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Vagueness and Burning of Soul

9. 6.  - 13. 2017
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
   of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Wednesday 9. 6. 2017

Moon today is in the deepest depths of unconsciousness 
even passing Neptune
in the morning
Jung has stated the dynamic of the unconsciouness
unconscious Images are loaded 
everything is receiver and sender from outside and from within
and psyche mirroring in matter
all six days of creation

So Moon
women's feeling outside  and  man's feeling 'woman' within
deep in the underground of meaning
Lao Tse called it Tao
as Pisces with Cancer-ASC  
mundanomaniac asks himself, by what items
what kind of dynamic in the depths
it will be revealed in him

It might be incomprehensible for many
that the four elements
constantly are  being stirred with one  another
the German "Rührung" tells of
being stirred inside
would like to know a sensitive english analogy

with the astrolocical chart it's possible to vision the real planetary condition of the Sun

and as each planetary body, Earth is member of their concert of gravity and spin
and in that solar -family - order things do appear and heaven has been mirrored since, they say 4 billion years, by our Planet which is stirred by the heavenly rhythms with the Sun the central allmighty amplifyer of the entire System aka one of  God's islands in the universe

and with Moon of  Earth the powerfull feminine subsymbol is travelling heavens houses in about a two-days +- for each sign- rhythm around the planet

And the fact that the watery astrologer after 36 years knows the exact grade of the birthday-
Sun of his wife only 'about' - for the water-element is that full enough.

But this vagueness with highest nearness keeps probably away
from burnings in the psyche

water = vague nearness
 deletes fire
and the gods can burn 
Jung warns
and the key
for his psychic integrity was
so he tells in his look back 
that after descent into his own madness
there was a Abendbrot (supper) together
with wife Emma and the children
God's key
the semen donating

and who steps God or a god in the loneliness

of a celibate cell
too dry
too close
might be psychicly in danger
of ador
too strong are in some circumstances
the powers of ardent images raising 
and taking hold of the lonely soul

So there are in free and prudent devotion to the world and  psyche 
individuals like Carl Jung, the German brothers Jünger, and many many quiet stars in the country with their women among the labourforce of the nocturnal  Angst ond overburdened by debt e.g. in America, which has to invent itself anew, even more than Europe.


this week now is seeing the transgression of Mars from Leo to Virgo

on Sunday Mercury will follow   

these two actors on the heavenly stage
the hotspur and the cool but maybe inhibited Jew
anyway a change of milieu from 
waywardness to reason

then the goddess Virgo rules and is keeping the details
of a late summer's harvest
cause Sun himself heart and radiating
waywardness of reason

even with some psychic burn
still the heart 
radiating center
to which radiation in waywardnessis due
might be well
so since Sunday
energy+ brain + heart in the late warmth
of the mature Virgo
and we are not yet ready with Sunhis way in the chart is colored 
week's beginning green = Neptune opposition
week's end blue = Saturn-square 
so Sun=heart in one week 2 resonances
early= child = no consciousness
late = father = solemn


 remains Venus and the staying in the herd
presently devoted to the divine self-willin the fruit of the year
in the paradox unity of security and risk
Venus in  Leo

and Moon remains in the busyness of stirring lap 

while travelling through the houses of the nightly and daily sky
and above all happy returns
spreding the blessing of the bedroom  

like the yellow way up in the chart


By the way: 

son Jupiter and father Saturn are visiting
two hypotheticly radiating places of 
the constellation of 31.12.1980 when a new Kingsconjunction
in the element air displaced the former one of 1186

Jupiter unites with the blue Pluto in Libra
every 12 years
now the 3. and last time this year

and Saturn with her opposite-partner in zodiac blue Venus
 about every 30 years

Murnau 3. 9. 2017, UTC 14:46.

4.9. 2017 UTC: 13:02. 
In English: 9. 6. 2017 UTC 17:04

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