Mittwoch, 29. August 2018

Great Week for the Aeonic Cristallizer

8. 29. - 9. 5. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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all intensities are waning this week
in the play of the year
within the Solar famyly

while Mercury, Sun and Venus
have time
to visite Gods of the four element' s
fire - Neptune
air Pluto

culminating next Tuesday 
Mercury has time 
to analyze
the indebted Venus of 1802
of the earth-element

Mercury + Venus ~ tallying the stock

tomorrow on Thursday Sun will meet at
6,8° Virgo 
Neptune of the fire-
element of all earlyness
in his
 partnership of the opposite
with Pluto of the carrying-element 
of earth
in 6,8° Pisces
united with Sun
heart of the Family
in Virgo
analyzing and feeding the soul of things
happening to the universal child 
and the aeonic cristallizer
of the earth's flow
listening to the innocent (Pisces) souls
Sun + Neptune + Pluto ~ innocent heart cristallizing

looking at Venus hehind her square
 with Pluto the crystalizer last week

 coming Wednesday Venus will enter  the
next Pluto-Cluster
between blue  Pluto of the air-element
of 24,1° Libra
and his opposite red Pluto of the fire-element 
in 25,3° Aries
heaven and hell for another 700 years
in the complement of the opposites
Venus + Pluto ~ love and faithfullness

while Moon the soulful  completer
to what the rational daylight left incomplete
since today turns above the complete
physical world
till Friday morning above the realm of uncovering
what was hiden while hunting

till Sunday afternoon in the realm
of gathering and securing

and then till Tuesday noon
on the roads of traveling and talking

while Moon will enter the realm
of the inner wells
next Tuesday noon.

8. 29. 2018, UTC 20:23.


Samstag, 25. August 2018

No 'Time of Aquarius'? On Sideral and Tropical Zodiacs

kinterra on August 22, 2018 · at 1:45 pm EST/EDT

Mundo Dear Cafe Comrade,

I have been wanting to address this with you and T13 for quite a while. Tropical astrology is not in alignment with reality. Do you have star walk or any app to look at the sky? In real time, the sun just entered Leo. You can see it in plain site. Or look up at the full moon. Knowing the full moon is directly opposite the sun, you will be able to see (with telescope) the full moon will be at 8 degrees Aquarius, thus the sun at 8 degrees Leo.
The tropical zodiac does not consider the procession of the equinox, and is using the vernal point of 0 degrees Aries determined by Ptolemy over 2000 years ago. But since that time the vernal point of the equinox has moved 1 degree every 72 years. The vernal point is now 5 degrees Pisces.
It is the sidereal zodiac that gives the positions of the sun and planets in real time. To understand the energies affecting the earth and the soul we need to understand where the planets really are in the zodiac, which we can directly observe visibly in the heavens. There are some very good sidereal resources, Nick Anthony Fiorenza being highly recommended.
Please receive this in the spirit of helpful dialog to discover a new truth, which often involves unlearning what we have always thought. The tropical positions are not in alignment with what can be directly perceived. Ancient astrology of the Baylonian Magi and other cultures was based on direct observation.Why would this no longer be accurate and applicable to our lives?

Kinterra you write:

"The tropical zodiac does not consider the procession of the equinox  and is using the vernal point of 0 degrees Aries"

I would hold for: "The tropical zodiac does not consider the pro  recession of the equinox around the circle of the sidera and keeps  using the equinox as the vernal point of 0 degrees Aries" ...

... hence my answer:
Greek genius 150 years BC. realized, that the spring-equinox seems to move in a special rhythm of about 26.000 years retrograding around heaven, hence did fix the „tropical zodiac“ insolubly with the

 30° Pisces - 0° Aries border
exactly each year
 when Sun is vertical above the equator 
entering the northern (or southern) equation.
of the southern or northern sky
With this Greek reflection of human intelligence, Earth's  astrology received the trueness, that Aries , Leo, Libra a.s.o. are truely measuring - figures oft the times in the Solar family of Earth existing since about 4,6 billion of years as a family with all their gravitational rhythms which incubate incessantly since then every rhythmical  essence in this family of a star. 

hence Earth’s spring is a matter
 completely of
2 x 1/2
 Earth - Sun 
in the solar family ...

