Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022

12.17.2021 - Putin Opening a Hunt Pro Mankind

2007, 2. 10. Munich Speech of the President



" [...] also the Indian sources   deliver to us  
 the impression of a lawful occurence, by identifying Brahman 
with Rita. What now is Rita? Tita means: fix order, determination, 
direction,  decision, holy custom, statute, divine law, the right, true.
it's basic meaning according to the proof of the etymology is: 
act of providence,  right walk, direction, directive.  The transpired, 
contingent by Rita, fulfills the entire world, but eminently  Rita 
appears in the occurences of nature, remaining to be the same, and 
primarily wake the imagination of a regular return" [...] Around 
the heaven runs the spoked wheel of Rita, never becoming old, 
the year."

C.G.JUNG, Psychologic Types, Col. W. 6, § 378.

the divine completeness of God's wheel 

of creation suggests

 unity of the 12 month's living 

in one human vessel

a twelvefold thing

called year 

each man is a year

and  in the afternoon of the six'th day

God created a  drum  

off Adam's ribbs

ready for Eve's heart to resonate

within a most beautifull body

Here now the good Earth - President Putin 

on December 17's statement of common 


17.12.2021, 'Ultimatum'

Larchmonter in Saker's Vineyard has

the image of  Washington being squeezed

in 'compression' - by Putin/Shoigu

I see the same.

My idea of that 'compression' is to be 

realized by the the likewise resonance

of transits to his Mars and Venus

  something like

the push and the wall

the swift and the shell

Putin's Venus: 

Balance by dance  

of the Polar

 and the Super

the heavy and the easy

 Saturn - Uranus 

in Resonance

with Venus

balanced in Putin's Scorpio-cool balanced  Venus sharing  water-Neptune's adress at 11° Scorpio

where the divine child of meekness is at home since 1305

likewise in the zodiac's brightest place

right between fire's Sun and fire's Venus  

birth- Mars of VVP is situated

December 17 saw the brightest day of Earth's Year

marked by Sun at 26,5° Sagittarius

between fire's Sun and fire's Venus

on the elementary level

  Putin's   Mars is the brightest-possible  Mars 

in the entire zodiac

and hence a burden without Question

 for the entire Planet Earth

Putin's subpolar superbright Mars

The push of Mars of Dec. 17. in the spiritual fire of Sagittarius - Putin in his  8. house receives it by his  Moon   in 3° Twins. Waves, in the 8th house are  appraising the commitment in man, in Putin's case where Mercura is  ruling hence in the common future of 12. house. His Moon signifies a true felt commitment in the necessities of man, executing Mars' inception of a hunt for the security of mankind.

Selection of mundanomaniac about VVP:

Murnau, 1. 27. 2022, UTC: 17:48.


Dienstag, 25. Januar 2022

The Nine Weeks of Wonder


1. 24. - 2. 2. 2022 0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

(click to enlarge)

'evil Putin'

"Projection is now an unconscious, automatic  process
by which a content, unconscious to the subject, transfers
to an object, whereby this appears, as if it belonged to the
object, ... The projection  ceases ... in that moment, in 
which it becomes conscious, i.e. when the content is seen
 as belonging to the subject."

C.G.JUNG, Coll. W. 9/1, § 121

Our modern projection of the time
X = 0

before modernity it has remained alike
for millennia
it is = we are
an animal-human-circle

man is a vehicle from above
on a rack from below

a vehicle
of 12 x 2
and 6 x 2 

4. Week 2022

times = mirror
devided by horizon

heaven and Earth
spirit and matter
  understanding itself
and via itself
in leftturning clouds
 of overarching
followed by  towers
of rightfull
seasoned around
massif of time
there above
clouds of shape
scooped off
the spinning
sea of meaning
in the Sun-cosmos

 scooper of of polarity
above mankind

on the 
dancing carrousel

knowing more than unity
of the undevided
even more knows the zodiac

scooping off Pisces
wherever his
Uranus is the man-god

high spirit
attendent but invisible

Uranus in Taurus
heaven's presence
in human's herds

gracefull but invisible

4- Week

Till end of March this year's weeks of spirit do happen

edged by years
of Jupiter Saturn
of Neptune  Pluto
eleven of twelve gods
or spoons ore archetypes
currently in the high spirit 
overarching  presence before stepping 

at the MC into presence
 " In the BEGINNING was"...

