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Unexpected Pain and the New Man's New Thinking in Town

7. 30 - 8. 8. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Also for mundo last week presented a painfull surprise. As I might have said, I do not stare into the chart to see my fate for any next week. I only contemplate 'the message' after 'something' has happened.
On this way  freedom of God and of my heart and of my bones and my encounters,'talking' to me, remains the untouched. Freedom to follow like guided.
And the gods? And the signs? 
They and our dreams ...

Now what happened last Thursday after my Wednesday-Diary?
Hurting right Hand, all morning exercises resting on right hand answered by howling of right wrist.

'Luck' in hurt: I had a date with my Orthopaed next morning about my hips. He found an rizin-arthrosis in my basic thumb, no more catilage, periosteum in fire ...
Good bye handwriting.
Doctor passed me a soft bandage and d mixture called 'Retterspitz", lot's  Kräuter
in alcohol th sprinkle the bandage from time to time
 Today Wednesday my offended joint sleeps like a baby its my immobilized right thumb
now I found.

1. What brings with him  pain, burning, itching? Of the planets it's Mars
2. What is the heart of an existing family? Sun
3. What is Planet of the fitting stroke of fate? Jupiter
4. What is planet of waiver? Pluto
5. What Planet brings the stop? Saturn
6. What planet brings the social weaving? Venus
7. What planet gards the tool? Mercury

so much for the actors in mundo's birthchart

transites  on mundo's birthchart
 7. 26. 2018.

you can discern:

2 conjunctions = additions:
Sun + Pluto
Mars + Venus

2 oppositions = partnership of opposits
Sun : Venus
Mars : Pluto

2 squares = productive di-spute
Jupiter - Mercury
Saturn - Mercury

so much for the example of mundo
as zodiacal man sensitible to the clockhands
of the gods
like anyone else
but contemplating 
zodiacal man's gods in inner and outer heaven
in their synchronicity
is like a spiritual retterspitz
for the mind

now for all of us the 'times and signs'
of this week's heaven

the collective male signs starts with Mars
the collective female ones with Venus

so in my diary of the zodiacal collectice man under the northern sky
the male is started by Aries and the female by Libra
he in the morning and she in the eavening of the creators 6th idea

now with Mars the male
fiery starter
backstepping through early
Aquarius this week
does it in square resonance
with man-god Uranus
in Taurus' social web and steadyness

and each of them
brings connex with an elementary holy day
Uranus of the 'green' water-Moon
of 1305
Mars increasing till next week
with 'blue' Mars of the air-element

Forewards the circle  beginns with male Aries. The product is being.
Backwards it begins in the female water Pisces. The product is meaning "the child".
Therefore Aquarius the second sign, backwards counted, is symbol of male meaning as - to- be -received -by a
female mind called 'sophia'

Meaning mirrored in being is all natures trick or female mirrored in male.

Now the beginner Mars as long
as being  in Aquarius
= double male
being and meaning
will happen where Uranus 
is guest = Taurus
and in the way of Uranus = completely  unexpected

not unexpected finally  awaited  happened today my sister Christel's  passeing the door back out of timely presence 6oo mile from here with 80 years. Her husband was with her and the family was near.

remains Moon
the red night light last friday
 since today recovering from all the projections
of fate with the "Blood-Moon"
which is in time essence simply
the opposition of Sun and Moon like each month

but for the naive visualizer  the impression seems to be
deeply moving
inside while it's a simple optical phenomenon
like red Sun-rise and red Sun-down every day

and Moon always the alternative
always filled with
male  projections
as  universal lap
of life

Murnau, 30.7.2018, UTC: 17:30.
In English: 8. 1. 2018, UTC:

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