... while the next star to Sun is as far, as you might feel the relation of 5 Tennis-balls distributed on  the North-American continent.
Spoken to the point: starry heaven to me has no special information beyond having been a chaotic background-stage for the projection of 4,6 billions of rhythmical Sun - Earth - year’s unconscious routine mirrored in  man’s unconscious psyche rising from China to India and from India to the wild West and above anywhere, where the subtropical belts spread a magical clear heavenly carpet above night and day,
While the spring-equinox in 2170 years slowly grooved through Aries ~ the beginning, in the time between Babylon and  Christ, 72 years a grade, as you mention, the human projections of the 'beginning' aka Spring in the sign of elemetary fire was 'read' in the night-sky and finally cristallized as the fix concept of the tropical zodiac.

The last 2170 years since the unknown '0° Aries' = 30° Pisces spring-point, formerly beginning in sideral Aries, since then becaming sideral Pisces a. s. o. and in 13.000 years spring-point  will beginn in sideral Leo. ..0° Aries tropical zodiac then will be 30° Leo in the sideral zodiac.

You write:
The vernal point is now 5 degrees Pisces“.
Anyone, con – sidering (human wisdom beginning with the ‚sidera‘) a map of he astral zodiac, or heaven itself stretching like the edge of a plate above the southern horizon, anyone will realize, that the figures of the sidera are so different in length, that 5° of Pisces is a pure fiction.

The sideral zodiac is a measure to phantasize Earth's relation to the galaxy, but the relation to our star ist measures by the tropical "phantasy of the universe" called tropical zodiac.

Some say ‚ that the time of spring equinox in Aquarius has been entered last century, some say it’s just happening‘, my take is: it’s like a snake, the head entered with the best minds Pisces 2150 years before the tail is or will be creeping with the last lowbrows finally  from Aries to Pisces. So the beginning of Aquarius-springs hence springs of the toppler, relies on the psychic maturity of the individual between head and tail.
“Ancient astrology of the Baylonian Magi and other cultures was based on
direct observation.Why would this no longer be accurate and applicable to
our lives?”
Because they didn’t know. Why did the creator give us a human brain, allowing to move beyond sensual observation to the intelligible truths?

"Ars perficit quod natura relinquit imperfectum"  (mediaveal Alchemists).

Murnau August 25, UTC 20:08.


Mittwoch, 22. August 2018

So Go for Virgo Sun and Mirror Libra's Beauty

8.  22. - 29. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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corpus hermeticum

"after which God has created all visible by imagination,
 and hence manifest in everything ... He is present in 
everything and is the visible and the invisible, the being
 and the non-being, which he kept for himself."
"Thus  the creative phantasy of God is contained in the
visible world, which can manifest to the chosen. 
Cause God is the agent virtue in all things ... and 
everything is rife with soul and moves in 
consummate order."

Mysterium Conjunctionis, Vol.. 3.
p. 169

34. Week
in the year 2018 after Christ

this week's relocation in about 4 hours
Sun the waisting center
has trumped all inner shapes outside
four weeks long
and with Sun all hearts
under the northern sky
had to waist  
had to spend
one's warmth
out of one's  given part 
of fire

now since evening in Central Europa
the nutritive Virgo
will be again  the mother of the two