except by Uranus, bar Moon
in thelast three signs 
of the zodiac

fourth quadrant
of the circle
the realm of spirit
the invisible 'gasy' realm 
in and above our thoughts
about things
full of origin

 impuls in uns
since last Monday in the command 
of Saturn
who in Aquarius
is unbridled
and pious likewise

Mars in Capricorn
now the teeth of the polar bear

in  Capricorn
herds and couples
in world and soul

all three close- to- Earth-
virtues- and- bad- habits
in the condition of the 'stone'
being pole
no moving oneself
but around which
the spinning life
can sort itself

zudiac is the comb
with which the days and eons
the times

So far the  entries of the week, as far as they concern Aries, Taurus, Twins, Virgo, Libra .



Mars forewards in Capricorn
from fire in fire
to fire above earth

Twins, Virgo
 Mercury back into Capricorn
from air in air to
air above earth

Taurus, Libra
Venus further in earth
backwards in Capricorn

nearly yet deep
in the heart of Aquarius
of spirit
 most nobel 
invisible presence
mirrored by the 
gravity of existence

mirrored by 
14° Taurus

fatherly hour
above the Earth
in most nobel 

sending his son

on Sunday
once in twelve years
at 6,8° Pisces
in union with 
1802 - 2577
canon of the years
holy images
lowered in the high

and thereby:

Sun in Aquarius
warming center
of future
bud even
yet idea
before it's fruition
in the mirror to
Uranus in Taurus
and in the lucky square
to it's existence

That is the strife
but also the union
of heaven and heart
spirit and life
Heaven and Earth
matter and spirit

staged in any kind of
of mass by  massification
of spirit  scooping
new forms of life

Eventually the resonances with the Kingsconjunctions in the  elements: 

air, water and earth

P.s. A clue for practise: one shall regads one's own horoscope again and again, for it to find a place in one's inner obviousnesses and - again and again: then forget about it over the day. for it is the background of the time, which you are. Only when something happened,  the analysis of moments when  something  has encountered, that opens the door to the real, real marvels of astrology, perceiving something, belonging to one, befalls one to exactly the time,  in synchronicity with the stage of heaven in that moment. Only off this astonishment derives a humble certainty of the cosmic order. Without order the is no wonder.

Entwurf 23. 1. 2022, UTC: 15:57 

Murnau, 24. 1. 2022, UTC 15:10 und 15:30.

In English: 1. 25, 2022, UTC: 16:40.


Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022

Close to the Fire - Unexpected New Beginning of a 'Thinking' Heart on Thursday


1. 17. - 26. 2022 0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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An uncanonical word of the Lord

"But the redeemer himself sais: "Who is close to me
is close to the fire,  who is far from me is far from the realm."

Origines, Homiliae in Jeremiam XX, 3
cit. in: PREUSCHEN,  Antilegomena, S. 44.

In this astromundane diary, in English 'World-diary' is only the northern hemisphere in visor. Each pupil knows: there is summer, when we here have winter.

What it doesn't know: on the southern hemisphere the heaven rises right hand - the East of the southern hemisphere is right hand and the Sun there moves from right to left over the horizon. The zodiac, giving both hemispheres the order, in the south   in the opposite direction.

houses and times in the south

North or south, one can let oneself be rebuilt by the gods-stream of the zodiac to become finally a conscious living part of it, a free part in the stream ordered by God.

 One will know the 'weather-conditions' of the gods-stream in a coming civilization and one will let God again  emerge in the human world of conscious being, after the natural  realm, persuant to the spiritual/natural zodiac.

