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12.17.2021 - Putin Opening a Hunt Pro Mankind

2007, 2. 10. Munich Speech of the President



" [...] also the Indian sources   deliver to us  
 the impression of a lawful occurence, by identifying Brahman 
with Rita. What now is Rita? Tita means: fix order, determination, 
direction,  decision, holy custom, statute, divine law, the right, true.
it's basic meaning according to the proof of the etymology is: 
act of providence,  right walk, direction, directive.  The transpired, 
contingent by Rita, fulfills the entire world, but eminently  Rita 
appears in the occurences of nature, remaining to be the same, and 
primarily wake the imagination of a regular return" [...] Around 
the heaven runs the spoked wheel of Rita, never becoming old, 
the year."

C.G.JUNG, Psychologic Types, Col. W. 6, § 378.

the divine completeness of God's wheel 

of creation suggests

 unity of the 12 month's living 

in one human vessel

a twelvefold thing

called year 

each man is a year

and  in the afternoon of the six'th day

God created a  drum  

off Adam's ribbs

ready for Eve's heart to resonate

within a most beautifull body

Here now the good Earth - President Putin 

on December 17's statement of common 


17.12.2021, 'Ultimatum'

Larchmonter in Saker's Vineyard has

the image of  Washington being squeezed

in 'compression' - by Putin/Shoigu

I see the same.

My idea of that 'compression' is to be 

realized by the the likewise resonance

of transits to his Mars and Venus

  something like

the push and the wall

the swift and the shell

Putin's Venus: 

Balance by dance  

of the Polar

 and the Super

the heavy and the easy

 Saturn - Uranus 

in Resonance

with Venus

balanced in Putin's Scorpio-cool balanced  Venus sharing  water-Neptune's adress at 11° Scorpio

where the divine child of meekness is at home since 1305

likewise in the zodiac's brightest place

right between fire's Sun and fire's Venus  

birth- Mars of VVP is situated

December 17 saw the brightest day of Earth's Year

marked by Sun at 26,5° Sagittarius

between fire's Sun and fire's Venus

on the elementary level

  Putin's   Mars is the brightest-possible  Mars 

in the entire zodiac

and hence a burden without Question

 for the entire Planet Earth

Putin's subpolar superbright Mars

The push of Mars of Dec. 17. in the spiritual fire of Sagittarius - Putin in his  8. house receives it by his  Moon   in 3° Twins. Waves, in the 8th house are  appraising the commitment in man, in Putin's case where Mercura is  ruling hence in the common future of 12. house. His Moon signifies a true felt commitment in the necessities of man, executing Mars' inception of a hunt for the security of mankind.

Selection of mundanomaniac about VVP:

Murnau, 1. 27. 2022, UTC: 17:48.


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