the

place where the ruler of Twins and Virgo is
appearing in anonymity

so this sovereingty is a baby.  12. house is the time of the first 7 years in human life analogous to Pisces, home hence of the innocence and mirror of the 1. house analogous to Aries.
The sovereignty of receivement = Sun in Cancer with a 'Baby-Sun' keeping the love for times coming without knowing it.

Moscow is the only one place of gravitas in Europe where the Cancer Sun is one step further while still Leo-Ascendant. Sun/Venus are  here at the place of origin - one step closer in direction of complete consciousness and the folks are marching with the King Sun + Venus

 31. Septar erarth-element Moscow

Sun + Neptune+Mars
the innocent forcefull center of sovereignty +
the child of the world + the ire of the world
and the stirring will set forth
till 10/17/ 2017
when Scorpio and Taurus will start creating borders and stability
by rage and greatfullness to the dead

so these where the depths in which this diary used to wade and the german 'mouse
(that didn'd roar)'- poll I literally had out of view till last Sunday ...

24. 9. 2017, 18:00 MESZ, Berlin

end of poll

Berlin ascendant 29° Aquarius 

Cologne 18° Aquarius
0,01° Pisces Munic

Uranus /Aquarius = "the suspension of the hitherto valid standards" (Döbereiner)

an hilarious  Aquarius situation  in the dorstepp of the second house = territory
Aquarius = the stranger in the territory
between Brussels and Oder

and the poll is in a week where the heavenly "Joker" is present
in the balance between Aries-wild and Libra-balance
between Uranus and Jupiter
the convenience of spirit and time

so Mars in Virgo is visited by the lucky time

between Aries and Libra

and Venus will carry body and love as last of  the elementary players through the resonances of  the innocent player in heaven called Neptune the ruler of the depths

among the twelve

multi-ruler Mercury himself has  a 'tight' week

with resonance with old father Saturn
the ruler of the door to the white times


for Mercury is awaiting what Sun
has experienced this week from Monday till now

visiting a tremendous place in the zodiac
since  the Kingsconjunctions
of 1603 in the fire-  and of 1802 in the earth-element
at 3,2+4,1° Libra

Uranus of earth - and Mars of the fire element 
good time to build a bridge for the forces of freedom and  humanity
to the other side

these Uranus and Mars of back then 1802 and 1603 are to be imagined as a kind of heavenly 
still active receiving- and radiating-stations 

where one can kind of plug- in temporality into god - like - 'non-temporal' rhythms

or can  kind of unplug out of non-temporality for dealing with temporal matters

So first days of the week belonged to earth- spirit + earliest fire

moving with Sun= the action of the center
so with Mercury = the brain

and Moon collector of  dreams in streams of tears and rivers
wandering through the heavenly houses in two-to tree-day journeys
 taking with him what is given in the stirring -pot of the Sun-family
in the weathers of eternity balancingthe day-world by the night-world
this week through the spiritual world from Sagittarius to Pisces

 25. 9.2017 UTC : 14:41. Iin English 9. 27. 2017, UTC: 18:56.

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