In this consciousness the 'southerners' can use our 'north-zodiac' - reversed - without problems as one of the planetary species of man. His specimens in the south - Indios, Aborigines, Polynesians and other - have their own spirital/natural 'heaven'. Everywhere man has his spiritual 'animals' speaking to him, and the course of the stars, realms and gods in us - the marvel of marvels is

to become conscious of them

to watch the zodiac's rhythms and dances invisibly
and to dance with them
acording to one's dancing heart
now against the winter-Sun
in heart

to 'dance' the zodiac
in intimately 
under the stars

reasonable is
to become conscious 
of miracles
by gods
calling us

To all this leads
 along the psychology of the unconscious
led by one's dreams 
like C.G.JUNG did research
all his life with man
or pious
Pisces-Astrology of the 'childly' soul and it's prayer:

Dear God
make me meek
for heavens
I seek

Into God's stream.

Relatedness on God imbues itself
in the astrological man
by spectatorship
of the two times
called in 6 days

fish and birds
called in 6 days
answered  by the Earth
Mose 1 - 31.

on the seventh the creator rested.

six days: six mirrors
6 times heaven mirrored by
6 times Earth
between them: horizon

3. week 2022

last week of
elementary fire
in the rotating funnel
of the imaginable circle in
attendant wild fire
in the spirit above the Earth

3. Week 2022

 last week of
wild light
by Mars 
in the fourth mirror 
which Moon receiving it
on his/(her) tour along the
soul-houses of the zodiac
this week

Mars' effects in Sagittarius
are traveling with Jupiter 
like in in his 'baggage' 
as human impatience and ire
diving into the soul-depths
of innocence
for 'Rita'
the righteous honest
of the old Indian philosophers

coming  Monday
Mars in Capricorn
(to be mirrored
by Twins) 
impatience  the sky
mirrored by the informations- space
of mankind

So much for Mars, the swift and lonely in us, as Mars has no time and is the lonely rider therefore, lonely  like the pike of an arrow, the edge of a knife, the curse of a tongue, necessary to break through the egshell of birth into appearance.

And after the end of  Aries' wilderness and the heist-tooth of Mars, the genius of the horned skull waits as sequel, which  as Taurus has printed a second zodiacal  sign of nature. Union and induration are dwelling here and the ability of rooting is to be received here,

while Venus is
cultivating her plantations
of Taurus and Libra
in world and soul
currently in Capricorn
as collectoress of  mountains
 eternal measure's
by high divine spirit
till Thursday
collecting together with Sun
and Pluto
the yes and the ney
resurrecting the measure
sacrifice and
for  generationes

and in the winged world
of spirit
where already
orator Mercury and
father Saturn
are gyrating orderly
in the divine stream of spirit
now Sun
since thursday is spreading
his  wings of beaming thoughts
 calling for  creation
of di-onysian  gods-childs
with the simple heart
that everyone indwells
in the beginning

The anoymous sensationel now is, that 

the nearly the entire twelffold
of man
is currently placed
in the spiritual
 fourth quadrant
of the zodiacal man
in Aquarius -spirit
and Pisces-spirit

Aquarius' rulership 
taking roots 
in Taurus 
by Uranus.
spirit in the shape
 of Earth
unexpected meaning 
each week 
for seven years

Sun self
in the mirror of Heaven 
above Earth's
polarity  lust warmth
give birth to
Aquarius -heart -freedom
plus word-nimbleness
of Mercury
plus the authority of Saturn
being with  us
since Friday

may they find her kind
and in their realm
fulfilled with seeds of meaning
for Uranus further to
let' it root

And the night-world of Moon, this week receiving rain on the soul cooling  the desire of feeling,  swinging since Monday deeply along the grooves in the fields of the Earth,  laps  collecing  the  waters of life 

Finally, shortly again, to Mars: since Tuesday he passes the brightest place in the zodiac at 26° and 27° Sagittarius, where in the latest Kingsconjunction in the fire-element of  the year 1603, Sun and Venus had their position, charging this place  for about 800 years with the characters of  physical  heat, psychic  light and spiritual fire.

and also finally:

when Sun enters Aquarius on late Thursday

it shines on the invisible, cleaning thought, of an unexpected new beginning of thinking.

Murnau, 1.19. 2022, UTC: 18:17 and 17:32.


Dienstag, 18. Januar 2022

The Explosion of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai

 again the time tells

last week I thought,  a great sacrifice is due in the light of Sun/Pluto-Conjunction. In  the same blog I straightened out, that my astromundane reading strictly concerns the norther hemisphere.

