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Full House for Mercury - Watch Sun after Sunday

9. 11 . - 20. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
     of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Venus today reached Virgo after presenting her undies in Leo
cause Leo = visibility of the forces of soul 
in Virgo Venus becomes reasonable in the 6. mirror
and by countering Leo  she reaches her compromise


Venus is the cosmic partial-person within and without of us having in Taurus her realm of roots and in Libra her realm of sexes


let's talk of Mercury/Mercuria
the cosmic hermaphrodite in which male and female drive
male inellectual and female reasonability
are united
since today the Mercuria-Virgo

is ruler of 
Libra in the soulful humbleness of Virgo's
own terrestrial balance as mirror of Libra

now Mercury this week is in the
opposition = complementary -position with Neptune

 cleaning for brain and drive by Neptune's deep liquidation
kind of back to birth 
the 'child' only remaining
which God loves like all children
Mercury + Mars
end and beginning in God's lap

then since Friday beginning of winter half year called autumn
Sun in Libra  

Libra, scale, balance
ancient Egyptian astrologers added this sign into the zodiac
there was the sequel from Virgo to Scorpio before

pitching the common tent of female and male
uniting tribes
overcoming the projections of the elders
 (except by endogameous tribes like Jews, where uniting with other tribes is a core- sin)
Now very interesting is this week to take note of the connection of 'Sun with two of the fourty places in the zodiac which remember

to 'watch' is
Sun's passing
of 3,2° Libra on early Tuesday
and at 4,1° Libra early Wednesday
there will be
the Uranus of the earth
and theMars of the fire 
in common resonance with the actual  Sun 
the beginner Mars of the  elementof beginning
and the heavenly human switcher Uranus of the earth element
together with the actual heart = Sun
do your own astrology by relaxed watching
if something falls into the cognitive net 
om Tuesday /Wednesday 
 Mars is every time not only but also the significator for
military matters
therefore I use to call these early Libra-grades
the Grandola Constellation (alas in German till now)
but the revolution in Lisboa 1974, done by the Army, 
ended a Dictatorship since the thirtieth of 20th century

4. 24. 1974, UTC 21:50 Lisboa
here we have everything needed for history:
1. a looming danger for Pluto = (the cristalline of ideology associated with power) to be       suspended with heavenly help of fire - Mars in connection with earth-Uranus
2.  by square- resonance of  Mars + Saturn = beginning of a new + state
3. embedded in Cancer =Rule of families 
4. Ruler Moon in solution by resonance with Neptune.
so much for for Sun's visit at the earth Mars of 1802 and the fire Uranus of 1603

finally Moon compensating Sun
like the night does it with the day
the dream which the consciousness
be it by taking the other side
or by confirming the attitudethe more so as the dream receives
transpersonal 'waves' 
from what is collectively coming but not yet 

moreover the dream is the window to the two-day-hike of the waters of soul
through the 12 heavenly "houses" = the 12 signs of the year
this week Moon moves through:
the aesthetic balance = Libra
the sacrifice for the non-ego = Scorpio
the completeness in the circle = Sagittarius

 Murnau 17.9.2017 UTC 15:45
18.9.2017, UTC 13:00
In English 9. 20. 2017, UTC: 17:20.  


... the constellation has spoken by a Moon

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