Dienstag, 18. Januar 2022

The Explosion of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai

 again the time tells

last week I thought,  a great sacrifice is due in the light of Sun/Pluto-Conjunction. In  the same blog I straightened out, that my astromundane reading strictly concerns the norther hemisphere.

Now with the mighty bang in the South Sea my thinking perceived that the Sun/Pluto -coniunction only symbolize in Capricorn - on the highest collective  level - but on the southern hemisphere the conjunction is in Cancer, element water, and if Moon is in any main-connection with Mars ...

Here the chart of the Explosion.

1. 15. 2022,  UTC: 4 :10

 hunga tonga-hunga ha'apai,

 20, 9° S. / 175, 6°  W.


on the southern hemisphere the Sun rises right hand. Seen from Melbourne  the east is right hand, from London, Berlin, or Vienna east is left hand  each case looking  at  noon.

Hence the Ascendant, spinning zodiac' s Grade, becoming visible at the eastern horizon in just the moment of physical appearance, is downunder right hand Sagittarius 22,9°, with Moon in it.

But Moon, elementary water, in Sagittarius' width, has intensive 'opposition'- encounter in the mighty 'person' of Mars' and his detonation, which is in Twins , hot  'air'/gas heavy compressed by Saturn in hot environment  Leo, whose Sun is in a maximum fire/water -reaction with Pluto, the latter mythologicly known as the lord of the depth of the Earth.

See: Astrology of the southern hemisphere:

Murnau, 1. 18. 2022, UTC: 22:38.

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