Now with the mighty bang in the South Sea my thinking perceived that the Sun/Pluto -coniunction only symbolize in Capricorn - on the highest collective  level - but on the southern hemisphere the conjunction is in Cancer, element water, and if Moon is in any main-connection with Mars ...

Here the chart of the Explosion.

1. 15. 2022,  UTC: 4 :10

 hunga tonga-hunga ha'apai,

 20, 9° S. / 175, 6°  W.


on the southern hemisphere the Sun rises right hand. Seen from Melbourne  the east is right hand, from London, Berlin, or Vienna east is left hand  each case looking  at  noon.

Hence the Ascendant, spinning zodiac' s Grade, becoming visible at the eastern horizon in just the moment of physical appearance, is downunder right hand Sagittarius 22,9°, with Moon in it.

But Moon, elementary water, in Sagittarius' width, has intensive 'opposition'- encounter in the mighty 'person' of Mars' and his detonation, which is in Twins , hot  'air'/gas heavy compressed by Saturn in hot environment  Leo, whose Sun is in a maximum fire/water -reaction with Pluto, the latter mythologicly known as the lord of the depth of the Earth.

See: Astrology of the southern hemisphere:

Murnau, 1. 18. 2022, UTC: 22:38.

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2022

Father and Man United in the Great Human Order of Collective Security

1. 12. -21. 2022. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 
(click to enlarge)

Image. Phantasy, Archetypus.

"... is also the primitive image on one side  undoubtedly 
to correlate to certain evident and ever  revolving and 
therefore always effective nature processes, but otherwise
also undoubtedly to certain inner provisions of the spiritual
life, and life anyway. light The organism settles a new 
construct  to the light, the eye,  which seizes the nature process 
as well as the eye seizes the light. And as well as the eye is a  
testimony for the  unique and constantly creative  activity
of the living matter, so also the original image is an expression
of the own absolute creative power of the spirit." 

C.G.JUNG, Psychologic Types, Coll. W. 6, § 765.

To the astrological man are given with the zodiac, its dramas and comedies, the milennia-old raster of human spirit, which in nature perceives the signs and times  under the heaven of the southern half of the northern hemisphere under mostly clear night-sky beween India and Spain watching and notifying the timetables of heaven and it's archetypal time-cogwheels in the names of the gods. Having studied them in the mirror of  earthly life and recognized, where on the eternal natural  circular chessboard  Zodiac which patterns,  are  presorted on the unconscious  playgrond in what way, and to and into what we are collectively invoked singularely to grease with relish the cogwheels of God -

a pleasure of the spirit
in the center
of the Sun-like
as powerfull
as a pleasure
of the body
or the soul.

 One also can be without that, soulworm, sense-moth, venture of fire, 

the latter starts
as consciously contemplating
inner eye
God's success in man

The 'mundane diary' is an attempt to give expression to the education-process , which the zodiac grafts into human thinking  like seeds to ripe in the unswerving humility of the Asiatic masters.

and insofar
anyone's radix-darkness
of ASC Cancer
owns the maximum capacity
for the inner darkness
for the unconscious
fourth element
for the
within the night

 42 years ago, I have,  non-religiously, but evermore articulated, quasi unsaidly 'prayed' my last and only question:  W h a t   i s   m y   c o g? In the autumn came the answer: It's my heart alone: 'Solo Sunny, which will be finding the answer.

In the late winter of 1981, Sun in Pisces, saw the second touch in my spirit and flesh, the secondmost important happening in my 80 years since my Pisces-birth: 

1981's  Saturn/Jupiter's  'great conjunction on the Neptune of my, yet then unconscious, wife, in the same week, when the living zodiac within me, brightly, and consciously dawning,  began to spin.

