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Close to the Fire - Unexpected New Beginning of a 'Thinking' Heart on Thursday


1. 17. - 26. 2022 0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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An uncanonical word of the Lord

"But the redeemer himself sais: "Who is close to me
is close to the fire,  who is far from me is far from the realm."

Origines, Homiliae in Jeremiam XX, 3
cit. in: PREUSCHEN,  Antilegomena, S. 44.

In this astromundane diary, in English 'World-diary' is only the northern hemisphere in visor. Each pupil knows: there is summer, when we here have winter.

What it doesn't know: on the southern hemisphere the heaven rises right hand - the East of the southern hemisphere is right hand and the Sun there moves from right to left over the horizon. The zodiac, giving both hemispheres the order, in the south   in the opposite direction.

houses and times in the south

North or south, one can let oneself be rebuilt by the gods-stream of the zodiac to become finally a conscious living part of it, a free part in the stream ordered by God.

 One will know the 'weather-conditions' of the gods-stream in a coming civilization and one will let God again  emerge in the human world of conscious being, after the natural  realm, persuant to the spiritual/natural zodiac.

In this consciousness the 'southerners' can use our 'north-zodiac' - reversed - without problems as one of the planetary species of man. His specimens in the south - Indios, Aborigines, Polynesians and other - have their own spirital/natural 'heaven'. Everywhere man has his spiritual 'animals' speaking to him, and the course of the stars, realms and gods in us - the marvel of marvels is

to become conscious of them

to watch the zodiac's rhythms and dances invisibly
and to dance with them
acording to one's dancing heart
now against the winter-Sun
in heart

to 'dance' the zodiac
in intimately 
under the stars

reasonable is
to become conscious 
of miracles
by gods
calling us

To all this leads
 along the psychology of the unconscious
led by one's dreams 
like C.G.JUNG did research
all his life with man
or pious
Pisces-Astrology of the 'childly' soul and it's prayer:

Dear God
make me meek
for heavens
I seek

Into God's stream.

Relatedness on God imbues itself
in the astrological man
by spectatorship
of the two times
called in 6 days

fish and birds
called in 6 days
answered  by the Earth
Mose 1 - 31.

on the seventh the creator rested.

six days: six mirrors
6 times heaven mirrored by
6 times Earth
between them: horizon

3. week 2022

last week of
elementary fire
in the rotating funnel
of the imaginable circle in
attendant wild fire
in the spirit above the Earth

3. Week 2022

 last week of
wild light
by Mars 
in the fourth mirror 
which Moon receiving it
on his/(her) tour along the
soul-houses of the zodiac
this week

Mars' effects in Sagittarius
are traveling with Jupiter 
like in in his 'baggage' 
as human impatience and ire
diving into the soul-depths
of innocence
for 'Rita'
the righteous honest
of the old Indian philosophers

coming  Monday
Mars in Capricorn
(to be mirrored
by Twins) 
impatience  the sky
mirrored by the informations- space
of mankind

So much for Mars, the swift and lonely in us, as Mars has no time and is the lonely rider therefore, lonely  like the pike of an arrow, the edge of a knife, the curse of a tongue, necessary to break through the egshell of birth into appearance.

And after the end of  Aries' wilderness and the heist-tooth of Mars, the genius of the horned skull waits as sequel, which  as Taurus has printed a second zodiacal  sign of nature. Union and induration are dwelling here and the ability of rooting is to be received here,

while Venus is
cultivating her plantations
of Taurus and Libra
in world and soul
currently in Capricorn
as collectoress of  mountains
 eternal measure's
by high divine spirit
till Thursday
collecting together with Sun
and Pluto
the yes and the ney
resurrecting the measure
sacrifice and
for  generationes

and in the winged world
of spirit
where already
orator Mercury and
father Saturn
are gyrating orderly
in the divine stream of spirit
now Sun
since thursday is spreading
his  wings of beaming thoughts
 calling for  creation
of di-onysian  gods-childs
with the simple heart
that everyone indwells
in the beginning

The anoymous sensationel now is, that 

the nearly the entire twelffold
of man
is currently placed
in the spiritual
 fourth quadrant
of the zodiacal man
in Aquarius -spirit
and Pisces-spirit

Aquarius' rulership 
taking roots 
in Taurus 
by Uranus.
spirit in the shape
 of Earth
unexpected meaning 
each week 
for seven years

Sun self
in the mirror of Heaven 
above Earth's
polarity  lust warmth
give birth to
Aquarius -heart -freedom
plus word-nimbleness
of Mercury
plus the authority of Saturn
being with  us
since Friday

may they find her kind
and in their realm
fulfilled with seeds of meaning
for Uranus further to
let' it root

And the night-world of Moon, this week receiving rain on the soul cooling  the desire of feeling,  swinging since Monday deeply along the grooves in the fields of the Earth,  laps  collecing  the  waters of life 

Finally, shortly again, to Mars: since Tuesday he passes the brightest place in the zodiac at 26° and 27° Sagittarius, where in the latest Kingsconjunction in the fire-element of  the year 1603, Sun and Venus had their position, charging this place  for about 800 years with the characters of  physical  heat, psychic  light and spiritual fire.

and also finally:

when Sun enters Aquarius on late Thursday

it shines on the invisible, cleaning thought, of an unexpected new beginning of thinking.

Murnau, 1.19. 2022, UTC: 18:17 and 17:32.


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