Freitag, 15. September 2017

The Spirit of the Depth

In my readings I  relate to the spirit of the depth and of the height

to the spirit of the four elements
of the twelve signs
and their respective 10 dynamicly rotating
bodies of the Sun-system
"as in heaven so on earth"

the Cafe  again is overcrowded
by the "spirit of this time"

read what C.G.Jung a hundred (-) years ago
thought about the spirit of the depth:

The spirit of this time has condemned us to haste. You have no more futurity and no more past if you serve the spirit of this time. We need the life of eternity. We bear the future and the past in the depths. The future is old and the past is young. You serve the spirit of this time, and believe that you are able to escape the spirit of the depths. But the depths do not hesitate any longer and will force you into the mysteries of Christ. It belongs to this mystery that man is not redeemed through the hero, but becomes a Christ himself. The antecedent example of the saints symbolically teaches us this. ~Carl Jung; The Red Book; Page 253.


 For all the few, who manage, to escape the complete involvement in the 'spirit of this time' for some
'spare times' here the current connection to the 'life of eternity' connecting with  the 'eternal ones' - elements, signs and actors - outside and within us:

"Cleaning the Talk and Walking the Walk - and the Tree Colors of the Week"

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