Since then in every testimony in each astromundane diary the current heaven
is looking at the astromondane heart:

2. Week 2022

the swift in us
the blood
the inner 
 second Adam
called or
or Anthropos 
the astro-logos man
in to be planted
for completeness in
our nature


halleluja at the horizon
of man

2. week 2022

where  Mars
namely in
nineth sign
spirit in presence
meaning in lifetime
imperative funnel watching
 the entire circle's
eternal movement and 
in the providence
of the none-temporal order
of father

herein now Mars
within the nineth of his 
12 houses
currently in the nineth sign
of the male circle
ruling  lord
by - holleraduliöh- 
being guest in the innocence
of Pisces

in the forewaters of love
in man
in God's mildness

for all temporally shapes of
eternal forewater
ocean of love
of the humble genius
god-man of
fatherly spirit

And to this the burning swift god's-part Mars in us, adjacent and opposing power, is Venus in and out of  us, ruler of the 2. and 7. sign, Taurus and Libra, spring and autumn, of the 12 -parted man.

 Venus this week
after conjunction
with Sun
Earth and heart
in Capricorn
earthly to be mirrored
by Twins
after Mercury ...

Venus retrograd
in the crest of the bow
between Sun and Earth
in Capricorn

while Sun walkes 
the fourth and last week
this year
in the nontemporal 
spirit of the humble
adam secundus '
 of the collective father


all three
ruled by Saturn's 
in the time
of origin 

currently in Aquarius
 invisible yet
like thoughts in origin
of the order of
in the spirit

mirrored by drive and instinct
shaped by union
of heaven and Earth
Aquarius and Taurus

in the time
 when Saturn / Uranus
towers and bows
like bridges are buildt
between ever
and new

cause in Aquarius
the father 
is in renewel 
like the life of trees in the winter
 bud yet but

in Taurus
heaven rooting in

further ...

Twins and Virgo

in the
spirit of the  'Self'
3 + 6
and relationship

Twins and Virgo
not in the material world
not in the soul-world 
rather yet
in the spiritual world
of becoming 
Mercury in Aquarius
of Taurus'
tribe's securities

permanent security
is the 
 of Uranus
in mankind's Taurus
rooting between
between 2020 - 2025

now Mercury
the mechaniac
is busy in  constructing
mankind's collective
 knee and elbow
in the spirit of heaven
mirrored by the
instinct of territory

while the sqare
America and

both to be respecting
the heavenly
trafic lights

Here in time the adaption-brain  (Mercury's apperception) of the  human  Aquarian spirit,  absolutly is in creation- time - in winter-renewel-time,  like the resolute mission of the more than  20 years old OVKS professionally demonstrating in Kasachstan the' living godness' of humble man,

 Saturn and Uranus
in the joint
of security
for everyone

with the aspect 
of Sun and Venus
life and love
and territory
on the Kings-Presidents-level
these last twoo weeks
being liberated
germs of chaos
 collective rules
under the false flag
Human Rights

and all that
in the material world
in Taurus
where Aquarius' 
under the horizon
plants the seeds of spirit
of the coming cosmic home-order
of mankind
above the tribes of man

only two rationals 
 - unite or fight-
 of spirit and matter

h e a r t

So far the frame of this week in which the constellations unfold:
coming in the double
of ire and weakness
Jupiter in Pisces
and coincidence of
Mars and Neptune
presence and future
and  child
on the time- scales
at the horizon of the week

Sun und Pluto 

at weekend
quasi on state-level
last weekends
Sun and Venus - connecion
territory and balance
connected with the
to which now at the
end of the week
Pluto orders
 waiver and sacrifice
for general  utility
possible by
 Pluto's Scorpionic
of creative
on the level of state

in the revolutionary humble order
of Saturn/Uranus
bridgebuilders  since ever
heaven and Earth
each 10 years meeting
for a further  program for species

20. 3. 2021 - 20. 3. 2022
Astana ('Nur-Sultan')

current rhythmical process:
  20. 12'21 - 20. 1' 22
 20. 12'21 - 20. 1' 22

Uranus in Taurus
revolution in the herd
in synchronicity with
Saturn in Aquarius
new origin of eternal meaning

In the astrological civililation the aequicoctium each year provides the heavenly 'program' of the complexes for each place on the northern hemisphere.

Above: the constellation for Astana/ Kazakhstan .

Again a time, where Saturn and Uranus on the demonic level fighting  with another, on the 'holy' level of 'Rita' unite in the Great Human Order to provide success and beauty.


DRaf 1. 9. 2022, UTC 16:18.

Murnau, 10. 12. 2022, UTC 17:52 and 18:29, and 21:50.