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So Go for Virgo Sun and Mirror Libra's Beauty

8.  22. - 29. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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corpus hermeticum

"after which God has created all visible by imagination,
 and hence manifest in everything ... He is present in 
everything and is the visible and the invisible, the being
 and the non-being, which he kept for himself."
"Thus  the creative phantasy of God is contained in the
visible world, which can manifest to the chosen. 
Cause God is the agent virtue in all things ... and 
everything is rife with soul and moves in 
consummate order."

Mysterium Conjunctionis, Vol.. 3.
p. 169

34. Week
in the year 2018 after Christ

this week's relocation in about 4 hours
Sun the waisting center
has trumped all inner shapes outside
four weeks long
and with Sun all hearts
under the northern sky
had to waist  
had to spend
one's warmth
out of one's  given part 
of fire

now since evening in Central Europa
the nutritive Virgo
will be again  the mother of the two

Virgo and Child
wealth and nutrition in universe
earth and soul
as holy She

next Tuesday Sun meets the highest
5,1° Virgo
Saturn + Jupiter
father and son
in the zodiac

earth elements highest day of the year
shouldn't we know about it ?
 heart of Virgo
each year birthday of earth's
measure and law

and we 
earthly thinkers
mirroring heaven
 will know

that 5,1° Virgo is mirror of 24,9° Libra
as Virgo mirrores Libra
beyond times

hence the prudence
has to mirror the beauty
in Gods zodiacal universe

so much for the zodiacal heart = Sun

now for the zodiacal brain
and Mercury's
mystery of the 3
in all  4 
of the
universal quarters

tha master of  Mercury's  master
is becoming the master
of Mercury's master
when Sun is in Virgo
life's outmost wit in this
interconnection between heart and brain

and Mercury right now ist in the
outmost intensive square with Jupiter
the knowing with the fitting
between Leo and Scorpio
creating and renounce

calling and grasp
= adam secundus

this mighty reflection
of shop-fire
and key-form

Leo and Scorpio 5th mirror

and middle square in the zodiacal unniverse

all of this is graspable cause the 'fix' signs
represent the crystalline forms
of all floating times

the zodiac  as a krystalline form of the floating time
hence is Scorpio  unconscious constituent
since bilions of years
becoming conscious since some thousand of years
 rhythms of God's  phantasies in everything

'visible' on a rare scale

like visible light and audible sound
hints to the consummated symphony
of the full spectrum

Venus in her realm of beauty lie and phantasy
 will meet her soul- brother Pluto's resonance from beyond
from the souls of Osiris
in man

and all, what has been the sceene over the last weeks between Mars and Uranus
in square
between beyond and right- here
and additional between
water-Moon and air-Mars
keeps in strenth and intensity
like last weeks

new this week
the intensity in the first quarter of the 'mutable' signs
(Twins, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

the intensity in the third quarter of the 'cardinal' signs

and with Moon the day- balancing light in the belly of the night
is cruising under all signs of spirit
from fire to water
till Sunday afternoon
mirrored by the outer and inner waters
of us creatures

Sonntag 19. 8.2018 UTC 14:47.
Murnau, 20. 8. 2018 UTC 14:47.
In English 8. 22. 2018, UTC 15:09.



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