Virgo and Child
wealth and nutrition in universe
earth and soul
as holy She

next Tuesday Sun meets the highest
5,1° Virgo
Saturn + Jupiter
father and son
in the zodiac

earth elements highest day of the year
shouldn't we know about it ?
 heart of Virgo
each year birthday of earth's
measure and law

and we 
earthly thinkers
mirroring heaven
 will know

that 5,1° Virgo is mirror of 24,9° Libra
as Virgo mirrores Libra
beyond times

hence the prudence
has to mirror the beauty
in Gods zodiacal universe

so much for the zodiacal heart = Sun

now for the zodiacal brain
and Mercury's
mystery of the 3
in all  4 
of the
universal quarters

tha master of  Mercury's  master
is becoming the master
of Mercury's master
when Sun is in Virgo
life's outmost wit in this
interconnection between heart and brain

and Mercury right now ist in the
outmost intensive square with Jupiter
the knowing with the fitting
between Leo and Scorpio
creating and renounce

calling and grasp
= adam secundus

this mighty reflection
of shop-fire
and key-form

Leo and Scorpio 5th mirror

and middle square in the zodiacal unniverse

all of this is graspable cause the 'fix' signs
represent the crystalline forms
of all floating times

the zodiac  as a krystalline form of the floating time
hence is Scorpio  unconscious constituent
since bilions of years
becoming conscious since some thousand of years
 rhythms of God's  phantasies in everything

'visible' on a rare scale

like visible light and audible sound
hints to the consummated symphony
of the full spectrum

Venus in her realm of beauty lie and phantasy
 will meet her soul- brother Pluto's resonance from beyond
from the souls of Osiris
in man

and all, what has been the sceene over the last weeks between Mars and Uranus
in square
between beyond and right- here
and additional between
water-Moon and air-Mars
keeps in strenth and intensity
like last weeks

new this week
the intensity in the first quarter of the 'mutable' signs
(Twins, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

the intensity in the third quarter of the 'cardinal' signs

and with Moon the day- balancing light in the belly of the night
is cruising under all signs of spirit
from fire to water
till Sunday afternoon
mirrored by the outer and inner waters
of us creatures

Sonntag 19. 8.2018 UTC 14:47.
Murnau, 20. 8. 2018 UTC 14:47.
In English 8. 22. 2018, UTC 15:09.



Mittwoch, 15. August 2018

New Chances for Impuls and Brain - Highest Balance of Thinking

 8. 13. - 22. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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33. Week

further in the mirror of heaven and earth
Mars above
square resonance
Uranus below

the unknown godly product in the
yet unknown human spirit
unpacked under the heaven
of the north

while Mars retrograde
back in

pushes into the foreground
the corrective yardsticks
of collective righteousness

for 5 weeks last acts
of Saturn now
by his fighter
and revealer
in his ongoing
square with
both of them earthly impuls in heaven
and heavenly thought on Earth
for the form
in which heaven and Earth
mirroring each other
since the beginning
can keep operating

and of the heavenly birthdays of the four elements
or father and son

two elements air and water
keep being interwoven 
and in a circle < 3,7°
these Mars - Moon square is surrounded by
the current Uranus and Mars

(each one opening a quadrant of the zodiac:
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

and the early 'fixed signs'
(the belly of each quadrant:
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

are receiving the intensity of the situation
as the gods are the indicater of intensities

and we the rest?

well in the middle of the fixed signs
there is an intensity between
creation Leo and waiver Scorpio
played by our brain- and - reason god Mercury
in sovereignty of Leo
in resonance with our
spiritual - fire - and - insight god  Jupiter
in waiver of arbitraryness
calling the creative  heart ( Leo)
to fire the furnance of  universal spirit
with the heat of
heart's wit
mirroring the everlasting circle
of circles

finally the second quarter of the cardinal signs
is sharing  intensity with Venus in Libra

(with ASC 7,5° Cancer mundo shared an enlighted hour
with a queen-apprentice of astrology on Tuesday)

now about Friday-noon
the highest  instances of air-element
blue Saturn Jupiter
at 10,5° Libra
like they conjoined in the latest Kingsconjunction in air-element
will be with Venus
in the highest balance of 
 measure and joint
of the thinking element
in Libra = the love of the sexes
for 800 years

and like Saturn Pluto and Neptune

Sun solipsisticly 
expanding all over the week
next Monday will meet 
with the notorious spent

Entwurf 12. 8. 2018, UTC 14:43.
Murnau, 13. 8. 2018, UTC 14:23
In English 8. 15. 2018, UTC: 16:45.