Dienstag, 12. September 2017

'Blue Moon' for Mankind - Meaningfull Complementation

The most important political speech in my lifetime's 50+ years of political watching/thinking: V.V.Putins press-conference, todayin China after BRICS Summit

I only know the start, Xianmen, 10:00 LT

it is Putin-Stuff = Scorpio

here the President self

and here's today  Xianmen 10:00/ UTC 2:00

danke astro-com

Pluto's hour to enlight the sacrifice, connecting with the dead and the unborn
and their part of the twelve
being and coming beyond the lies of  time

and Pluto talks Capricorn
 that's St. Peter aka "the stone"
a speech in stone

whenever I have read one in my life.

in a month where Sun is mirroring Jupiter - the 'idiot' Putin seizes the time for/of cleaning the hearts of the planet

Pluto's hour in the presentation of the superiour calling
the president thank God's kind of anybodies
 child out of decent man' school
and himself by birth being the highest possible instance
of Scorpio = readyness for sacrifice

secured in the lap of the great humble Russian spirit of stability and humanity within the human village

It's revelations time ongoing
Murnau, thank God, 9. 5. 2017, UTC 19:47.

 to the mystery of the moment: Xianmen 10:00

The ascendant/moment is 8,2° Scorpio
Blue Moon of the Kingsconjunction
in the element air
air- Moon = like home in the brain

9 12. 2017

Now, it was so easy, I didn't see the tree in the forrest,  Youtube tells the presser was completed at:

10: 43:50

here is the moment of 10:44

9. 5. 2017, Xiamen, 10:44 LT

... when the presser was completed.

Dig that moment! It was a Neptune-Moment
when the ascendant came into  1° distance of
to 18,9° Scorpio - since 1802 the place of earth-Neptune -
where, to say it in an metapher, the stemm cells
of the earth-element for about 800 years
are located

It is truely a painkilling moment for the planet
 Putin delivering the
ethic of win-win for all and not for one part
and his dog

and make no mistake: this Neptune is the intuitive hope of mankind as he balances the dangerous
14,1° and 16,8° Taurus where fire's 'madness' and earth's ire are located within the inflamable milieu of associations and storages.

9. 12. 2017, Murnau, UTC 1940.

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